Testing The Canon

During my trip to Michigan last month for the family Christmas, my father decided he doesn’t use this older Canon camera and said take it home with me. Sure, thanks Dad! I’ve used it a little bit and have purchased the lens hoods for both of the lenses which are the 70-300mm and a 18-55mm lens.

Both are standard equipment in my Nikon bag but I’ve more lenses. The camera seems to do as well as the Nikon does but in my very much non-professional photographer perspective I still like the Nikon a little  better. The clarity seems just a tad better as do the colours but this is coming from a colour-blind guy! What say you? I hope your Monday is as dandy as mine is here in the valley of the sun!

God, Mountains & Signs

Here are seven photos via the Nikon from today and yesterday. I hope your weekend is rockin! 😬

As The Rains Receded

I was on my patio having a quick chat with a neighbour when I spotted this gorgeous scene unfolding to the East. I dashed for the Nikon which happened to have the 70-300mm lens on already and grabbed these photos. I believe they still look better to the naked human eye though. But these will do! It’s been so different here with the rain going on hour after hour. It’s reminiscent of those all day rains back in Michigan. Real soakers that make your yard all squishy and muddy too.

I’ve scene some video of flash flooding here in Vegas, and also South in California too where the forest fire burns are now turning into dangerous mudslides. The West Coast is getting a pounding with the storm moving inland from the Pacific Ocean, which will eventually end up making things tough for folks way up north according to The Weather Channel and other sources. Tomorrow I plan to head into Red Rock Canyon to see the flood damage from the Washes, and maybe around town a bit. Weather….


No bodies were seen anywhere near this pool or our other, yesterday. Too chilly and the pools are not heated which sucks but that costs too much money. I was on another walk and decided to let myself into the pool area (with my key) for a few iPhone photos. It looks so pretty and inviting doesn’t it! Of course we can’t see the fifty five degree air temperature! Sunshine and palms… Las Vegas Valley.

Around Town This Morning

Our lovely sunshine has returned (yay!) and I tell ya, it makes a serious improvement in my daily mood. Having grown up and lived in Michigan for fifty-plus years, I have a deep appreciation for the number of days per year that Las Vegas has bright sunshine. I had some business on the other side of the Strip this morning, have camera will get that photo! Sunny and 63 today, come visit us!