Bonnie Springs is Gone

I’ve posted about this somewhat recently, but seeing this sign near what was Bonnie Springs yesterday morning really drove it home for me. Why does this bother me? After all, I’m not even from Nevada or Las Vegas! What pisses… Read More ›

Desert Walk

Hey all, I took a day off from this blog yesterday and enjoyed it! I took a ride outside the city for some photos, here are just three from then. I’m thinking about cutting back on uploads as I post… Read More ›

The Big Woof

A big dog in his owner’s truck bed. Please, don’t put your dog in danger like this.  That said, he’s a good looker!


Oleanders are attractive bushes that grow almost as fast it seems as my Med Fans do. The big difference is that my Med Fans aren’t poisonous. These flowers and bushes are on my lot line, I’ve had to continue to… Read More ›

Neon Museum 6

Here is round six from yesterday at the Neon Museum. I don’t know the story behind this true man of steel but he’s pretty cool. These photos show more than anything previous why using a phone camera sucks, there is… Read More ›


I’ve never heard of this dispensary before but there are several dispensaries around Las Vegas these days. Nevada became a Legal State sometime last year 2018 by a vote of the people. My honest opinion is that it’s long overdue… Read More ›

Mojave Desert

My Mojave Desert life. At times I have wondered if I made the right choice to stay here in Las Vegas but then something will come along during the day that is an affirmation that I am where I should… Read More ›

Bonnie Springs is Dead

Bonnie Springs was recently sold to the damned developers. Apparently Bonnie Springs was not doing well financially which I don’t find surprising when you have a good look at the place. It just grind my gears that homes will be… Read More ›

A Terrible Choice

Considering the unfortunate things that have happened within our US Post service, this is a horrid business name. Shame on this company which apparently lacks respect and compassion for the victims of madmen.