Chocolate to Red

Here are some old photos for you, taken a good three years ago inside the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. The camera used was my old Nikon D3300m body with a zoom lens. I was on a long ride to the north end of Lake Mead, then taking a two-lane road west back to Interstate fifteen and south for Las Vegas. A very nice trip! Chocolate-colored rocks!

Dancing in The Wind

The crazy high winds of yesterday have been replaced with a gentle breeze this morning but the beautiful desert sunshine has remained. Today’s forecast: sunny and 83 degrees!

The tree photo is straight out of the Nikon, the temp is much cooler!

New Lantana Flowers and Wind-Blasted Palm

It’s amazing what a difference twenty-four hours can make. The smoke fog is completely gone, the sunshine has returned but with a roaring wind. Gusts of thirty to forty, surging to sixty miles per hour. Wow! Just one of the two potted Lantana has new bright yellow flowers so far, it was tricky to get these three photos as the flowers were swaying about rapidly.

The palm tree is clearly being battered by the strong winds, small pieces of frond have dropped into the backyard. The National Weather Service says Las Vegas will have a high of 82 degrees on Wednesday, with just a mild breeze which is nice, I can clean up the dead leaves from the dead Ash tree across the street that have become stuck over here.

The poor neighbors across the street have also lost their Ash just as I did a few weeks ago, no thanks at all to this summer’s brutal temperatures. Ash trees are not well suited to the desert environment according to the tree specialist I use. Tomorrow’s forecast is actually very similar to that of many Michigan summers I’ve loved over the years as a young man.

Police In The Fog

Police flying in the smoke fog yesterday that is, doing the usual circling thing over an accident or something else. The fog has lessened, and we have a high wind warning now. Gusts to sixty MPH are possible.

This coincides with the temperatures falling off to the mid-eighties for a few days. It feels so much more comfortable outside this morning as I added water to the Lantana plant early this morning. Cooler days are coming!

The Last Landscapes

This is the final set of photos from a couple days ago just outside the city. I’ve seen this landscape many times of course, yet never tire of this beautiful view. Or, the beauty of the Mojave Desert I’ve seen far away from Las Vegas north to south. As you’ve read here today in another upload, I miss my family so much, yet I’ve never regretted my decision to remain in Nevada and Las Vegas after the third and final divorce which was in 2016. Single is better!

The Construction Never Stops

Before corona hit the planet, I was so amazed at the rate of home construction in Las Vegas. I don’t have any numbers to share with you, all I can say is that the homes are still being built. It seems like the virus would have a serious impact on the construction industry, specifically in home construction. I certainly do hope that this industry and others around the valley and country, of course, will continue to move forward. The virus will end. We all must be safe, follow the established procedures for santising our hands and surfaces. Use common sense!

A new subdivision being built on the valley’s west side.

A Smokey Blanket

As I mentioned earlier today, I feel so bad for the residents and firefighters battling the wildfires in California. May God bless them. This photo is looking west from the end of my road, it’s obvious that the smoke has returned. It hasn’t blanketed the valley for several days now. America, you are in trouble… Pray the Lord will help us, and the world.

Mojave Landscapes

Here are five more landscape photos from a couple days ago, for you. Could you tire of seeing this beautiful Mojave Desert scenery? As soon as I woke up this morning, I could tell right away that it was overcast, but not because of your ordinary cloud cover. Sadly, the smoke fog is over the valley once again from the California wildfires. I feel really bad for the people there.

Is This a Cactus Wren?

Here is just one of the three photos I took today in Calico Basin of this very small bird. I’ve spent about an hour digging around the internet to find this one link that seems to validate my search. I am so fascinated by this adorable tiny bird’s size! Almost like the many Humming Birds, I see here very frequently. How different life must be to be so tiny and cute!

This photo was taken using the newly acquired Nikkor 24/200mm lens. Compared to the 24/70mm lens I’ve been using, this lens takes a bit longer to find the exact focus point, hence I deleted the other two photos of this cutie. Perhaps it’s something I’m missing in Settings?

I’ll Make You Bleed!

Before heading home from Calico Basin today, I spotted this Buckhorn Cholla at the edge of the parking area near my truck. It’s a great looking plant, I’ve seen some very large plants like this one in my desert travels. These spines are deadly sharp, you don’t dare touch this plant!

A Ride to The Open Desert

I say the open desert because I live in the desert anyway, right? Tired of staying home all day, I loaded the Nikon and the tripod into the truck and headed out of town for a couple hours. This set of five photos were taken actually using the aforementioned tripod which is something I rarely ever do. And I should use it much more, right?

This is the first time the new Nikkor 24/200mm lens has been tried in the open desert. Speaking honestly, looking at the photos just before upload, there are just two that I like.

What Specie Am I?

Just out of bed this morning, I flipped the shutter open and saw this little cutie standing on top of the electric box outside. As you can see, many birds like to land here and stay a spell as did this tiny visitor. There’s always bird poop there!

I did some searches to find out what specie this bird is, with no luck. Do you know what it is? I stood in the kitchen for about three minutes, Nikon and 200mm lens which isn’t light, waiting for a liftoff photo. The bird was way too fast!

Eye of The Zed

Looking into the eye of the Nikon Zed Six. I say zed because of decades of ham radio in which each letter of the alphabet has its own word to describe the letter. Those descriptive names will vary from country to country. Many hams don’t use zed either, I just prefer it.

Most countries seem to use the term Zulu. You say Zulu, I say Zed! Anyway, I am very happy with this new 24/200mm lens, but the 24/70mm lens is on the camera in the photos. They are basically the same length when fully retracted, both are great lenses. Thank you, Nikkor!

Phonetics chart

Streaky Palm Tree

I probably had a bit too much adult beverage last night, but I didn’t see this photo until this morning in full couch potato mode. Oooops! Here are a few other clicks from late last eve.

I think that next week I need to go to one or two locations for some photos, even though I’ve been to the Seven Magic Mountains, and high in the Spring Mountains before.

I should take the gosh darn tripod this time! I usually don’t use it, but it will help get the big vista photos at 8000′ above the Mojave Desert floor. So amazing to see in person!