Sky Palms

After making the video of the pigeons going nutty for a buggy breakfast, I turned around and snapped these iPhone photos right behind me. Usually, my iPhone photos process very well, these two nearly identical images are no exception. It’s another palmy, sunshiny day!

Good Morning, Blue Sky!

I admit that my palm trees appear too often on the blog but oh well. I snapped this beauty directly after photographing the feeding frenzy being enjoyed by the pigeons on the neighbor’s Sumac trees. Having a look at the weather app on the iPhone, today’s forecast high is 108 degrees. The next few days will be slightly cooler, yay! Such is desert living…

The tree looks much better after pruning!

Pretty Petrol Stations

Las Vegas has some very well-manicured fuel stations, certainly nothing like I have ever seen in Michigan. I snapped this photo today on the way home from getting a Subway sandwich. Yum!

65 Million Years Ago

Those many millions of years ago, these big critters roamed the area. I am grateful that they are not around today! So why was I there? A few days ago, two trees were removed in my backyard as some of you know. I decided that today is the day to find some replacements and fill the empty space in each corner of the backyard.

I have looked into several kinds of palm trees as replacements, absolutely no deciduous trees!

I chose the Sago Palm for the replacements, mainly because they grow very slowly. They are in fifteen-gallon buckets right now and are still at the location I purchased them at, they will be planted June 30th. The cost for everything is less than I expected too which is wonderful! Of course, I will upload photos of the backyard when they are in place.

The Sago palm tree photo is not my work, no copyright inferred.

On The Way to The Tire Store

I decided this morning to change the wheels on my five-year-old truck that still has the stock wheels. I’ve thought about this for a while now, why not go for it? Other than the wheels, the truck will always remain completely stock as it has been since day one.

I believe in keeping vehicles as-is from the factory. On the way there, I was stopped at Azure and Centennial Boulevard I think it is, and grabbed this photo. Not for the traffic, more so for the palm trees and beautiful blue sky that we locals enjoy so much.

The payments will end very soon on this near-mint condition vehicle thanks to the mild climate!

Beautiful Nevada

While flying the drone I used to own, I stopped for this photo along a hiking trail in the far southwest area of the valley along SR160. The mountain in the distance is Mount Potosi, the camera doesn’t capture the actual height of the mountain though. It looks like a little bump or hill doesn’t it? The old Nikon D3300 body was used for this photo, not sure which lens though.

Soon To Be Pruned

If you know anything about these Mexican Fan Palms, then you can see straight away that this one is in dire need of a pruning, and very soon! Fortunately, the tree company I’ve hired twice now will be here this coming Monday. Those stalks are what will flower and also drop seeds like crazy! Last year, the employee slapped a tall ladder against the trunk and hauled his chainsaw up there and got to work.

They give both the palms what is called the Ten-Two cut which means the remaining fronds point to both Ten AM and Two PM which looks rather nice! This morning, I snapped a series of photos of both palm trees, that stupid Privet and African Sumac as Before images. I’ll get photos of the work in progress, then photos of the palms afterward. Bye-bye, Sumac! Bye-bye, Privit! Those Deciduous trees suck LOL!!

The Wispy Sky

Whist blowing the few leaves off of my grass in the backyard, I noticed the beautiful sky floating so high above me. Having finished with the leaves, I hustled inside for the Nikon then captured these photos quickly. The photos can’t fully grasp or capture the full scale of the wispy clouds and beauty of the sky. I’ve never seen such wonderful clouds elsewhere!

An Older Sunset

This photo is from a few days ago, I found it in a folder on the desktop I don’t usually open… it’s been a busy day around my place with the two spigots being replaced, then a good wax and wipe on my pickup truck.

It’s an old fart (haha) at five years old but with just twenty-one thousand miles. the pavers were washed off and the Med Fan in the backyard got a good watering thanks to the new spigot and new, longer hose. Thank God for air conditioning!

Dripping wet with sweat makes you a sticky person!

Have a happy sunset!

The Sorta Sunset

A sorta kinda a sunset from yesterday eve, maybe tonight will offer up something more flashy. Our weather will be just a bit cooler today with 98F instead of 105 yesterday, I can feel the difference. After getting out of bed, I usually step outside to get a sense of the weather. This morning was another fabulous morning with a soft gentle breeze and a perfect temperature.

Palm View

In this image, I was heading west on Lake Mead Boulevard after a trip into the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. You can see that the terrain drops very quickly into the valley.

Can you find the Lowe’s store?

Palms All Around

I am surrounded by my favorite trees at my place of quarantine, love it! Yesterday afternoon I took a bunch of random and goofy photos of which I’ve finished working on this morning. I long for the days when we can all go out and about safely. Those days will come again soon…

Tropical Parkway

Tropical Parkway is an east-west road in the northwest area of Las Vegas Valley. If you’ve followed my blog long enough then you might remember the shredded car at the very far west end of this road which I strongly suspect was stolen. Bastards.

Heading east when you pass Durango Road, you will find some great shopping areas and wonderful restaurants. I purchased my leather Lazy Boy couches at the Lazy Boy store there. The area is easily accessible via the 95 freeway too.


My Mexican Fan Palms are scheduled for pruning July second and as you can see in the photos, they are due. Last week’s 90-degree temps appear to have made the fronds become very droopy. I’ve almost decided to have that messy African Sumac (weed) tree taken down too as it’s a constant battle with the dead leaf droppings daily. They are terrible, nasty trees!

The Backyard Sunshine

Just three photos from my little backyard space on this glorious Mojave Desert morning! Today’s weather will be full sunshine and 93 wonderful degrees. Perfect!