Sunny Fronds

I spent some time in the backyard today soaking up the wonderful 82 degree breeze and sunshine. My Latino neighbours behind me playing some traditional Latino music but not too loud for a change.

Other neighbours outdoors working on their yards also enjoying the sunshine. A quick chat about my electric leaf blower from much more than six foot apart. My windows open allowing a soft warm breeze through the house.

I thought why not grab the Z6 and take a few more redundant palm tree photos? Another wonderful day in my little piece of Las Vegas. 🌴🌡🌞

People Are Out and About

Las Vegas is a city of about two million people, many of them are still out and about doing their daily things. My drug store and pharmacy now has signs taped to the floor with blue tape forming a line with a six foot spacing. Why six foot? Overall things seem very much normal around my area of the city which I’m grateful for but let’s keep things in perspective, be safe.

Today is sunny with 82 degrees. 🌴🌞😎

Behind the Wheel: 1914 Pierce Arrow

Again from 2015, here’s an iPhone photo of my dad and I rolling along in the old timer. He’s driving, I would never ask to drive this car as it takes time to learn and he never offered! 😎

The steering wheel is on the right side…

Antique Things

Digging ever deeper into my archives, I extracted another fun set of images from 2015, this time from when my father and I were on an antique auto tour covering a small area either side of the Florida/Georgia state line. I was likely the youngest guy there but hey it was a fun trip. And a bit scary too as well since these old timer antiques are a bit wobbly! I added the effects.

People Out and About

It’s both nice to see people at the park and not. Should people be doing this? Are they not taking this dangerous situation seriously? I shouldn’t be be out either.

That’s a bit of snow atop 6500+ foot Gass Peak far away.

The World is Still Beautiful…

Today I set out for a few items which I did find, then headed back home for more self-imposed isolation. It was wonderful to get the heck out of the house for a change of scenery! As you can see there are many folks out and about today, in the next set I drove through the park and was amazed at how many folks were out and about today. The world is still beautiful!

If you noticed the banding in my photos recently you’ve got a good eye. This is because I now reduce image sizes way down to around 200kb rather than upload them at more than twice that size which has already saved a ton of storage space in my account. Sorry, I think this sucks as it’s not displaying my amateur photographs as well as I would to see them on this blog.

Grabbing That Photo Opportunity

Last night after dark an ambulance pulled up a couple doors down from my home. This has happened a few times since I’ve lived here which is of course not a good thing. As I watched the strobe lights on the vehicle flash through the glass blocks in the kitchen I saw a possible opportunity for some abstract images. Several photos were taken, I chose this small lot of five to process and upload. I certainly hope whoever the ambulance did pick up is doing well today.

Empty City Streets

I took a quick ride to the beer store this morning, it’s so odd and a bit creepy to see these streets like this that are usually bustling with Las Vegas Locals like myself. I slathered up with hand sanitiser before going into the store, and before getting back into my truck and touching anything inside. These are scary times, my friends. Stay safe, stay home if you can.

Three Locked

A few years ago I worked at a U Haul location. What’s going on in this image? Your renters contract states a customer can place only one lock on their unit. Obviously this joker can’t read. Each morning I would take a walk around the entire interior and exterior of the building. One reason for that was to look for what you see here.

I placed the third lock on the unit to basically force the customer to come to the main office. Hah. All they need do is remove the second lock. I also came across units where it was obvious that the customer has been sleeping in the unit which is a huge no no!

Another customer had two units side by side that he abandoned, leaving me to clean all the crap out and haul it to the big steel bins. Thanks a lot asshole. I also had to clean a unit within twenty four hours after a customer moves out per company policy. And baby that’s a hot job here in the desert in a non air conditioned building.

It may not seem like it but the job wasn’t all that bad, what was bad was the pay. Another two bucks per hour would have been sufficient considering the labour involved and the summer heat as well as dealing with cleaning up after pig customers. In the end I left the job because of the shitty disrespectful management.

That’s a very common reason why employees leave a job in my life’s experiences. The soon to be wife was a really sweet woman. What I would not continue to put up with was a man younger than me who was retired military constantly talking at, through and down to me at any opportunity. That’s abusive. And he was a few years younger than I. That matters.

I hope you’ve never had to deal with asshole management in your work experiences!!