The Original Microsoft Crew

This is the original cast and crew that started the Microsoft corporation. I’m sorry about this, I truly am. Everyone should use Apple products, they are vastly superior to the ridiculous operating system created by Microbrain. I mean Microsoft. How… Read More ›


You may or may not have noticed that I have a peeve about certain words in our English language. Our American dialect of the King’s English that is. Why is a Bin referred to as a ‘dumpster’ here in the… Read More ›

Hate and Christians

Recently I’ve been amazed and disgusted by the number of or level of, hatred being spewed at President Trump on Instagram. People I never would have suspected of having such putrid opinions and thoughts about a sitting president have now… Read More ›


Why does this meager blog have so few followers? Perhaps I am the only one who notices and gives a crap but I will tell you why. It has nothing to do with my photography. I’ve never claimed to be… Read More ›

Keeping it Simple

Simple. I love simple things in this life, and keeping my camera bag simple is a part of that simple philosophy. A few months ago I sold two lenses as they were really just duplicates to some degree. Consider the… Read More ›

Where’s The Racism?

Over the last two days, I’ve had three conversations with black men. All of which were very pleasant. And – each man called me Brother! My new neighbour, a lovely young black woman and her mother are so kind, and… Read More ›