Las Vegas, 2017

Here are a few older photos from my collection in 2017. Did I ever tell you that after my third and final divorce, I deleted gigs of photography taken during that marriage? That is five years of photography. Why? Pain. Anger, Anguish. Sorrow. And some of those feelings are still with me today regardless of my certainly making some stupid choices. In retrospect, I am actually grateful to be a single man again. It’s wonderful to have full control over each area of my life.

A Members Only Club?

I was having a nice chat with my neighbor yesterday afternoon, just catching up. The subject of local churches came up. He mentioned that a church that he had visited a while ago has a policy of allowing a person three visits, after that, you must join the church or you can’t come back. Now, correct me if I am wrong but I seriously doubt that Jesus approves of this policy. That is absolutely ludicrous! The church should allow as many people as they can to enter the church doors!

These photos are from the iPhone a few nights ago, no members-only club here.

Fuel Ripoff: The Price Of Travel

My truck was about 1/3 down from full. Check out that ludicrous fuel price! $29.00 for 7.5 gallons of 87 octane. Back in the day, the cost for 7.5 gallons would have been $7 dollars or less. So who to thank? Your idiots in WashinKton, and those wonderful tree hugger groups. We are subject to OPEC oil prices today. Fuel is also more costly in Las Vegas too.