Sun Soaker

Lounging in the backyard yesterday afternoon, I heard some pigeons in the African Sumac tree in the neighbor’s yard. They are eating ants or other bugs. I went into the house to grab the Nikon and returned to find that the birds had flown the tree. Dang and they were close too, I wanted to get some in-flight photos. I turned the chair around and snapped these redundant photos, at least the colors are good. Happy weekend to you. 😎

I Forgot The Battery

On a whim, I headed for Floyd Lamb Park once again today but forgot to get the battery for the Nikon from the wall charger. Call me senile? I also forgot that it’s Sunday which means that the park would be super busy which it was. Usually, I drive right to the entrance gate and booth but not today, I was at least ten cars back from the booth.

Driving through the park I noticed multiple groups of people all near the ponds, the geese, and other birds scattered among the hundreds of people. I hopped out of the truck and had a short walk but decided to head back to the truck and home. These days, everyone carries a backup camera with them in the form of a phone camera.

Frankly, I use my iPhone as a camera, as a social media device, and to arm and disarm my home alarm system more than I do to text or call family members. So on the way to the park, out comes the trusty iPhone, always ready to capture the photo. These photos aren’t Nikon quality so don’t laugh! I do like the simplicity of the camera though.

My Moonshine

Nope, not the 200-grain alcohol moonshine, just my Nikon pointing toward the heavens last night. It’s nice to have an evening without the wind blasting at 40 miles per hour. The seasonal temperature change is moving along nicely as shown on The Weather Channel this morning. Today’s high will be 80 with temperatures in the 70s following this coming week which makes me happy. Meanwhile back east, those folks are being flooded out of their homes and being hit with tornadoes which is very sad. Please send your floodwaters here to the desert, we need it badly.

Windy Blues

Another day of wind is upon Las Vegas Valley, a big surprise, right? If you follow this blog, then you know how many of these windstorms blast through here during the cooler months of the year. The wind makes a sound that comes down the fireplace chimney, and the front door occasionally creeks too under the changing air pressure outside. The sky is blue though, with the occasional puffy white cotton cloud passing overhead while the jet aircraft occasionally pass over the house after departing North Las Vegas Airport. I hope your area is much calmer today.

Early Morning Glow

A very early morning glow it was, too. This time change nonsense and I do not get along very well at first until my bio-clock adjusts to the difference. This photo was taken looking northwest from my bedroom window about four minutes after I crawled out of the sack. If that isn’t an indication of photographic addiction, then what is?

An Impromptu Visit

This morning I headed south to pick up some needed medications, as I passed Alta Drive I saw the Queens Ridge towers to my west. Tivoli Village Is just before the towers, I thought why not stop by Tivoli Village again? I am really glad that I did stop in because the sky is so beautiful today, and flooded with the beautiful natural light that I love to shoot photos in. I also had a few really nice chats with store owners and other patrons too, so many nice people!

When I get to shooting photos at certain venues, I just get snap happy and end up with something like 1.5Gig of photos on the SD card. Nope, not this time, I cut myself off at just thirty-eight photos! This means less processing time for me, and much less boredom for you my wonderful follower having to deal with my photographic obsession. Hey, I’m just kidding you, thanks for viewing! This set has processed really beautifully so far.

These photos are actually sharper than what you see, thanks to WordPress…

After A Really Good Lens Cleaning…

After a good cleaning of the 200mm lens last night, I snapped some test photos, here they are. I have to blame myself for this one. Taking a good look at either end of this lens, I found basically zero dust on the lenses at either end, great! What I completely forgot about is the damn screw-on dust cover in front of the lens. Doink! The 24/70mm lens doesn’t have one of these, it should though.  now let’s take it outdoors for the next round.