Money Man Visits The Desert

Of course, I had to take this little fella with me, and it didn’t take long for him to become rather warm as he’s made of cast iron! It was so peaceful out there today with far fewer people. I would rather have all the extra people there though than that damn evil virus. Be safe, friends!

Traffic Light City

Welcome to the valley where you’ll be stopping very frequently for the insanely long traffic lights. You become used to them, but they still frustrate me daily. And today was one of those days that I see far more moron drivers.

More tailgaters, more reckless drivers and drivers who are driving so fast and using lanes that are not lanes, that they are a serious danger to the public. It’s unfortunate that there isn’t a cop on every corner, waiting to snag these idiots.

Actually, one did get snagged by a Metro officer who was rolling next to me, yet I didn’t see him. He turned on his gumballs and blasted the siren, but not for me. It was the guy in the left lane next to me, guess what? You are…

Busted, LOL! thank you, Las Vegas Metro Police. The other day, two officers pulled up next to me at a traffic light, we were stopped. The officer looked over my way, I gave him a thumbs-up, he responded with a smile.

It really cranks me off when I see and hear people saying things like **** the police and worse. I am not an Anarchist, are those who say this crap anarchists? Or just your average assholes…

I am heading home after buying a new CPAP mask

Crappy Fireworks Photos

It wasn’t worth the effort last night to try for better photos… It sounded like a damn war zone in the backyard too. I’m glad that’s over with for another year, although there will be a few explosions today and tonight. I sent an email to my HOA folks about my same neighbors three doors down once again lighting fireworks in our neighborhood, it’s illegal. Morons!


A few days ago, my next-door neighbors texted me asking if I would like a pizza as they are making them today for a party they are hitting and made one for me, I said sure! OM Gosh!

This pizza oven is wood-fired which I don’t think I’ve ever had. It’s so incredibly delicious! Of course, I had to get the photos as I like to take food photos basically anywhere. By the way, these folks own a mobile pizza business they run from a trailer on weekends. I’m a customer!

The Price of Travel

I took a ride to the 7 Eleven obviously, grabbed the little Sony RX100 camera. I still can’t believe how clear the photos are that come from this little gem! Gas should never go above one dollar.

Watching TV

The iColorama and Impresso applications were used to create this image about two years ago when I was still living the apartment life. Not good times… So much better today!

Humans Trashing the Desert

Good morning from the valley. Continuing with photos from yesterday, these photos are of a spillway or flood control ditch that is full of human trash brought there apparently by human trash. This is a part of Las Vegas the tourists gladly never see! I don’t understand the behavior. One photo has a big blur in place via me that covers up some highly offensive writing.


This is not my photo, I grabbed it from the web. This is not my photo but I completely agree with its message. This is my response to the death of an innocent man at the knee of a bad cop. For several days I’ve been stewing over this and I am angry! The racial hatred must end, now! This is not the normal content on Las Vegas Photo Blog but I must speak my mind. This is not a political website, I despise politics, there will be no more of this here.

You Can Opt-Out

Before it goes away, click the Read More link in your admin area regarding that damn block editor that is being forced down our throats. You can opt-out and still use your classic editor if you wish, which is exactly what I will do. Here’s a screenshot:

Quickie Trip

A bit ago I headed out for some needed supplies. Along the way, I took a different route to my destination via a local park where I was amazed to see the park full of people enjoying what is truly a beautiful day here. What shocked me though were the two separate playground areas packed full of children! And zero masks in sight. Wow. I darn well wore my mask into the store!


Welcome to my pharmacy. Daily I take several blood pressure pills along with other medications for other things, this pile of pills is mostly for blood pressure but as you can see here I haven’t always needed my evening or late night pills much of late. Thank God for this! The less you need, all the better for the body I say. I hope you’ll never need any of these pills!

Palms All Around

I am surrounded by my favorite trees at my place of quarantine, love it! Yesterday afternoon I took a bunch of random and goofy photos of which I’ve finished working on this morning. I long for the days when we can all go out and about safely. Those days will come again soon…

The Spray Bombed Van

Some dolt painted space creatures on this van at the local grocer. Nice work, asswipes! Anyway, I went to the grocer for a few items and came out with much more which is usually what happens. I was pleasantly surprised to find that many of those very hot items including water and bun wad are returning to ‘normal’ levels.

Translation: people are stopping the freaking out. The one thing that honestly speaking pisses me off is how many people were not wearing masks! Why the hell would a mother with four to six-year-old children take her babies in this store with zero masks on them, or herself! She’s a very stupid woman, I’m not sorry for saying this either.

As I have said in this space so many times – Common Sense took a permanent holiday from America a long time ago.

Stuff Your Block Editor!

This morning my Admin panel informed me that WordPress is now going to shove that stupid block editor down my throat and yours too. Bullchit. I tried it when it was released about eighteen months ago, no thank you! There is nothing wrong with the Legacy editor.

After reviewing the description, we do have the option to opt-out which honestly amazes me. That WordPress could be so kind! Who’d a thunk? I still stand by my statement that the strong sense of community here is the only thing keeping me on

The Oleanders

This flower I do know! I’ve mentioned before recently that I do not like these damn flowers as they are toxic to pets, and make a hell of a mess in my backyard when the flowers finally croak.

Gladly, my neighbor very recently cut them down along our common border, or block wall actually as that is what we use here instead of chain fences. I’m so grateful that I let him use my rubbish bin to help him get that crap out of his backyard that much faster! Thank you, neighbor!

It’s My Policy

Some of you are aware of my strict no-follow policy pertaining to businesses. Undoubtedly, some find this rather odd but that is my very strict policy as the administrator of this insignificant blog. Why? It’s all about the money. I find it bothersome that businesses use other’s blogs to draw customers to their own websites to make money at their expense.

No thank you, not at my expense. I have begun leaving comments on specific business blogs requesting that they refrain from attempting to follow LVPB. There are other methods to stop them but I really don’t want to have to resort to those measures. Sorry, but I’m not sorry, you businesses continually attempt to follow, not on my dime. Grub for money elsewhere.

Primm and Ivanpah

Primm, Nevada is right on the Nevada and California border and about forty minutes south of Las Vegas on the fifteen freeway. It’s a small place with a couple casinos and a fuel station. Last chance for fuel for a long way south!

Ivanpah is a huge solar plant which I personally dislike as much as those ugly wind turbines.

The bright glow is light from the thousands of mirrors focusing on the top of one of three towers that heat water and make steam which generates electricity. Good old coal, hydro and oil are much better, tried and truly dependable power sources for we humans.

A Quick Ride

I had a quick ride to the store for supplies at mid day, captured these not so exciting photos that do show that Las Vegas is still alive and well. it’s been several days since I went out, the traffic level appears to be up slightly. In the store I was not happy to see several folks were not wearing masks, that’s being stupid, people! But what is one man’s opinion worth…


My Mexican Fan Palms are scheduled for pruning July second and as you can see in the photos, they are due. Last week’s 90-degree temps appear to have made the fronds become very droopy. I’ve almost decided to have that messy African Sumac (weed) tree taken down too as it’s a constant battle with the dead leaf droppings daily. They are terrible, nasty trees!

An Old Sunrise

These photos are about five years old and taken on the way to work one morning. I quit that job, not because of the job but because of very poor management. I won’t tolerate being talked at, through, or down to by a belligerent employer! This happens too often to people…

Those Lovely Apartment Days…

Now here’s a lovely photo! My apartment was obviously right next to an enclosure of trash bins which was a constant source of anger. I was at the office fairly often complaining about this bullshit, complete with photos like this one. I saw ‘dumpster divers’ (I so dislike that word dumpster) and also a young woman was raped in that enclosure.

How the hell I didn’t hear that is beyond me. Apartment life was hell, I’m sure it still is. Sadly I suspect that because of this terrible virus, many people will lose their homes and end up in an apartment. Sad. Be thankful for your house if you have one, I surely love and take excellent care of my home where I decide what happens, not a management team!

Faux Stupid!

Most people have seen these cell towers dolled up like palm trees, sorry phone companies but this is a fail! It’s so obvious that this is a cell tower. As a long time lover of anything having to do with radio, I find the towers are more attractive without the faux skin attached.


These iPhone photos were taken yesterday while walking between the pharmacy and the party store. They are great looking flowers of course yet I strongly dislike them. Why?

They are poisonous to pets, and I am sick of pruning these damn things away from my side of the lot line in the backyard. The neighbour is being a lazy jerk who doesn’t know that these are bushes, not trees that have grown to fifteen or so foot tall.

Wake up buddy, get a damn clue about home maintenance!