eBikes Are Much More Fun!

It’s tough to explain exactly why I enjoy riding an electric bicycle so much more than a non-powered bike. Could it be the ease with which you can quickly cross a busy road? Or, the fun of powering up an incline or long, steep hill?

The more you pedal, the more battery power you retain which of course extends your ride distance. My typical ride is between 15 and 20 miles which results in about 45% drain on the large battery pack.

The batteries used by Pedego consist of top-quality products from the likes of Panasonic and other well-known manufacturers. A $2200 bike should never have cheap components of course.

So, here’s a quick explanation of why I love riding an electric bike. Isn’t it ironic though that I am 100% not a fan of electric cars! It’s raining now, I’m glad I chose not to ride today!

Good Morning Photos

Good Saturday morning, friends! I was still half asleep when I grabbed the Nikon and stepped outside into the cool morning air to get these photos. The sun was still very low on the eastern horizon which set up the palm trees for a beautiful green glow.

Can you believe that the sun actually poked out of the clouds? A chance of rain is in our forecast today which sucks, but at least I got some decent photos. How’s that for dedication to the hobby?

Vaping, 2023

Back in the day, vaping did no harm to the body! Vaping makes zero sense. It’s no better than smoking tobacco so what is the point? 54 degrees and partly sunny for today, a warmer day would be better. I need to get some fresh photography, folks!

Plant Power

I didn’t put these photos together until I got home and saw them on the Mac. Weed isn’t necessarily plant power, but that restaurant serving weeds can be called plant power I guess. Is that stuff really any better than the McDeath next door? I don’t know but I won’t buy anything at either joint! Plant power… LOL!

The 1910 Ford

America doesn’t build them like this anymore which is to me both good and bad. A 2023 expensive American or European car still can’t match the style and class that these old beauties still have. The same goes for what Hollywood used to be as opposed to the trash that inhabits that place today.

It’s So Amazing…

It’s so amazing to me that I was out bike riding for twelve miles today in 63-degree weather then I got home and saw a Weather Channel video of St. Joseph, Michigan which is a small town in Michigan’s far lower peninsula dealing with a blizzard. My hometown is now under a blizzard warning too! Wow man, I believe that I made the correct decision in staying here in Las Vegas. Here are a few photos of Christmas at Tivoli Village. I have several more photos from today’s ride coming. Stay warm!

More Rocky Photos

Two more shots from this early afternoon west of the city. When working on these photos this eve, I thought to myself that the photos are really grainy even though I try to clean them up on the MacBook. I just can’t get the kind of photos I really want and that has been pervasive from day one in my photography journey.

Sure, I can shoot in Manual but don’t always have the time to get the settings set right as I tend to shoot on the fly too often. Other than using a tripod for more of my photos, there doesn’t seem to be any way that I can get better photos. Once an amateur, always an amateur photographer?

On another note, I am sure that some of you find my uploading up to five images per day a bit too much, but that number used to be much higher. I have thought about reducing that daily number again from five to perhaps just one or two. Your thoughts on all of this are welcome! Thanks. John