A Rodent Dog and A Lost Cat

Sitting inside Subway a couple hours ago the guy you see here and his little rodent dog were wandering around the storefront as he put the rodent down then picked it up again. Repeat sequence twice. He then wandered off… Read More ›

Heading East on Sahara

Here are a two snaps from early today, the smog level has dropped significantly! This sounds goofy but I hear people here pronounce the name Sahara as Sahaira. Read each letter, now put it together. Think ‘Sahaara’!!

Not Smart!

There is absolutely nothing smart about these go-carts. How they were ever legalised in this country is beyond me. Safety is my biggest beef with these carts, would you care to be in this thing and take on my 4000… Read More ›

Click It!

It’s been several years now since I’ve paid any serious attention to the so-called “news”. Spin, spun and twisted all around it’s nothing but pure bullshit propaganda today. Not one news entity can factually say that they tell the truth… Read More ›

Site Restored

I put a bit of a dent in my day today by making the choice to try the WordPress Business plan. Words of advice: don’t try it. Now, I understand that not everyone will have issues with the plan but… Read More ›

Happy Birthday To Me!

So I’ve made it another year in spite of health issues! Like the image says, I really am thankful to God for allowing me another year of life. Where have the years gone? I’ve been here 59 years now, it… Read More ›


Here is a legal definition of Insanity, a plea used in courts of course: “Insanity. n. mental illness of such a severe nature that a person cannot distinguish fantasy from reality, cannot conduct her/his affairs due to psychosis, or is… Read More ›

Right and Left

In today ’s world with President Trump getting hit daily, I decided a little Bible Lesson might be appropriate. Jesus told Peter that if he wanted to catch fish, do it from the right side of the boat. He did… Read More ›