Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort

There is no snow on the ski slopes at the moment but it’s beautiful up there! This photo is from about two years ago, it appears that I am on a chair heading up the mountain, but I’m not. It’s just the angle the photo was taken at with the zoom lens using the old Nikon D3300 body. The forecast up there today is 86 degrees and 111 down here!

Yesterday’s Clicks

Just a few clicks for you this beautiful sunny morning in Las Vegas, it was a wonderful day yesterday and today promises 108 degrees. By mid-week the valley will see 111 to 115 degrees, this is a serious heatwave and the authorities here are putting the warning out early.

The sign in one photo states that a dog park is being built within a park. Eh? Dogs have always run around this park on a leash or not so why are they doing this? The photo of a peak with blue sky is Lone Mountain. It’s just 600 feet or so high and is a local favorite for hikers. A hike that I can’t make because of my heart and I’ve tried twice!

Stay cool wherever you are today my friends. 😎🌴

Stay Single?

I pass this sign occasionally and have photographed it before but my Nikon wanted another photo. This sign kinda grinds my gears since I’m three-times divorced and will remain single until the day I kick the bucket. It’s cheaper in terms of both money and one’s sanity! A girlfriend? I’ve been all by myself for five years now… It’s a peaceful life.

Anyway, I was driving to near the south end of the valley for some Ham Radio parts for my truck radio. It’s only in the low 90s today but we have a very high wind warning until 8PM this eve and man is that wind howling now!

The Stratosphere Tower is a long way away…