Apartment Life

The joy continues today. Yesterday I stopped by the main office to show someone a photo of this. The manager of the complex was shown my photo. As you can see, this new management company doesn’t give a shit about… Read More ›

Where’s The Racism?

Over the last two days, I’ve had three conversations with black men. All of which were very pleasant. And – each man called me Brother! My new neighbour, a lovely young black woman and her mother are so kind, and… Read More ›

The Homeless in Las Vegas

I hadn’t noticed this homeless camp in this photo until it was viewed on my MacBook Pro. I am saddened by this. Las Vegas has countless homeless people, asking for money from passers by and also those stopped at traffic… Read More ›

My Followers List

It’s likely that nobody cares other than me, how many followers I have. I currently have 217 followers, that’s not many but I’m not blogging for a huge following. I do this because it’s fun and enjoyable. And it keeps… Read More ›

Closed and Abandoned

While on my recent trip to Michigan for my dad’s surprise 90th birthday party, I gave myself an extra day as usual to drive around and see the places I used to frequent years ago. Castaways is now closed and… Read More ›

Site Updates

Thanks for stopping by! Recently, I’ve made some changes to this humble little photoblog, the largest of which was changing the theme itself. I wanted my photos to be at least a bit larger. As always, each photo is clickable… Read More ›

Good Morning

From Mr. Pigeon! I’m featuring this little dude because I’ve not been getting any new photos lately. Been busy with life you know… Also, my dad and I have had an ongoing text conversation since yesterday regarding my health, how… Read More ›

Centre or Center?

I seem to see weird shit when stopped at traffic lights but as many times as I’ve passed this place, the difference in the spelling of the word Centre never popped out until yesterday. This is something I’m conflicted on…. Read More ›

A Couple Thoughts…

Talking about life ‘behind the camera’ isn’t my thing but I want to share a couple frustrations. Here is one: I rented this apartment in a hurry because at the time, I was in a divorce situation. I needed a… Read More ›

Let It Go…

I’m going to be perfectly honest here (not that I’m not honest with you always), this Michael Jackson Tribute Concert as it’s billed kind of irks me. I remember jamming Jackson’s music on my turntable in my bedroom years ago… Read More ›

Tit For Tat…

Occasionally, I’ll unfollow certain accounts on Instagram for my own reasons which may be simply being bored with an account, to an unfollow based on certain things I may have learned about the account since the initial follow. Yesterday I… Read More ›