Stepping outside very early this morning the moon was shining up there, here’s the latest photo attempt! 😂😬

Left or Right?

It’s kinda hard to go straight. Go left, you head south on the 215 freeway. Turn right and you head north on the freeway or a different road north. Are you good with knowing your directions without GPS?

Birds of The Basin

That is to say cute little birds in Calico Basin! There’s something so charming and adorable about little birds. As a child I enjoyed watching them flit about high in the trees. Perhaps this comes from those many years of… Read More ›

Waiting for The Green Flag

Las Vegas traffic lights and road markings are a bit different here than those back home up north. Black backgrounds too… On a personal note, the motoring public here is in my perspective more aggressive than drivers in other states,… Read More ›

It’s Not Too Jiffy

There are a few different companies around the city that perform the smog testing on most everything with an engine around here but I don’t believe that doing this really helps very much. In winter the layer of smog hanging… Read More ›

Not So Barren

Not all deserts on Planet Earth are barren wastelands, the beautiful Mojave Desert that Las Vegas sets in is a beautiful example of what the yearly Monsoon rains can bring forth in the middle of nowhere. Both of these photos… Read More ›

On The Way Home

Heading home yesterday from the canyon I took the ‘back roads’ and grabbed these photos which include Downtown Las Vegas too. Those huge water tanks mounted high up are for tanker trucks to get water from for dust control. Controlling… Read More ›

Along The Trail

I didn’t intend to take a short hike yesterday but I did and was very surprised at how well I did walking up the gentle ups and downs of this trail I’d been on several times in seven years here…. Read More ›