Truths Of Days Of Old

In my view, if you remember these things then you are very lucky to have lived those years. The meme that mentions giving you something to cry about is related to a conversation I’m having with some brainwashed dolt on Instagram this morning. This person believes that disciplining your child is abuse.

My reply was that we grew up having respect for our parents, elders, and people in general. The politically correct army has brainwashed this poor bastard and I feel sorry for him. This kind of thinking will only lead to more anarchism. I am so grateful that I was born in 1960 and have such great parents and family. Amen.

Biker Bar

This photo is from 2018 on one of my joyrides, I may have been heading to Pahrump. Getting to the Mountain Springs Saloon is easy by taking Blue Diamond Road west out of Las Vegas and heading up the 5000-foot pass which is where this hole-in-the-wall bar is located. I went inside just once to use the men’s room and was not impressed.

The place is really small, and the bathroom was nasty, complete with naked women photos on the walls along with phone numbers and yucky-ness. Sorry, whoever you are that owns this place, but you really need to clean it up! Not all biker bars are shitholes… Sunshine and 59F are on tap for today which is right around a normal temperature for January.

I’m taking a day or two off from bike riding as my backside is a bit sore from too much time in the saddle!

Back In 2019…

I took these photos with the old Nikon D3300 body. I can see a big difference between my photography today and 2019. Sunshine and 63F are on tap for today so it’s likely that I’ll put a few more miles on the bike today. The more I’ve ridden this electric bike, the more in-tune I become with it and enjoy the extra acceleration the motor provides. It comes in incredibly handy when you need to get across our very busy intersections here. A solid investment!

The First Test Set

What do you think of these new photos taken this morning just west of Las Vegas? Not too shabby at all in my view. I did notice that the focus ring and zoom rings were a little hard to decipher when I was focusing and zooming. They seem a bit too close together for my not-so-small hands. These photos are all over the place between fifty millimeters and sixteen millimeters. I was amazed at how many people were there, it’s not usually that busy during the weekdays…

My Doctor Was An Idiot!

What a day it’s been up to now. It’s gray and raining and I feel grouchy! I have been calling my GP doctor’s office since last Friday and got put on hold for ten minutes and hung up. I called the office back later that same day and the phone just rang and rang and rang and… You get the idea.

So, today I drove to the office and explained to them what’s been going on. Nobody seemed to give a crap! After chatting with another patient in the waiting room, I and two others were appalled to learn that not only was this guy NOT vaccinated, he also left the country abruptly and retired so that he could be back home in the Philippines to tend to a sick family member.

Now, God bless him for taking care of his family of course, however, to NOT notify his patients (some did get a letter, I didn’t) that his practice was being taken over by two doctors is absolutely ludicrous. I am pissed and feel as though he never gave a rat’s ass about any of his patient’s health concerns. And not being vaccinated! What an idiot!

This is incredibly selfish and ignorant of him. As far as I am concerned, he can stay in his home country, don’t come back you damn fool! After pitching a bitch about all of this, I was given an appointment to see the new doctor even though I didn’t have one. The patients in the waiting room had appointments but were also disturbed to learn about his sudden departure and not being vaccinated. Idiot! I feel somehow violated!

Twelve Photos of The Pedego Bike

I was determined to get my ride in today regardless of the temperature hovering around fifty degrees so I donned an extra T-shirt to go under the sweater and jacket which made the ride much more comfortable. For a while anyway. I rode just seven miles but that’s better than zero miles.

Along the way, I thought to hop off the bike and take a nice series of photos of the bike using the iPhone 12 which came out looking pretty good. I am very happy that I purchased this great bike, it’s so much fun to ride!

The Sony RX100 Disappointed Me Today

Today is full of bright sunshine so I decided to have a quick ride outside of the city for some desert photos. Disappointed best describes my thoughts on shooting with the Sony RX100 mirrorless camera. Almost the entire color range looks dull and unfocused to me. Perhaps I’m a bit too picky and over-scrutinising the photos and camera but honestly, my new iPhone 12 takes better photos. These are all from the Sony camera, the next post will feature photos taken with the iPhone only. In this set, there are just two photos that think make the cut. The rest of them should be in file 13!

Dirty Living

That dirty driveway would never be found on my property, so nasty. Have a good look at the road in the other photo, isn’t that lovely? I dare say that that road is thirty years old and has never been repaved. Why am I pointing these things out you ask? Well, because I find living like this so unacceptable today. When I lived in Michigan all those years I never saw anything terribly wrong with this but ten years in Las Vegas has shown me that there’s a different, better way to live.

Eleven Miles

I enjoyed a nice eleven-mile ride this afternoon under the blue sky among lovely palm trees. Purchasing the electric bike has been a great choice! Here are some iPhone photos for you along the way. Coming upon the parking block with the words about President Trump was disturbing, such pure hatred. Whoever you are, please leave the country.

I Wish This Button Existed…

A couple of years ago, I was on the way home from Michigan at 35 thousand feet or so with some big mouth young guy in the seat behind me that just wouldn’t shut the hell up. Yap yap yap! I so wanted to turn around and tell him to shut the F up but that’s not me. But I sure wanted to and I felt sorry for his seatmates. I blurred the bad word for you. Have you ever been in this situation, or perhaps a screaming baby nearby? Babies shouldn’t be allowed on airplanes, LOL!

Nikon With 24/70 Lens

Another wasted ride to the drug store this morning because the Robo-wench lied! It said the scrip would be ready after 10:30 but no go. The nice lady at the pharmacy informed me that some of their orders are put together and shipped from Arizona. Why? That is complete and total bunk to be polite about it. OK, I’ll come tomorrow, again!

In other very exciting news today, I used the Nikon with the 24/70 lens today for these lack-luster photos. I’ll say this again, I do enjoy taking photos much more with the iPhone. So simple, no bulk and it’s easy to quickly upload them to my cloud storage too for a quick download at home later. I seem to be trapped in a photo conundrum!

I took the two-year-old Kona bike to the pawnshop this morning and sold it at a loss of course, because I have no need for two bikes, one that I really don’t want to ride anymore because it’s not an E-bike. I couldn’t find a buyer to sell it to outright which sucks. Should I choose to sell the Nikon at some point, the damn pawnshop may be the way to go…

There’s almost zero difference between Nikon and iPhone photos!

Cook Wanted

They don’t want my cookin’ cuz all I can cook is chili and chicken noodle soup! In the other photo, neither car seems to be using turn signals. I am huge on turn signals and am frustrated almost daily by people who I wait for making a turn that doesn’t use those signals. Where is a police car when you want one! My driving record is perfect by the way…

Ten Miles Later

Ten miles later on the new E-Bike, I grabbed a few photos at one of my favorite parks. I am still testing how far the bike’s battery will take me, after ten miles the battery depletion was less than one-third which means the range is easily enough to get me to my favorite place in my part of town. Great! Now, about the iPhone 12 and the Nikon Z6…

The Nikon was in the bag, arriving at the park I popped it out of the bag and took some photos of these blue steel rings and the flags. The photos from the Nikon were far worse than those from the iPhone which are these three photos. I tried taking the #4 ND filter off the 50mm lens too, the photos were still nowhere as good as these.

So, what to do with this? As I mentioned before, I wonder how many non-professional photographers like myself have stopped using the big-dollar cameras and use the iPhone instead? Especially with the wonderful image quality, it can now produce. The Nikon won’t fit in my pocket and it takes up plenty of space in a suitcase!