Let It Go…

I’m going to be perfectly honest here (not that I’m not honest with you always), this Michael Jackson Tribute Concert as it’s billed kind of irks me. I remember jamming Jackson’s music on my turntable in my bedroom years ago when living at home with the folks yet. He had a fabulous career and was a hell of a performer. But good Lord, the man died terribly in 2009. Let him go, stop using his name to make money. So cheesy man…

Tit For Tat…

Occasionally, I’ll unfollow certain accounts on Instagram for my own reasons which may be simply being bored with an account, to an unfollow based on certain things I may have learned about the account since the initial follow. Yesterday I unfollowed two accounts, this time because they were too similar to each other and were basically redundant. What did I get with this action? Two unfollows.

So yes, Instagram is so freaking tit for tat. Some people totally micromanage their Instagram accounts. Really? And am I guilty of doing the same thing when I unfollow for my own reasons? No. I am in no way attempting to make any monetary profit or looking at Instagram as a freaking popularity contest. Apparently, I have a life outside of online social media where as others lack that. If true, it’s sad…

An irrelevant photo from yesterday on Sahara Avenue…

Testing The Canon

During my trip to Michigan last month for the family Christmas, my father decided he doesn’t use this older Canon camera and said take it home with me. Sure, thanks Dad! I’ve used it a little bit and have purchased the lens hoods for both of the lenses which are the 70-300mm and a 18-55mm lens.

Both are standard equipment in my Nikon bag but I’ve more lenses. The camera seems to do as well as the Nikon does but in my very much non-professional photographer perspective I still like the Nikon a little  better. The clarity seems just a tad better as do the colours but this is coming from a colour-blind guy! What say you? I hope your Monday is as dandy as mine is here in the valley of the sun!

Never Text & Drive!

OK, this video arrived via email this morning from my buddy Dave back north in Michigan. Frankly, it makes me rather angry to see people doing this, it’s common and incredibly stupid. Occasionally, I’ll see someone stopped at a traffic light and still madly tapping that device. I watch them with an Eagle eye. I hope they look up and see me staring at them. Your busted, you idiot. I could have been Metro…

Today’s Bible Lesson

Today’s Bible Lesson

In today’s world with President Trump getting hit daily I decided a little Bible Lesson might be appropriate. Remember what Jesus said: “Goats on the left, sheep on the right” (Matthew 25:33). Jesus also told Peter that if he wanted to catch fish, to do it from the right side of the boat. He did and filled the boat with fish.

John 21:6 (NIV) He said, “Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some.” When they did, they were unable to haul the net in because of the large number of fish.” Origin of Left & Right. I have often wondered why it is that Conservatives are called the “right” and Liberals are called the “left”.

By chance I stumbled upon this verse in the Bible: Ecclesiastes 10:2 (NIV) – “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.” Thus sayeth the Lord. Amen. It surely can’t get any simpler than that.

Spelling Lesson:

  • The last four letters in American: I Can
  • The last four letters in Republican: I Can
  • The last four letters in Democrats: Rats

End of lesson. Test to follow on November 6, 2018. Remember, November 2018 is to be set aside as rodent removal month. Please share this Bible Lesson with all your friends and email buddies to help achieve that goal. Never grow a wishbone where a backbone ought to be…


I received the above text from my old friend Dave back home in frozen Michigan. I claim no copyright to the text but I do most certainly agree with it! Politics are just plain old bullshit.


Yeah, a messed up name or word but that’s pretty much what I saw this eve. During TV commercials, it’s a routine thing for me to have a quick break outside of my tiny mansion on the tiny patio. Not a Balcony which is what my neighbours have upstairs, duh. I’m standing there in my T shirt, sweats and house shoes and sipping a cold one. I hear soft voices. Ummm, eh?

About two seconds later I spied a man and woman, middle aged I suppose who were huddled together, obviously over a device. I turned around to look the other way wanting to avoid anything. The whispering continued. I became concerned, hey man, this is MY tiny front yard! After several seconds, I turned to find the woman looking square at me but not face to face of course.

After a few more seconds, I turned and inched to the opposite side of my patio and leaned in a bit, trying to see what these two are up to. No, not cool on my part but regardless, what are these folks up to here? I saw a glimpse of the screen. There is no doubt for me that these two are up to no good. They are attempting to find an open WiFi Router. Yeah. Well….

Good effing luck suckers. My pass codes are incredibly difficult. The odd element here for me is that just today I added another security camera to my residence. The entire place is covered with video surveillance. Who knows. It’s more likely a random happenstance. Yet I can’t help but be a bit suspicious of this occurrence. One thing is certain – I’m not living in Podunk these days…

Wikipedia on Piggybacking.

The MacKenzie River Pub

The other day I hit City National Arena to try the pub upstairs, specifically the food menu. A drink or two would have been nice but I never drink and drive. No Nikon for these quick photos, just my trusty iPhone Seven. The atmosphere is totally Vegas Golden Knights of course as this building is where our Knights have their practice sessions. More often than not, one or the other rink has different things going on such as Open Skate or college hockey teams in there practicing.

Visit the pub’s website here for directions and such.

The service? That got off to a very slow start, apparently the one and only woman tending bar was handling most of the duties. But that changed as it wasn’t terribly busy. The food? I chose the simplest item on the menu, this giant burger and seasoned fries, washed down with Water on The Rocks. The burger was absolutely delicious! The fries were delicious too, I’ve no idea how they are seasoned but yum. Devoured! Would I recommend having a beer and dinner here? Oh yes, absolutely!

Which Lens Should I Take?

Take on my upcoming flight to Michigan? I’m not going to make the same mistake twice with traveling up there. In August, I was at my daughter’s delayed wedding reception. Delayed by design. I opted to leave my Nikon back home and paid for it. Paid for it in terms of shitty iPhone photos that just couldn’t do the work that a Nikon can. My bad, and I felt bad for my daughter. She wanted better photos…

, for our early December family Christmas (we always do this early) I’ve been messing around with two of my lenses, deciding which to take because it’s a matter of room in my tiny carryon bag. The 18-55mm lens has a bit of zoom capability, the Primary lens does not. The Primary is the smallest lens I have and works as well as the 18-55mm does though. Sans the zooming. I’m leaning toward the Primary lens for this trip.

travel size coupled with decent performance sans the zoom of course… It’s going to be wonderful to see my family again and I want to get the best photos I can get this Christmas. I can’t help but feel time is creeping up on me. Recently our family lost another family member. My uncle Ron passed away a couple weeks ago. He was healthy as hell all his life then found out he had cancer and just a few days to live. He’s gone.

of my aunts and uncles are gone now except one aunt. My dad said he has watched his friends die around him in the last two years and he’s correct. I feel sad for him and stay in contact frequently, he’ll be ninety years young this coming April. My mother passed in twenty twelve, our Christmas’ are just not the same without her love of family and holidays. It’s tough on me to be so far away yet I stay here by choice.

finances will improve nicely inside of one year from now when certain obligations from the divorce have been met, and more of the debt I agreed to assume as part of the divorce, are paid off. I’ve paid off plenty of debt already. Marriage isn’t an institution that I care much for. Her and I both made some stupid decisions. But living this life as a single man is so much simpler and cheaper. Love – you’ve been bad to me…

(NOTE: Sorry but I noticed I’ve chopped off a bit of the text in this post)

The test photos, the woman was a random photo!