Life After Divorce

Life after divorce: Men almost always get ripped off, stripped of almost all they own. Yesterday I came across this photo from about three years ago, and roughly right after the divorce. Looking at this photo had me thinking about… Read More ›

Following Ignorance

There are several definitions of Insanity per my quick research on it today. Ignorance and Insanity seem to be the rule when it comes to business that want to follow true blogs. For me, any blog that includes any form… Read More ›

1996 Thinking

The first time I saw the ceiling over my dining room I thought it was really odd! It is a bit odd yet I’ve come to like it in the few months since. The light fixture is original as is… Read More ›

I’m So Grossed Out!

Many of you in the States have likely seen the TV commercials for The Toe Bro series. I’m so grossed out. For me, the foot is the absolute ugliest part of the human body. To see a TV programme like… Read More ›

A Lucky Shot or Not?

On the way home yesterday from the Moapa Valley, I turned my Nikon around and snapped this photo. Talk about being chased down by truck drivers! The 35mm lens was attached, the 70-300mm lens would be too heavy for such… Read More ›

The Painting Proceeds!

I’ve ranted about the ****** up pain job the previously hired painters did inside my home. Its BARLEY passable. But the garage paint job was trashed when the dolts power washed the garage floor. the paint is water soluble hence… Read More ›

Those Crooked Painters!

I won’t bore you with all the details, suffice it to say that I found out yesterday that the painters who painted my home inside, and the garage, were adding water to the paint. That paint peeled horribly in the… Read More ›