Assorted Photos

Good morning from the valley where it’s seventy degrees and just fifteen percent humidity at my home. This morning I put together four new photos, all taken recently. The turkey kielbasa was really delicious when baked slowly in the Breville. That deep blue sky over Turtlehead Peak looks wonky due to reducing the file size to satisfy WordPress.

My little backyard and Wilson the faux tortoise you’ve likely seen before. And how about that sunset last night taken at the end of my street? At least there were a few clouds which without there is no photogenic sunset in my opinion. According to NOAA, our high-temperature today will be just ninety-two degrees which is for me, just perfect!

Las Vegas Landscapes

Here are three Nikon photos that were probably taken in winter, 2019 before our lives were turned upside down. There are days where it seems this virus issue will never end, but it will in due time. Stay positive!

What’s New Pussycat?

I’ve seen this apparently stray cat on my fence too fairly recently. Oh, kitty where do ya live? He was photographed late afternoon. Later after dark, I snapped this photo that you’ve seen before but the camera settings are different. The sky is still blurry but the tree looks OK. No plans here today, and the forecast is for sunshine and ninety-nine! And this is October? I’ll take it! Snow is a dirty word…

Street’s End Sunset

Here is last night’s sunset looking west past the end of my street. Finally, there were enough clouds for a decent sunset photo. Las Vegas is forecast to have ninety-five degrees today with abundant sunshine. Meanwhile, back toward the eastern seaboard, things are apparently cooling down to a few degrees below normal for September. Should I stay or should I go? Stay put, or go back to the cold weather?

Newly Planted

Taken on my joy ride earlier today, I spotted these newly planted Canary Date Palms. I think that’s what they are! Anything new around that area immediately catches my eye. Like the brand new cell tower not far away, the crew was at the top and bottom of this new tower working on the new installation. Being a ham radio guy, anything radio is interesting to me!