Palm Trees

Vegas Life

Palm trees, mountains and sunshine. I love my Mojave life! It was a huge decision and was given more than plenty of thought before finally making the decision to stay in my adopted city. Good on me!!

Four Cells

A joy ride today found me high above the valley floor in the Burbs. Stopping on a little-used road I grabbed this photo of four horrid looking cell towers. Honestly, I believe they look better, less obtrusive without the faux… Read More ›

Out the Door Early

couple days ago my truck started smelling of gas, this early morning I drove to the dealer where I purchased the truck. The service writer could smell the fuel as I drove into the service drive through! There is no… Read More ›

The Summerlin Peaks

This is an older photo, I tried to clean it up but it didn’t cooperate much… The Summerlin Peaks are located on the west of the valley.

The Softer Version

This photo went through one of my favourite apps again this morning, added some “softness” to it, an overlay and a vignette. Yours truly kind of likes his palm trees!!

Almost Sunset

Last eve I was watching the tube and heard another chopper flying nearby. This time it was passing directly overhead, it was once again Las Vegas Metro circling another auto accident nearby, that’s just a guess. I sat down with… Read More ›

Stubborn Snow

That snow waaay up there just won’t relinquish it’s grip on the mountain! Even when it’s 108 degrees in the valley… This is somewhere along Lake Mead Boulevard yesterday.

Frond Eye

Please excuse the bird shit atop the umbrella poll, it’s amazing how fronds grow from one central point!! ❤️🌴

Summer in The Valley

Here’s a view looking west on Lake Mead Boulevard today. It was only 102, I can feel the difference today versus the last few days at 108 which is coming back next week. Summer in The Valley! 😂