Sliding Towards Evening

It was nice to sit in the backyard for a while this afternoon watching the palm fronds gently shake in the light breeze and to watch my feathered friends darting around from house to house, tree to tree. Seventy degrees feels a bit cool but still nice in the shade. These are iPhone 12 photos using its different zoom capabilities, not too bad, eh?

These photos are 100% unedited

Palms Against The Slope

A neighborhood with palm trees lining the streets. Did you know that palm trees are not native to the Las Vegas area? They do however grow very well here obviously and I’m grateful for that. It’s so nice to wake up and see palm trees in my backyard! Today we have a high wind advisory with gusts to 60MPH possible and a high temperature of 68F, brrr!

Green And Blue

Green and blue make a beautiful view! The street lamp photo is from my kitchen windows, the other in the backyard this morning where it’s just 55F, slightly cool to me and a high of 64 today. Summer has definitely left the stage! Next week promises the mid to upper 70s which will be so wonderful. Happy hump day my friends! Nikon Z6 at 50mm.

Road Construction and A Beautiful Entrance

Good afternoon people, I hope your Monday is going well. I took the morning off from posting as it felt like a chore. We bloggers have to avoid burnout, right? I had some running around to get done early today anyway so while out, I came across yet more road construction. Yay! Isn’t the entrance to this neighborhood so beautiful!

By the way, Vegas has a high wind warning until late tomorrow. Autumn has arrived!