Durango at Vegas

Just one photo from this morning heading south for that quarter wash to clean my tires and wheels. That’s Frenchman Mountain far to the east of my location. The wash is about two miles south from here.

Not A Coot

So then what is it? Do you know? The Coot doesn’t have the webbed feet so I don’t know but it’s an attractive bird. I’ve been out and about today, stopped at a quarter wash to blow my tires and… Read More ›

Going To The Mountains 6

Good morning from Las Vegas. Here’s installment number six from the ride in the mountains a couple days back. I hope your weather is as nice as ours is today with full sunshine and sixty eight degrees!

Fun Rocks

You could take that title in at least two ways. I just tilted the Nikon down and snapped the photo. An HDR app spiffed it up, the local rocks are apparently very colorful!


From a few thousand foot up you can see the earth rolling, a fine example of Plate Tectonics!

Going To The Mountains 3

Here is the next set of ten photos from yesterday heading west on Kyle Canyon Road. There are several more photos to go in this little series, perhaps I’ll upload a few more next time. 😎