Big City Driving

These photos are from this afternoon, the Stratosphere Tower is seen several miles east of my location on Sahara Avenue. You have got to be on your defensive when driving here, there are so many nutter drivers man, stay alert! The flag at this gas station needs to be replaced because it is tattered which I think is wrong. The other photo is driving north on Buffalo Avenue with a bit of a mountain seen in the extreme distance. It was 66 today so I squeezed in a quick bike ride. Nikon Z50 with Nikkor 140mm lens.

City Scenes From A Bike Ride

Good Wednesday morning, friends. Las Vegas will see a high of 62 degrees today which is a bit cool. About fifteen degrees cooler than yesterday which explains the winds blowing hard overnight. And just yesterday I was comfortable in just a tee shirt riding the bike…

Four More Photos From Today’s Ride

The photo of the parking garage is at Tivoli Village on its north end. It looks very messy, doesn’t it? The heavy equipment in the detention basin is there because the workers are cleaning the spillway of weeds and debris that have grown there or washed or blown in.

Just some general maintenance on this very large basin. The other photos are of me waiting for the light to cross Lake Mead Boulevard which is like many roads in this area, very busy. Be super careful!

A Porsche and A Pedego

Yes, more iPhone photos from yesterday! The photo does zero justice to how beautiful this old Porsche is, such a beautiful car! It has a manual transmission too, I would love to drive it and have a look at the ponies under the hood. A bit more expensive than my little Pedego! How much did the electric bike set me back?

A Crafts Show At Tivoli Village

At the high risk of being redundant again, here are a couple of clicks from the iPhone showing how busy the village was today with a huge craft show in progress. It’s really easy to get there from my place following a route that is all paved too. It’s become mostly overcast this afternoon which prompted me to head home and racking up another thirteen miles on the bike bringing the total miles to 645. Not bad for an electric bike, eh!

Sights Along The Trail Today

It was great to get back on the bike today for a total of nineteen miles on this beautiful sunny day. It was 65 degrees which made a nice ride too, the windstorm lasted three days and this isn’t the first time I’ve seen them blow this long. These photos are a mix of iPhone and Nikon images. It’s fun to greet other bikers and people while on these rides. Vegas will see 68 degrees Saturday and 72 on Sunday, a great forecast for February.