The Blasting Wind

The high winds are baaaack! Yet another day of those damn blasting winds all across Las Vegas Valley. I enjoyed the last few days of wonderfully calm atmospheric pressure but of course the winds will return. This time from the south and southwest which is why it’s much warmer today than yesterday.

I don’t mind the wind to a degree but after a few days it can start grinding my gears. These three photos are iPhone ten photos straight out of the phone except for the watermark and resizing for the web. Damn good photos aye? It’s so much simpler than toting my trusty old Nikon D3300 and lenses around.

Should I use my iPhone 10 exclusively?

Palms And Rock

Did you know that palm trees are absolutely not native to this part of the Mojave Desert? If anywhere in the Mojave, I’ve read about a group of people that want the palm trees out of Las Vegas. Seriously? Good luck with that! And all these years I thought I complained too much! Your looking west here…

Return of The Ten Two

A couple days ago my tree trimming company stopped by to cut off the flowers and what will become tons of Palm Tree seeds. After the first of the year I found myself in the backyard daily for one purpose: to pull up the new sprouts. I pulled and I scuffle hoed them down for weeks and weeks. Finally, I got them under control! That said, I was keen on getting my palms trimmed well before the trees went to seed.

Take that, Mexican Fan Palms! I did some research on these trees again and found that they are actually classified as Nuisance Trees in some cities. I can see why as they grow really fast and every year about this time, they sprout the flowers which are pretty and smell wonderful but the seeds grow like weeds all around the base of each tree. Now that’s a nuisance! The ten-two refers to the pruned, shaped tree.

It Was a Beautiful Sunrise

I snapped this photo early today on my street before the heat of the day got into full swing, so beautiful! Las Vegas Valley has an Extreme Heat Warning until eight PM Thursday night. The high temperatures are forecast to be one hundred seven degrees both today and tomorrow. Welcome to our summertime in Las Vegas Valley my friends! Do you think you could handle living here? We do have air conditioning!

Ground Zero

This six trunk Mediterranean Fan Palm lives in front of my place, welcome to the Mojave and Desert Scape Landscaping. There are six trunks on this palm tree, the sixth trunk is behind the trunk at full left.

These trees grow like the proverbial weed!

Once per week, I must take my pruning sheers deep into Ground Zero to knock back the recently removed growth via chainsaw to keep the damn things under control. The new Fronds trying to pop up inside Ground Zero are locally referred to as Pups. I dunno man…

Also, the berries or fruit was removed straight away when it became a certain size. Fruit from this tree can attract rats and other very undesirable varmints. Proper maintenance of trees improves your investment as well as your entire community! I wish my neighbours had that same train of thought….

Seriously, when you see the entire tree, it looks gorgeous!

Overnight Rains

Good afternoon from Vegas! I awoke at seven AM today to my phone telling me there was a flash flood watch at three AM. Damn. I really dig watching thunderstorms! All I got this time was a small mess in the backyard to clean up which lead to my scuffle hoeing the rocks in the front yard to ‘puff’ them back up if you take my meaning.

In time, the rocks gradually sink so using the hoe pulls them back up. They look a whole lot better actually! I have tons of baby palm trees trying to push up in certain areas of the backyard because the previous owner(s) failed to have the seeds pruned whilst they were still on the tree! Home maintenance and pride of ownership are very important to me.

These homes are small as are the lots, hence it’s incredibly simple for me to maintain from decades of experience working in landscape work. A labour of love! Here are four photos from earlier today: