Piston Power

This is an antique valve train on an old car, it still runs. Give me the power of petrol and pistons over an electric car any day! My sister recently purchased an electric car and loves it which is fine…. Read More ›

Dead Keurig

I couldn’t have my two morning cuppas thanks to this freaking ninety or one hundred twenty day old Keurig refusing to work properly. I tried a few things to see if it would work to no avail. The LED indicating… Read More ›

Parking Wars

Chances are you’ve watched this program before. I didn’t until fairly recently but the problem is that the show just pisses me off. I get angry when seeing the absolute racket these cities are running. Some of the violations are… Read More ›

Summerlin Centre

Well what do ya know, some Americans do know how to spell the word Centre correctly! Our wonderful English language has fascinated me for longer than I can remember. I’m so glad that I was born in an English speaking… Read More ›

A Walk in The Park

About mid day today I decided to have a nice walk someplace so off the couch went my ass to the park! Here are several 35mm photos from the short walk. Some thoughts – my heart is compromised so walks… Read More ›