Six Toed Tanner

Just after my home was built in 1996, Tanner left his toe prints in the concrete for posterity. Did he have six toes? Is he known today as a twenty-something Six Toed Tanner?

The Egg Bunny

The Egg Bunny is so funny! Next time I’m in Michigan I need to stuff this egg in my suitcase! Mr. Eggbunny is my mother’s creation.

Michigan Memories 2017

Good morning from Las Vegas Valley and Southern Nevada. Today I dug deep into my archives this morning for these iPhone photos from 2017 on the lake I grew up on in Michigan. I still so wish that I would… Read More ›


I’ve never heard of this dispensary before but there are several dispensaries around Las Vegas these days. Nevada became a Legal State sometime last year 2018 by a vote of the people. My honest opinion is that it’s long overdue… Read More ›

Road Repairs

It took a good while but the Nevada DOT or NDOT to get to it, they are finally filling in the areas where the washes were washed out by the fairly recent heavy rains. They bring in plenty of fill… Read More ›