A few days ago, my next-door neighbors texted me asking if I would like a pizza as they are making them today for a party they are hitting and made one for me, I said sure! OM Gosh!

This pizza oven is wood-fired which I don’t think I’ve ever had. It’s so incredibly delicious! Of course, I had to get the photos as I like to take food photos basically anywhere. By the way, these folks own a mobile pizza business they run from a trailer on weekends. I’m a customer!

The Price of Travel

I took a ride to the 7 Eleven obviously, grabbed the little Sony RX100 camera. I still can’t believe how clear the photos are that come from this little gem! Gas should never go above one dollar.

Watching TV

The iColorama and Impresso applications were used to create this image about two years ago when I was still living the apartment life. Not good times… So much better today!