Five Birch Trees in One

Here’s another old photo I took some years ago. There’s a bit of irony for me in this photo for one reason which is that my second marriage began under this tree. It was a lovely place for a wedding…. Read More ›

Alone and Abandoned

I spent decades on a private estate in Michigan doing this sort of work. Not on a tiny lawn mower pictured above, but the big sixty inch front-mounted mower decks and zero-turn radius kind of John Deere tractors. I mowed… Read More ›

Tried, True and Trusty

I’ve considered purchasing a Nikon D750 and a new lens that will work with that camera body but can’t justify the expense as I am an amateur photographer and still need to improve my skills with the current camera. Common… Read More ›

Top of The Trump

The lobby of the Trump Tower here in Las Vegas is really beautiful, as for the rest of the place I don’t know. There are both residences and businesses in this beautiful building. And yes, I voted for and support… Read More ›

Eye of The Drone

Here are three photos from the DJI Drone I sold a few months ago. They have been in this space before, but were not processed with the HDR software I now use. they really do look much better. I sold… Read More ›

This Totally Sucked…

As some of you know, my home was recently painted inside from top to bottom, front to back. This was an absolutely terrible experience with the company I hired! I have a folder on the Mac containing several photos of… Read More ›

The Political Truth

Frick Al Gore, who made millions from his lies and fear mongering. Bastard. Frick the Socialist Agenda in America and their Obstructionist agenda too against President Trump. And Frick your bullshit Carbon Tax. How about I tax YOU for your… Read More ›