At Downtown Summerlin Today Three

Here are a few more photos that were taken yesterday, I hope your day will be as sunny as it is here in Las Vegas today! I have no plans for the day except the pot of fresh chili I whipped up at seven AM today, yummy!

At Downtown Summerlin Today Two

Here is round two from Summerlin this morning, I hope you enjoy these. While I was there, I sat down for a bit and called my dad back in Michigan, we had a nice conversation as always. In the last couple of days, I’ve been missing my family more and really needed to hear a familiar voice.

I worry about my dad so much as he is ninety-two years young.

I feel like this damned virus is stealing time that should be spent with him and my children and sister as I haven’t been able to make my usual two trips up there each summer. Of course, millions of people are in the same or similar situations, but that’s not much consolation is it.

At Downtown Summerlin Today

Good afternoon! I got out of the house once again today as cabin fever is closing in around my throat you could say. It’s just too damn beautiful outside to be stuck indoors. I snapped around sixty-five photos there today, here is the first set. I hope you like these, it’s my first time using the Nikon Z6 in this location.

Assorted Photos

Good morning from the valley where it’s seventy degrees and just fifteen percent humidity at my home. This morning I put together four new photos, all taken recently. The turkey kielbasa was really delicious when baked slowly in the Breville. That deep blue sky over Turtlehead Peak looks wonky due to reducing the file size to satisfy WordPress.

My little backyard and Wilson the faux tortoise you’ve likely seen before. And how about that sunset last night taken at the end of my street? At least there were a few clouds which without there is no photogenic sunset in my opinion. According to NOAA, our high-temperature today will be just ninety-two degrees which is for me, just perfect!