Flash Floods

There were flash flood warnings in the area yesterday afternoon, I grabbed the Nikon and kept watch for about a half-hour. It never did rain at my house which sucks, but it’s still nice to see some rain around as this is, after all, monsoon season. It’s a bit maddening to see so much rain dousting the east coast, hurricanes not included. Lake Mead sure needs every single drop of those rains, but gladly hurricanes don’t make it this far west!

Backyard Pottery

After doing some spiffing up around the home both inside and out this morning, I thought to take one of my Navajo pottery pieces outdoors again to photograph it in the direct sunshine. I prefer this kind of light because the sun really makes the brilliant, lively colours go pop!

Each photo is processed slightly differently

As The Red Ball Dropped

I was out front and in the backyard looking for some sunset photos since there were some actual clouds up there. The humidity is still up a bit (for the desert) but more comfortable today. I’m used to 20% humidity! There were flash flood warnings for Clark County in the afternoon, but the rain was northwest of Las Vegas, unfortunately. Lord, please let it rain!

Along Summerlin Parkway

In this image, I am heading west on Summerlin Parkway westbound at Rampart Boulevard. I love the palm trees all in a row, it’s classy looking and suggests you are in a more expensive area, which is the truth. Too rich for my bank account! But one can dream, eh?

A Desert View, A Bunny and Pruned Sago’s

Good afternoon from sunny and hot Las Vegas where it’s currently 107 degrees at my home. Last eve I decided to ‘go for broke’ with these two sad-looking Sago Palms. Why the heck not, so many of the fronds have completely dried up regardless of my attempts to keep them going. I did some research on the ways to prune them, and the proper time of year to do so.

August isn’t the proper time of year but oh well, they won’t be terribly costly to replace should they kick the bucket. The trim is for ornamental looks, nothing more should they survive, and it’s now much easier to water them. I dug the landscape photo out of the archive which was taken inside the Spring Mountain State Park, up against the Red Rock Escarpment, or fault line.

I think Mr. Bunny was photographed on a walk in a park somewhere along Hualapai Road, southwest of where I now live. Such cute, timid little animals! Not much else to mention right now other than believe me or not, it’s actually a little bit cooler today than it was at this time yesterday. You know darn well you’re acclimated to this climate when 107 feels a bit cooler!

From The Hub It Grows

This afternoon, I was out front of the house having a look at the top of my Mediterranean Fan Palm where like a dufus, I cut the very top off of the tree late last year I think.

Never do this again, John! It has managed to grow back now to a point where it’s not blatantly obvious that I did a hack job on the tree! Anyway, I grabbed this photo just because I could! I do seriously love anything with palm fronds on it, how about those gnarly thorns, aye?

Taters and Other Things

Good morning! Here are a few photos taken around the house yesterday, I made these potatoes a bit differently, They are soaked in water for a while to remove the starch, then seasoned with Italian and other seasonings and some olive oil. Covered in aluminum foil and baked at 375 for one hour. Delicious!

The antenna is just the two-meter 1/4 wave antenna on the truck for VHF FM ham radio. Did the sunset photo turn out decent? I’ve enhanced the image a whole lot to try for the colorful glow and silhouette. It looks Okay.

The palm tree photo (are ya tired of them?) photo was enhanced big time too. My backyard looks better now that the dead Ash tree is no longer dumping dead leaves everywhere! I’ve been out very early this morning watering the Lantana and those apparently dead Sago Palms too. I think they are dead…

I was going to head into the mountains this morning, but decided to wait until tomorrow as I have got to head to the bank and take care of some financial stuff. The mountains will be there tomorrow, eh? I may have a ride out to Calico Basin though, I’ll decide that in a while. It’s cooler today with the high around 101 for a change, better!  I’m back here later.

Twelve New Photos Taken Today

Here are twelve new snaps for ya! I’m trying a new post format by uploading twice a day instead of uploading so much content each day. I think I’ll like this format.

If things go correctly, I plan to take a ride into the mountains tomorrow for some much cooler air and fresh photos outside of the usual things I photograph too much these days thanks to you know what.

The Lantana continue to thrive with the addition of fertilizer, and it’s been nice to have that dead Ash tree removed since yesterday. No more dead leaves blasting into my garage, and into the backyard too. The neighbors will like that.

Ash trees are not well suited to the desert climate really, according to the tree company’s owner I’ve worked with for two years now at this home. I’ll be back…

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