$5.69 Per Gallon

Hey, thanks very much you voters who voted for Joe! Are you happy now? There are other factors involved in the ludicrous fuel prices but they went way up very shortly after old Joe took office. You have managed to make millions of people’s lives even more difficult after dealing with a global pandemic. Resign, Joe!

Free markets feed, liberals want to control every single aspect of your life. Anyway, the other photos were taken when I was in between shooting the photos of the smashed car sitting by itself in a left turn lane. That distant mountain is Gass Peak reaching skyward to about 6000 feet. Mountains, we have them!

The Trapped Turtle

I really hope that the park staff got this turtle free, I believe it was caught up in a fishing line and there was a guy fishing very nearby. The sign indicates to me that Clark County is doing its best to be politically correct regardless of the fact that there are two sexes, nothing more!

Bring Back Common Sense!

If common sense were to suddenly reappear in America and elsewhere, the world would improve greatly. It’s such a shame that I feel as though my generation was the last generation to be blessed with it.

Yay for we baby boomers! I’ve never understood why people wear a baseball cap backward, what the hell is the goal?! To look stupid? 😂