Cops and Aliens

Two very silly photos in this post, the cop had a customer pulled over under an overpass along the 215 freeway, busted! The speed limit is 65, but many folks exceed that limit by a large margin. The alien sticker is on a pole where you enter and exit the long dirt path that leads to the Seven Magic Mountains. What can I say, man, I notice weird things and get the shot! It’s currently 88F at noon O’Clock, let’s get hot, baby! 😂🔥😎🌞🌴

The Other Sunset Photo

I saved this photo for this morning, it could be a sunrise too but not in the western sky. A high of just 70 degrees is in the forecast for today, substantially cooler than the last few days but old sol will still be high in the sky. I’ll be out of town in a few days, heading home to Michigan and my family, yay!

Accidents and Fire Trucks

Those two photos are from today and honestly, I am surprised that there aren’t more accidents in Vegas. The firetruck must have got a call for help since the lights came on suddenly and the driver made a hard left turn. The other photos are from the other day in the Spring Mountains. It’s currently 72F degrees in the valley.

Let’s Go Back To The Desert

After a soft sunset, we head back out of town to where the Joshua Trees are with their seed pods. 85 degrees and yet another high wind warning today with gusts to 50 between 11AM and 11PM today. I’m just blown away at how windy 2022 has been so far. The winds greatly increase the risk of fire danger which sucks.

Cuteness Overload!

Since I was in Calico Basin the other day, I of course must photograph my cute little friends called Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels! Those little hands and feet are tiny, this time I was armed with proper seeds for the squirrels instead of tossing peanuts. The squirrels prefer the larger black seeds which are sunflower seeds, not sure, and the rest of the seeds are perfect for the many birds that live there. Learn more about this squirrel.

The Wind Is Back…

A huge surprise, right? Sunshine and 84 lovely degrees are underway in Las Vegas right now, another beautiful day even if the wind is trying to slam the car door on your fingers! Happy Sunday from my backyard.

The video and photo are from the Nikon Z50 camera

General Aviation Aircraft

This afternoon I took another ride around town and landed at North Las Vegas Airport, a general aviation airport that is different than our huge McCarran International Airport. I tried for some decent photos but the 18-140mm lens was a bit lacking. A 200mm lens or higher would be better.

It’s fun to sit still and tune my ham radio down to the aircraft frequencies and listen to the tower and aircraft talking to each other. The low 80s and a gentle breeze make for a nice time to chill. I’ll have one more set of photos from this location if you want to see them, they aren’t very good photos really.

Super Hot Chili!

I wasn’t intending to make this fresh pot so damn hot but boy is it! I use Rotel in every pot I make, but I purchased one can of Chipotle, and one can of Habanero. Oops, there’s the temperature difference. Add that to the usual pack of Hot chili spices I add. Will you stop by my place and have your mouth scorched!

It’s such a beautiful day today, I have the windows open to let the fresh air flow through the entire home. It’s that rare and short time each autumn and spring when I can do this and it’s so nice. It reminds me of a Michigan spring but you can’t leave the screens out or the doors open because of the nasty mosquitos!

Gas Prices and Nevada Made

I spoke with my sister and dad on the phone this morning back home up north and forgot to ask about the gas prices up there but I can assume they are roughly similar to here in Las Vegas. A ripoff! Anyway, I had one errand to take care of today, I captured some gas prices along the way. That sign on the dispensary is in-your-face, isn’t it? New job opportunities for people, and you know the state of Nevada and Clark County are benefitting from pot sales. Sunny, very windy, and 81 degrees today, quite nice! I’m pretty sure that the name of the deceased man will be painted over by the city at some point, that graffiti hasn’t been there too long.