A Delicious Lunch and Las Vegas’ Finest

I am sort of addicted to the delicious burger a local pub makes, so I hit them up once or twice per week, yummy! They give you too many fries though. I parked just across from this beautiful fire truck and had to get the shot with the iPhone 12, thank you, firemen! And women of course. 😎

The Devil’s In The Dust

And, that is why these photos are so fuzzy! Damn devil… I just got off the phone with a representative from my healthcare company and man was it frustrating! Why, oh why do these companies hire people that are not native English speakers? I told the man that I was having difficulty comprehending him and he tried harder. We got the job done but come on American companies! Stop pissing us off with this nonsense.

Wild Flowers Along The Bike Path

This was a pleasant surprise that demanded stopping for the photos, look how brilliant yellow they are! I rode 18 miles today after making a stop at the Pedego dealer where I purchased the bike over one year ago for a much-needed tune-up.

The guy did a solid job and was amazed that the bike still has its original tires at 1400 miles. Apparently, Pedego uses some damn tough rubber.

Something very disturbing happened along the way today as I was nearing home. I was ascending the path that takes you over one of the main roads I cross and came upon a man who was clearly homeless. He had a bicycle that was loaded down with his stuff.

Out of nowhere, the guy screamed at me and told me to **** off while he was swinging his right leg across the ground attempting to knock me down. Of course, I just kept on riding up that ramp at a very fast pace. There was another guy on a bike at the top who was laughing at the guy below us.

I wanted to say hey man, that’s NOT funny! And it’s not. The man seemed to be having a psychotic event. I’m glad that I got away and I have been kind of upset by the whole thing this afternoon. I sincerely hope that this man can get the help that he seriously needs very soon. God bless him.

Fire Damage and Rubbish

This is the downside to biking in the city. How terrible it is to light a fire in that tunnel, but only the person who did this knows just how cold they were a few days ago when it was cooler. Stolen shopping carts are another favorite thing these folks do so they can more easily tote their stuff around. It’s a sad state of life for far too many people in America.

Someone’s Got The Munchies!

This cartoon which is not mine is funny because I recall having the munchies so bad years ago when smoking with my friends. And of course, the cops and donuts jokes which seem to have been around since the dawn of the police age. I hesitate to ask anyone though if they smoke it…

The Colonel’s Chicken Wrap

Recently, the KFC folks released a chicken wrap, you may have seen the TV commercial too. There is a KFC near me so yesterday I stopped in and grabbed two new wraps for five bucks. What is my verdict? Nah. I’ll pass on these going forward, they were okay but frankly, a good old taco would be much tastier. Sorry there, Colonel. Do you eat KFC? The rain stopped but I think we’ll have more later today.

Learn more about Harland Sanders right here.

Homeless People

Almost every time I take a bike ride, I see homeless people or in this case, what this homeless man left behind. I had passed this way two days before. Now he’s gone and the stolen shopping cart was left behind. I frequently see random things like blankets, socks, and other clothing left laying in certain areas.

This is the downside of riding in a large city and it makes me sad. Last week, I saw a girl who looked 25 or younger sitting on the ground with a small cart filled with presumably her worldly belongings. I so wanted to help her too. I gave ten bucks to a different man and told him that God loves him. What more can I do?

The Dirty Side of The Ride

Sometimes I see some nasty things along the trails. This drain channel has plenty of trash and graffiti, there is much more to the left of the photo too. The other day I was heading out of Tivoli Village and passed a small park where there was a bum taking a pee under a pine tree in full view of anyone including me.

That’s just gross man! What a flip the weather has pulled on me, no bike ride today since the high will be just 45 degrees with gusts to 50 miles per hour, a new windstorm. Welcome to the Mojave Desert!