Ugly Houses

I am not happy with the mountain photo, it just wouldn’t clean up and look much clearer for me! And, would you buy ugly houses? I didn’t think you would. The humidity is thick this afternoon and it sucks!

Glassy Lake

Today is fantastic in many ways, but the extra humidity in the air is so nice! It’s that certain time of the year when the monsoon rains pull moisture north from the Baja California area all the way up to Las Vegas, Phoenix, and New Mexico. Phoenix and places in New Mexico seem to be getting more rain than up here but at least we are getting some very much-needed rain.

From My Best Photos Folder

I’ve pulled these photos down from my cloud storage because honestly, I have zero new photography for the blog but I think you will like these older photos. They are both in the old size I used which is 1024×683. The new size used is 1500×1000 if the image comes from the Nikon.

The iPhone photos are almost the same at 1500×844. Hence these photos are a bit small.

Me Mug!

Okay, I very rarely upload a photo of yours truly, but here I am! I pointed the Nikon at me mug using the 24-200mm lens and bingo. I never thought that big lens could capture me that close! Yes, I’m a bit chubby…

This photo is completely unprocessed, it’s the real me, haha! 🤩🤪

The Power Of Perception

On the way to the dentist’s office for a cleaning this morning, I was stopped at the traffic light and had a couple of minutes or more to grab these photos. Zoomed way in or out if you prefer, the mountain you see is about three miles west of me yet the 200mm lens creates this gigantic wall effect and makes the road and traffic stand out a little more. Pretty cool, eh? My hygenist says my teeth aren’t going to fall out anytime soon!😂

Click the photo for the best experience.

The Dead Hotel

This motel died long before the pandemic hit and has looked like this for a few years now. The motel is a victim of Lake Mead’s continuing declination, the water used to be right up to the beach in front of the motel. Today, the water is far below the beach, very sad. I needed to use the men’s room when stopping by the marina store on this day, the woman inside actually told me that the toilets are only for the employees to use. Seriously? There are other toilets nearby, but what makes these bathrooms so special? I was irritated, the woman knew it!

More Photos From The Mojave!

Here is the next set of photos from the other day many miles east and north of Las Vegas, I have a very sharp sense of direction that comes from my younger years of deer hunting with my father in the north woods of Michigan. Wonderful memories. I have about 25 photos left to go from this shoot, I hope that y’all aren’t tired of these landscape photos! Not everyone is as enthusiastic about the desert as I am. At this moment, it’s currently an even 100 degrees outside, it’s a nice temperature to be in for a few minutes anyway. ❤️😎🌴

There Are Bridges In The Desert

It’s true, and this bridge is one of two along this road that crosses very large washes. I mean BIG washes that drain towards Lake Mead. How about that giant red boulder? I would like to know how the holes and cuts in the rock got there. This long drive is miles and miles of barren Mojave Desert beauty!