Sony A7C -vs- iPhone 15

The image quality is so close to the same but not quite. I have been reading this afternoon about how amateur photographers like myself have considered dropping the full-frame big cameras and beginning to use a mobile device instead. Overwhelmingly, the iPhones are the majority when switching cameras.

Like many people, I have become tired of using a large, bulky camera and all of the settings you must consider when using them in the Manual mode. I can do it but it’s not something I enjoy doing.

The speed at which the iPhone 15 can capture a great photo is impressive, and, it makes many calculations very quickly such as ISO and shutter speed. This is like using the Sony A7C or the Nikon cameras I’ve had in Auto mode.

Also, some professional photographers have begun using the iPhone as a second camera for certain types of photography. It’s a confusing subject, isn’t it? The crick was photographed with the iPhone, and the other was taken today with the Sony A7C.

Basically The Same

These color photos were taken with the Sony A7C this morning and look basically the same as the photos from the iPhone 15 would. Once again, I am considering the days of using a full-body camera could be over for me. A  cell phone camera still has limitations such as extreme zoom images being badly pixelated but for the convenience of the iPhone, it might be worth the tradeoff. The last several posts have featured photos taken with the iPhone, did you notice the difference? The dark photo was taken at 10:30 last night.

Water Pressure

The main function of these water towers is to supply enough water pressure for the surrounding homes and businesses. The water pressure in the public system at my place is between 65 and 75 pounds PSI or per square inch. How is your Wednesday going?

I’ve been using the new iPhone 15 exclusively for over two weeks now and can safely say that I am very happy with the quality of photography that this phone camera has produced. I am still not certain though if I want to use the iPhone’s camera exclusively for this website/blog

I may switch back to using a brand new Nikon in the future as the Sony A7C is a fine camera but it just isn’t quite on par with a Nikon. Photography is an expensive hobby!

White Tail Deer

I captured these doe and one buck the other day strolling across a field near the barns. Aren’t they pretty! Our rifle deer hunting season begins soon and the bow hunting season has been underway for a while now in case you are an interested hunter.

I have never killed a deer except with my truck back in the 1990s which really sucked. I grew up around hunting so I have no issues whatsoever with hunting. After all, before grocery stores became a reality, this is how humans survived.

The high temperature here today will be a scorching 58 degrees, a bit on the high side in my opinion but I’ll take it. Photo via the iPhone 15.

The Mississippi River From 33,000 Feet

How is this for a beautiful view? the image of the river wouldn’t clean up much, all I did was adjust the contrast. The weather here today is just plain old shitty with rain and a cold wind blowing. Sunny and 60 degrees are up for Las Vegas this Wednesday which is much more acceptable.

I have about one half day off today from working with my dad taking care of things he needs help with while he is away with a good friend for a few hours socialising with a big group of friends.

Good for him, of course. As for me, here I am stuck indoors but at least I have this blog and Instagram to keep me busy regardless of the lack of a high-speed connection. My phone’s hotspot is running at around 600kb up and down, which is basically dialup speed to me.

I hope your day is warmer and you have a faster internet speed than I do!

The Crick, The Wood

These serene scenes are a far cry from the streets of Las Vegas. I grew up surrounded by forests and farm fields full of soybeans and field corn. Cows and farms. today, I live in a city of around two million people. Which lifestyle would you choose?

What amazes me when driving around this little country town is (I don’t like saying this) how dirty everything is. It has been raining on and off for four days straight, making the roads so dirty that dirt transfers to your car. Homes and lawns are so unkept and seem to be falling apart.

The gray sky keeps me feeling exhausted! On a positive note, the people of my hometown are much more friendly than many but not all of the people of Las Vegas. Which life would you choose?

The Mystery Cat Returns

If you’ve followed this blog for a while then you know about this mystery cat. It seems to live in this neighborhood, but then maybe not. It appears to be healthy which is great but all house cats should always be kept indoors in my opinion. Sunshine and 85 degrees are on for today!

To Henderson And Back

It was a long drive south to Henderson, Nevada which bumps up against Las Vegas. The 215 freeway is the best way to get to the Pedego bike store down there, the trip went quickly. These photos are from the Sony A7C on the way home. The Strip is partially seen in one or two of them. I’ll try to keep this short.

The guy running this store took my bike immediately since there were no customers or bikes on the rack for repair. In about ten minutes, the guy had my gears back to normal. He knew exactly what was wrong with the gearing! And, there was no charge for the work which is amazing.

He also gave me a water bottle bracket for the bike at no cost as compensation for the long drive, wonderful! Upon arrival, I gave the man the full rundown on what had taken place at the other store which is almost within walking distance of my home.

And, his helper knew exactly what I was talking about regarding the joker who worked on my bike and messed up the gears when there was never anything wrong with them! That guy had in the past worked on bikes at that store too and caused the store more problems than he fixed.

That’s vindication for me. My new store is now a long drive away. Life… You never know what is going to happen do we. I’m just happy that my bike is ready for cooler weather and lots of rides.

Magnifying Native Americans

I’m happy with this one. For many years I have believed that we Europeans (English and other countries?) basically destroyed the culture of the Native American Indians. I feel shamed sometimes. I only picked up the reading-enlargement device and pointed the 28-60mm lens through the glass.

Or, plastic. Ya never know these days. Many other photos of this scene landed on the cutting room floor but that’s a fact that will land on the floor too. My second wife was 1/4 Cherokee genetically which is so good but there becomes another story, right?

The Boat House and The House

This boathouse was very recently rescued from decades of neglect. As a child, we ice skated by its stark white with black trim which was in better shape in 1970 of course. Nice job, whoever did the remodel. Now that house. That ridiculously huge house!

The home that stood in that space before it was leveled was a historic old home which apparently the new owners didn’t want to renovate. It’s another damn shame on this lake!

When my family moved into our first home of two on the lake in 1968, most of the homes were quaint little cottages like the cottages I remember on Van Etten Lake in northern lower Michigan where my aunts and uncles, and grandparents all had quaint little cottages.

So nice, such wonderful memories! Today on the lake shown here, almost all of those little cottages have been leveled to make way for these ludicrous behemoth homes. My sister and I are frankly disgusted by the size of these homes.

Why the hell would anyone build a home like this that could literally house two or three families? It’s so wrong, so ridiculous but hey man, who are we to tell anyone what to do with their own money?

They are nothing short of an eyesore to the residents who still live here from the days when my family moved to the lake. Our old friendly families have moved away leaving the door wide open for new people to knock down and destroy the wonderful history of this place. This is NOT progress.

From 2020

Roll the clock backward three years to when I was using the Nikon D3300 camera, a solid old camera that did a good job for me. I really love the new Sony A7C though, this full-frame, mirrorless camera is an upgrade from the Nikon Z50 camera which I have sold. Sunshine and 94 degrees are on tap for the valley today and frankly, I am surprised that we haven’t hit 100 degrees yet this summer.