The Selfie

The bad selfie is more like it, I don’t get the whole selfie thing other than it’s all about Narcissism…

Stay On The Boardwalk!

In English or Spanish, stay on the bloody boardwalk! In other words, don’t trounce the delicate meadow grasses. Of course there are assholes who have no respect for the rules and venture off.

Symmetrical Graffiti

This nonsense was painted on the side of a large cube truck, destruction of private property. Isn’t that what graffiti is all about? Inner City Rebels? You can leave anytime you want you know…

Twisting and Turning

These photos were taken inside the BLM Fee area where you must pay to enter. Beautiful views mile after mile! I don’t like the idea of an entrance fee in this location as Americans have already paid said fee with… Read More ›

Ditch Your Dealer

Something you’ll see when living in a Legal State… Weed is big business in this city… There must be hundreds of dispensaries these days since it’s been legal for some time now but don’t be fooled. If you are pulled… Read More ›

I Feel Ripped Off

I HAVE BEEN RIPPED OFF: For several weeks now I’ve been dealing with tooth repair in the form of oral surgery and also at the dentist office. I signed up for dental insurance late last year, for this year knowing… Read More ›

Salt Burger

How about a burger with almost one half of your daily sodium intake? Well done, Burger King! Healthy junk food eh? A whopping 980 MG of sodium, a heart attack made just for you!

Juul Kills Too

I was diagnosed with heart disease in 2002, it’s been a few years and I still feel this disease daily. I smoked cigarettes for many years too which today I find hard to believe and just gross. They stink, and… Read More ›

Durango at Alta

A photo from early today. I had to visit the dentist office as my number 30 tooth is gone, waiting for the Bridge in two weeks but the damn thing is throbbing on and off. A tech at the office… Read More ›


Processing this image I recalled my dismay when just out of curiosity, not looking to purchase, I stopped by a Honda dealer. Not a dumb ass Carmax or the like. I was looking for something without a lawn mower engine… Read More ›