Another Forgotten Sunset!

Whoops, I did it again. These are Nikon Z5 images that I forgot to upload this morning. I would leave my head behind somewhere if it weren’t attached! I’ve been considering replacing this current theme that has been in use for far too long now with something fresher. All-white themes are apparently considered to be more modern today, the way I have the pages looking now could be old-fashioned, what do you think? The post schedule would also be changed as well.

Christmas In The Desert

It still seems odd to me to see Christmas trees and other decorations surrounded by palm trees and no snow. I guess a lifetime of northern living stays with you. It was a great day to ride, but another ten degrees would be nicer. 61 degrees can still generate a windchill factor believe it or not. These are iPhone 15 photos, I haven’t got to setting up the new Nikon I picked up yesterday.

My eBike Hits 2000 Miles!

The Pedego electric bike rolled past two thousand miles during today’s 12-mile ride, which is the equivalent of riding from Las Vegas to my hometown in Michigan! Not bad for a two-year-old bike. I was going to name this post “Christmas In Tivoli Village” but didn’t obviously.

It was a cool ride but I was dressed just enough to handle the very small wind chill factor. How about that Christmas Tree!! It won’t fit in your living room, haha!

Basically The Same

These color photos were taken with the Sony A7C this morning and look basically the same as the photos from the iPhone 15 would. Once again, I am considering the days of using a full-body camera could be over for me. A  cell phone camera still has limitations such as extreme zoom images being badly pixelated but for the convenience of the iPhone, it might be worth the tradeoff. The last several posts have featured photos taken with the iPhone, did you notice the difference? The dark photo was taken at 10:30 last night.

Among My Mountains

Ahh yes, it’s so good to be home again among my beautiful mountains! The Mojave Desert is a very beautiful place to live. How was your Monday? I have two things on the agenda today which is nice after running around like a headless chicken yesterday. Sunshine and 58 degrees for today, hello, sunshine!

It’s Nice To Be Back Home!

Today has had me running all around my area of town taking care of a few loose ends that needed tying up but it’s great to be back among my mountains, palm trees, and sunshine! How is your Monday going?

Isn’t this small dam so pretty? I love the sounds, and please pardon my finger. 😂

The Village Blue Sky

These are photos from my last bike ride before I headed north to Michigan, that beautiful Mojave Desert blue sky is wonderful isn’t it! Today will be a wonderful day because it is our very early family Christmas! It’s so rare to get everyone together, lots of hugs, smiles, and great food are to come.

We are having this even earlier this year at my dad’s request due to his health. I am very slowly getting used to the Eastern time zone again after being home in Nevada and the Pacific time zone for three weeks. This is really tough on your bio-clock as I call it!

Cloudy and just 46 cold degrees are up for today but at least there is no snow in the forecast, yay!

Rampart Drive, Las Vegas

These are more test photos with the iPhone 15, what do you think about them? They are of course processed with my HDR application on the MacBook. Today was a perfect day with the temperature in the low 70s and only a gentle breeze under a sunny sky… Welcome to Las Vegas Valley. 🌞😎🌴

Calm Water And Sunshine

I had taken several new photos with the new iPhone 15 today but most of them somehow became lost! Damn, here is the only one left. It looks like a photo from the Sony A7C to me. One bothersome thing about the new device is that I can’t upload more than two to three images at once and the phone gives me a message that I need to check my network settings. They were checked by staff at the Apple Store a day after purchasing the phone.  So, I have no idea what is going on and it’s damn annoying.