The Spillway 3

Here is round three from the concrete spillway taken yesterday. I feel sad for the young folk both for spray painting and defacing this area, and for the apparent hopelessness that someone or more young folk here are expressing here…. Read More ›

Don’t Burn Me Down

So last night well after dark I took a short walk to the backyard during another useless TV commercial. Stepping out the rear door of the garage it’s obvious my neighbors directly behind me are having another get together. I… Read More ›

Traffic Jam Hell

On the way to Florida last week, I got snarled in likely the longest damn traffic jam I’ve ever been in. About 2.5 wasted hours on the Interstate 75 southbound around Cinci Ohio continuing into Kentucky on the other side… Read More ›

I Hate Starbucks

Period. Why? I’ll make this quick: Their coffee stinks really bad, the building stinks as bad. The locations pop up like a big zit everywhere too often. Their commercials suck, pushing sweet shit with tons of nasty calories. The lines… Read More ›

Such A Bad Idea

I will never understand how the hell these children’s Go Karts were legalised for road use in the United States. I see them as a joke, a death trap and something to be crunched by my full-size truck. They are… Read More ›

Shitty Drivers

This is an iPhone photo from my days working at U Haul. I think this truck was returned to my location but it was rented at another location. In any case, this is the net result of allowing people who… Read More ›

My Ideal Car

Having grown up in the auto industry and around the Pontiac Motor Division specifically, this model and model year car have long been my absolute favorite car to own. They were being built when I was in Junior High School… Read More ›