The Sixties

I remember the sixties regardless of being very young. The clothes and the neighborhood parties and more. And unfortunately, the 68′ riots in Detroit that are about 70 miles south of where we lived. Good times and bad times, the sixties was an amazing decade. And then came the 70s and 80s!! Oh yeah! The image is not mine for legal disclosure.

Common Sense?

Like the meme says, you can’t buy it! For years now I have never understood why guys and galls wear their caps backward. Look at the guy in the photo, he is using his hand to block the sun which is what the cap is supposed to do. Is he just following the trend by wearing the cap backward? Probably. Hey bro, turn your cap around, knucklehead! Do you wear your cap backward too? I just can’t do it, it looks so wrong! 😂

The Integratron

Yesterday, I watched a TV episode about the Integratron and was fascinated with its history. I would have loved to meet its creator George Van Tassel, I suppose that some people thought he was a little weird but hey, everyone is weird these days! Please, look around the website and do your own research too if interested. The images were generated by the Stable Diffusion website. Notice how the AI incorporated the Mojave Desert environment where the structure is located.

Rocks and People

Four more clicks from yesterday afternoon. The rocks look weird in the straight-down photo, don’t they? As though they went through a machine that makes them look super texturized. The plant burger sign was run through Prisma on the iPad for a different look. The old folks crossing the road were photographed on the way home from the land of the dinosaurs. The sun is back for a second day, how long will it last?

Captain Kirk and Dumb Girls

I grabbed these images from Instagram yesterday. Why? As a diehard Trekker, I like the photo of Captain Kirk taking a big swig of something, maybe it’s Romulan Ale or Sorian Brandy. Bottoms up, Captain! The other image is from a follow request on Instagram.

These young women are apparently too dumb to understand that Instagram is not a dating app! Try your local pub or an actual online dating site, sweetie… I must receive five or more follow requests like this every day among other requests I reject. Still, Instagram is lots of fun.

I have friends around the world on that platform too, just like here on WordPress. Sorry young lady, but I am three times divorced and no longer do the dating thing. 👍🏻😂 Note: I was not trying to offend ladies with the dumb girl title.

In And Around My Hometown

Five photos from about ten days ago back home in my Michigan hometown. A very small and quaint town compared to Las Vegas and filled with people that are for the most part very much friendlier people. Sorry, Las Vegans but it’s true! I do miss the wide open spaces and riding my snowmobile though…

Do You Remember These People?

Scanning the TV channels late last eve, I came across this wonderful movie. Doesn’t everyone love The Wizard Of Oz? Obviously, these photos were taken with the iPhone but you get the idea! I remember watching this movie as a child and I still love it so much! Judy Garland was a fantastic actress. Sunshine and 61 degrees are forecast for the valley today. It’s currently 41 degrees in my Michigan hometown.