Bark Park

It would be so lovely if the management chose to boot all the damn dogs out of this place. Too much noise, too much of what sounds like dog fights going on behind me. Recently, the red and blue plastic… Read More ›

Apartment Rebuild

As folks move out of apartments, they are one by one being rebuilt which is great as the blinds and most everything else in the apartments must me twenty years old including my apartment. Some work was done before I… Read More ›

Resident Pruned

Not that anyone cares but me, but this is the third time in over two years that I’ve taken it upon myself to take my Fiskars pruning shears to this line of bushes because they are growing well over the… Read More ›

No Salt

If you’ve been following me for a bit then you know that I battle chronic high blood pressure. It’s a hell of a battle each day with monitoring and managing medications. In the grocery today, I made a conscious choice… Read More ›