I’m Watching You…

Recently I had a full-on alarm system installed in my home. I’ve always worried about leaving my home alone when I travel anywhere whether local or several states away. I now leave home feeling much better as my iPhone will… Read More ›

I Am A Michigander

And will always be one! American by birth, Michigander by luck. No, I’m not considering moving home to Michigan but when I take these trips back up north it brings back so many fond memories and some bad ones too…. Read More ›

Arm Power

I had to slow down and wait for this weird bike to go past my right turn yesterday, it’s powered only by his arms! This guy’s upper body strength must be super strong.

Slicing The Trunk

My friend and long time co-worker was born with a chainsaw in his hands and has decades of experience working with them. He began working for the US Forest Service in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (aka The Yooper) many years ago…. Read More ›

In The Wood

These are iPhone photos from a few days ago in the Michigan wood where my friend was cutting up this 125 foot fallen Oak. The root ball is many feet taller than I am, what a big noise this tree… Read More ›

Mother and Son

Time changes everything, nothing ever stays the same. This photo shows my mother and I twenty nine years ago at my second wedding to my children’s mother. Since those days my two babies have become adults with their own lives,… Read More ›


I snapped this photo with the iPhone in my folk’s place recently. Generations. Where the hell have the years gone? Some family are living, some have passed into glory with the Lord. We shall meet again. ✝️