A Distant Mount Charleston

Today I was several miles east of my home which affords a view that I generally never get to see so while stopped at a light I took this shot with the Nikkor 200mm lens fully extended. A 600mm lens would have been much better but you can see the top of Mount Charleston at least. The peak is at 11,916 feet which is pretty darn high! Next time I need to stop somewhere to get a proper photo, I can do better.

20 20 Vision

Good news from the eye doctor, my eyeballs aren’t falling out! My eyes are in great condition inside, there are no blood vessel issues or anything else, wonderful. I do have 20-20 vision by the way. These not-so-good photos were taken quickly while driving obviously, don’t you ever do this yourself!

A Bit Gloomy

These photos are from 2022 and were the saved originals until I messed them up haha. I had an interior designer visit my home this morning, I am wanting to make some changes after four years of the home looking the same. The living room and all three bedrooms will be upgraded and I’m excited for the change.