Another Ride Under a Beautiful Blue Sky!

Sunshine and 85 degrees, another fun ride this early afternoon. My neck is getting sunburnt. I stopped by the place I purchased the bike from over a year ago and made a service appointment for the bike this coming Friday morning. Service intervals are much shorter for these bikes than a car, of course, and the brake pads may need replacement already since they only last for around 1500 miles and the bike has 1400+ miles on it now. I was a bad biker yesterday and today because I didn’t wear a helmet! It’s risky but life is inherently risky just getting out of bed each day. What did life throw at you today?

Lenka Grayscales

On today’s ride, I took 21 photos, let’s begin with these three. The Lenka application is strictly for the iPhone platform and shots only in grayscale, or black and white if you prefer. I rarely use it but its photos tune up very well in the high dynamic range app on the MacBook. It was 80F with the tiniest breeze, perfect!