A Crafts Show At Tivoli Village

At the high risk of being redundant again, here are a couple of clicks from the iPhone showing how busy the village was today with a huge craft show in progress. It’s really easy to get there from my place following a route that is all paved too. It’s become mostly overcast this afternoon which prompted me to head home and racking up another thirteen miles on the bike bringing the total miles to 645. Not bad for an electric bike, eh!

Sights Along The Trail Today

It was great to get back on the bike today for a total of nineteen miles on this beautiful sunny day. It was 65 degrees which made a nice ride too, the windstorm lasted three days and this isn’t the first time I’ve seen them blow this long. These photos are a mix of iPhone and Nikon images. It’s fun to greet other bikers and people while on these rides. Vegas will see 68 degrees Saturday and 72 on Sunday, a great forecast for February.

Speed Humps and Trail Connectors

Just three iPhone photos from today’s sixteen-mile ride on the Bonanza and Lone Mountain trails. It looks like I’ll be off of the Bonanza trail for a few days though. Today was another great day for biking with full sunshine and almost zero wind with 75 degrees. Basically, the same forecast is up for tomorrow but with more clouds.

Tuesday will see highs only in the upper fifties though. In one of three tunnels today, I saw one homeless tent which really sucks. climbing upward on the ramp out of one tunnel, an old fart headed right at me and turned right just before we collided. Dumbass! And I really think he meant to do it too.

And, coming down the ramp from a bridge crossing over the road, another guy damn near rammed me. What the hell? Wake the heck up and pay attention or get off the bike paths! Las Vegas is full of idiots both on the road driving and while riding bikes too! In Michigan, it’s car-deer collisions, here it’s dumbbell humans!

Biking With The Nikon

Good afternoon from Sin City. Today, I decided to take the Nikon and the new telephoto lens with me to take some new photos with it since I forgot to put the damn SD card back in the camera yesterday.

No landscape photos from Calico Basin and environs. I can see a large difference in image clarity and colors using the Nikon, but the iPhone 12 does a hell of a job.

Sixty-one degrees and sunshine with very little wind made today the perfect day for a fifteen-mile ride! I even got some chat time in with my dad along the way with a few texts.

I did have to hop on and off of the bike far more than usual though but that’s not a big deal. I hope you enjoy the photos.

A Desert Golf Course

I’ve never played golf but did try it years ago and found that I have a terrible slice to the right! Oh well. Golf courses look a bit different here than those you see elsewhere. The nicely maintained grass is surrounded by the natural desert floor, complete with creosote bushes and cacti. Those pants were creepy to come across. I was looking for a place to get a shot of the golf course and saw them laying at my feet. What the hell! I did 13 miles on this beautiful sunny day in Las Vegas.

Water In Detention

There are a few detention basins like this one scattered around the valley to capture and control water that could become a terrible flood. I’ve never seen one doing its thing during the Monsoon season but it’s hard to imagine such a huge basin being filled with rainwater. Sunshine and 61 degrees are on deck for the valley today and that sounds just dandy to me. How is the weather where you are today? Hopefully full of sunshine!

Mountains and Blue Sky

This morning I used the Nikon Z50 to capture these lovely views on the way to the place where I purchased my Pedego bike. I had some questions about servicing the bike, specifically the braking system. The brakes are once again making an odd sound that I am not familiar with and can’t find the cause of. Disc brakes are a fabulous idea for bicycles but they are a bit odd yet ten times better than the old rim-style braking system we grew up with. How about that fabulous blue sky and palm trees today? I just never get tired of the beauty of my adopted city!

Bread Feeders!

I sooo wanted to walk over to these people and tell them that bread is not good for birds, but I didn’t. And the flock battling for the bread must have had fifteen birds at a minimum too, just stop, people!

That said, it is very windy today which made the bike ride a bit chilly but I had a weather and light jacket on so it was tolerable. I put twelve miles behind me today, a pretty good ride.

Back In 2019…

I took these photos with the old Nikon D3300 body. I can see a big difference between my photography today and 2019. Sunshine and 63F are on tap for today so it’s likely that I’ll put a few more miles on the bike today. The more I’ve ridden this electric bike, the more in-tune I become with it and enjoy the extra acceleration the motor provides. It comes in incredibly handy when you need to get across our very busy intersections here. A solid investment!