Send To The Family

For several weeks, I have been putting about 70 of my best photos in a folder to eventually be sent to my family. Last night, I went through all of them to remove the watermark and give them one more check before shipping them out. Since I am out of photos for the blog except for extra photos that have probably already been used, I pulled these photos out of those 70 photos and added the watermark again. Sunshine and a very toasty 95 degrees are on tap for Las Vegas Valley today, no bike ride is planned for today!

More Of Those Beautiful Blue Skies!

You guys really love the beautiful blue skies over Las Vegas Valley, so here are more blue skies. I admit that the blues are a bit too deep but when I added more whites to the image, other parts of the photo would be washed out.  I tried! Sunshine and 89 degrees for today, it could be another ride today!

Happy and Sunny Memorial Day from Las Vegas!

I wish all of my American friends a happy and safe Memorial Day this coming Monday. Today, I drove east to the north end of the Las Vegas Strip to get some photos of the Stratosphere Tower and the area around it. Both the 28-60 and the 211mm lenses were used today, I have many more photos from today lined up. Today has been very beautiful with 90 degrees, a nice breeze, and 100% vitamin D falling from the sky!

Water Pics

I thought the title to be appropriate since there is water in each photo, but these photos really challenge the capabilities of the iPhone 12 or any other iPhone in my opinion. I think I had to over-sharpen them to get somewhat close to the sharpness I am looking for.

The result is the way these photos look, I really need to start taking the new Sony A7C on these rides with the 28-60mm lens. The camera has to be wrapped in a towel to protect it from the many bumps and occasional slams the bike takes on my rides.

Sunshine and 90 degrees are on deck for the valley today, I’m not riding today since I got a bit cooked yesterday. My farmer’s tan is looking fantastic though, haha!

Sunshine and 92 Degrees Today

Not long after waking up this morning (thank you, God) I grabbed the iPhone 12 and walked to my little backyard for these photos and video. During the summer when the daily high is well over 100 degrees, this time of morning can be wonderful just like it was this morning.

There is a minimum of loud exhaust and noisy neighbors, hence this video captures what it sounds like with the many bird species we have here. I washed the birdbath out really well the other day and the birds are loving it which makes me so happy!

I love to watch them drink and play from my bedroom window or on the patio if you sit still long enough. Yesterday afternoon, I put the Pedego bike in a spare bedroom, possibly until autumn arrives unless I can get out of bed early enough to try a ride but sleep is a beautiful thing!