Sunny Flags

This afternoon was so beautiful that I hopped on the bike and did a 14-mile ride! It was wonderful after not riding for a few weeks. Apparently, those weeks of not draining the bike’s battery has taken a toll on it. The level went down much faster than usual which means I may be purchasing a new battery very soon.

I don’t know what they cost but I’m sure it will be at least two hundred bucks. The bike went into service very late in 2021 and the bike has almost 1800 miles now. I stopped in front of a bus depot for the photos, a full-service bus depot with a building and employees.

The busses run on natural gas so I assume the busses are being refilled there too. Our state flag says Battle Born on it, this link will tell you about that!

Picasso’s Bike

Another bike photo altered with the Becasso app on the iPad. Sunshine and 105 degrees today and pretty much for the next several days which is a normal temperature for summer. The 110+ that were here a while back was not normal. How is the weather in your neck of the wood?

Shiny Bike!

This afternoon, I dropped this shiny bike off at the Pedego dealer where I purchased it in late 2021. The rear brake rotor is very slightly warped, and all four brake pads will also be replaced. The bike is approaching 2000 miles so I want the pads swapped out and the braking system adjusted.

You can’t compare automotive rotors and brake pads to those on a bicycle, they are very different animals. I waxed the bike with the same expensive automotive wax that I use on my truck. I’ve been busy all day taking care of things so there’s not much time for the blog until this afternoon.

Those bubbles are at the bottom of the birdbath, it will be thoroughly cleaned tomorrow.

Another Ride Under a Beautiful Blue Sky!

Sunshine and 85 degrees, another fun ride this early afternoon. My neck is getting sunburnt. I stopped by the place I purchased the bike from over a year ago and made a service appointment for the bike this coming Friday morning. Service intervals are much shorter for these bikes than a car, of course, and the brake pads may need replacement already since they only last for around 1500 miles and the bike has 1400+ miles on it now. I was a bad biker yesterday and today because I didn’t wear a helmet! It’s risky but life is inherently risky just getting out of bed each day. What did life throw at you today?

Lenka Grayscales

On today’s ride, I took 21 photos, let’s begin with these three. The Lenka application is strictly for the iPhone platform and shots only in grayscale, or black and white if you prefer. I rarely use it but its photos tune up very well in the high dynamic range app on the MacBook. It was 80F with the tiniest breeze, perfect!

Flowers Along The Path

Today’s ride was eighteen miles long with plenty of wind and a small wind chill factor but it was worth it with pure sunshine pouring down on the valley. I had to stop and capture the beautiful flowering trees, the other flowers are located around the base of the fountain at Tivoli Village.

The wind makes my eyes get very wet and they drain down my face but it’s worth every mile for the enjoyment of the experience! I have an appointment next Wednesday with the Pedego shop where I purchased the bike in November of 2021 for a tune-up.

The brakes need adjustment and I’m wondering if the brake pads are ready to be changed at 1,350 miles. These pads are super tiny and don’t last as long as a car’s disc brakes do.

Biking Photos From Yesterday

Good Wednesday morning. I have several more photos from yesterday to share today which will see a high of 63 degrees. That’s about five degrees warmer than yesterday. Happy Hump Day!