What’s New Pussycat?

I’ve seen this apparently stray cat on my fence too fairly recently. Oh, kitty where do ya live? He was photographed late afternoon. Later after dark, I snapped this photo that you’ve seen before but the camera settings are different. The sky is still blurry but the tree looks OK. No plans here today, and the forecast is for sunshine and ninety-nine! And this is October? I’ll take it! Snow is a dirty word…

Street’s End Sunset

Here is last night’s sunset looking west past the end of my street. Finally, there were enough clouds for a decent sunset photo. Las Vegas is forecast to have ninety-five degrees today with abundant sunshine. Meanwhile, back toward the eastern seaboard, things are apparently cooling down to a few degrees below normal for September. Should I stay or should I go? Stay put, or go back to the cold weather?

Newly Planted

Taken on my joy ride earlier today, I spotted these newly planted Canary Date Palms. I think that’s what they are! Anything new around that area immediately catches my eye. Like the brand new cell tower not far away, the crew was at the top and bottom of this new tower working on the new installation. Being a ham radio guy, anything radio is interesting to me!

A Tivoli Drive By

Today has proven once again that you never know what each day will throw at you. Due to my having issues with gum disease which had gratefully been remedied by my awesome dentist, I have my teeth cleaned every ninety days now. The cleaning went well, even with the new woman who did the work. Good employees can be very difficult to find.

Once the cleaning was completed, Dr. B came in to do the final inspection as usual. He of course noticed the broken tooth on the boom left which the office has on record. I’ve known since last year that this broken tooth will eventually need to have a root canal, or cleaned up and capped off. Gladly, the root canal is not needed yet, so I agreed to the cap.

So off to work went the doctor and his lovely assistant. She really is gorgeous. After about forty-five minutes, they had completed the entire procedure, these two worked like a well-oiled machine in doing the work. The finished cap or crown will be ready in three weeks so they say, it was less than that for my Bridge to be ready. Life is so weird man…

Tivoli Village is nearby the dentist’s office…

Dancing in The Wind

The crazy high winds of yesterday have been replaced with a gentle breeze this morning but the beautiful desert sunshine has remained. Today’s forecast: sunny and 83 degrees!

The tree photo is straight out of the Nikon, the temp is much cooler!

New Lantana Flowers and Wind-Blasted Palm

It’s amazing what a difference twenty-four hours can make. The smoke fog is completely gone, the sunshine has returned but with a roaring wind. Gusts of thirty to forty, surging to sixty miles per hour. Wow! Just one of the two potted Lantana has new bright yellow flowers so far, it was tricky to get these three photos as the flowers were swaying about rapidly.

The palm tree is clearly being battered by the strong winds, small pieces of frond have dropped into the backyard. The National Weather Service says Las Vegas will have a high of 82 degrees on Wednesday, with just a mild breeze which is nice, I can clean up the dead leaves from the dead Ash tree across the street that have become stuck over here.

The poor neighbors across the street have also lost their Ash just as I did a few weeks ago, no thanks at all to this summer’s brutal temperatures. Ash trees are not well suited to the desert environment according to the tree specialist I use. Tomorrow’s forecast is actually very similar to that of many Michigan summers I’ve loved over the years as a young man.