Today’s Valley Views

Good afternoon from Las Vegas where it’s currently 95 degrees and totally sunny. Just three quick photos this time show how steep some of the roads here can be. I have been on the phone today with my dad and sister regarding their homes in Florida.

Both homes are gonna get clobbered hard by this quickly approaching hurricane. Again, this is the main reason I decided to stay in Las Vegas in 2016 after the big D was over.

gladly, these homes are being watched over by trusted people and have been left with the hurricane shutters and such down for the summer. Too risky, the only thing threatening my home is an earthquake.

Bush Hunting

Yesterday afternoon I noticed that one of the four bushes in the front yard had died. How did I not notice? I snapped a closeup photo of the leaves for reference at Moon Valley Nursery.

The nice man identified the bush quickly, I paid for the bush including a crew to come to my home and remove the dead bush and plant the new, much smaller bush. My back would never survive removing a dead bush!

I think those bushes have been there a very long time but this bush finally succumbed to the summer heat. I snapped this photo on Centennial Avenue where it crosses the 95 freeway. What a view, aye!

Kay’s Sunset

Since the outer bands of tropical storm Kay are rotating counterclockwise over Las Vegas, why not use Kay for the title? Overcast and a high of just 86 degrees are forecast for the valley today which is really wonderful after months of 100+ degree weather. I think the 100s may be gone for the rest of the year. Hello, Pedego! Let’s take a nice 20-mile ride, shall we? What are you up to this weekend?

One photo is much more processed than the other, which do you like best?