Here are three more photos from yesterday trying some different camera settings. What I am looking for is better lighting in the photos, you may not notice, but there is a difference. I’ll use these settings for a while. Our forecast for the next several days according to the National Weather Service is for 108 and 109 degrees daytime, lows in the mid-80s. Perfect!

Resized and watermarked, that’s all I did with these photos

Pods To Cast

Eventually, these big pods will fall to the ground after they have done their thing and the desert critters have eaten the goodies inside the pods. Yum!

Camera Settings

Late yesterday, I stepped outside in the backyard for a bit to try some different settings for the Nikon Z6. I snapped a dozen or so photos, here are three of them.

I want to have some one-on-one instruction with a pro at some point as this camera has so much more it can do if I knew it a little better. I never said I am a pro photographer! 😎

These photos have been altered very little, they are a bit grainy from file size reduction.