Political Bullshit

Politics are absolutely not any part of my humble amateur photoblog yet once in a long while I’ll upload something political like these images I received from an old friend back home in Michigan. Yes, Michigan will always be my… Read More ›

MTV Is Dead

If you are like me, you recall the early days of MTV when the station actually played music and music videos. Do you remember those good old days with Martha Quinn and Nina Blackwood and others as the VJ’s? That… Read More ›

Terrible’s Terrible Car Wash

A terribly terrible name for a car wash and a business. It’s terrible that the terrible owners ever conceived such a terrible business name. I wonder what other terrible businesses these terrible people have started? The whole damn thing is… Read More ›

McTerrible’s and McDeath

McDeath: fatty, salty and high blood pressure. McTerribles: cards you for alcohol purchase even if you are 95 years old. I’m not joking. These two companies are match made in hell.

Adam and Eve?

Sorry, who ever owns this company, you couldn’t be more wrong! Las Vegas has several stores like this. But wait, this is Sin City, right?

Memorial Day Thoughts

First I want to say thank you to each and every man and woman serving in our armed forces around the world. I deeply appreciate your sacrifices and service to our country. On another note, I am also deeply saddened… Read More ›

Bonnie Springs is Gone

I’ve posted about this somewhat recently, but seeing this sign near what was Bonnie Springs yesterday morning really drove it home for me. Why does this bother me? After all, I’m not even from Nevada or Las Vegas! What pisses… Read More ›