Deep Blues in The Park

Heading out early this afternoon and getting off the damn couch I headed for a local park. The place wasn’t too busy so I was able to get some very colourful photos, especially one of those fancy dandy children’s gym… Read More ›

A Rodent Dog and A Lost Cat

Sitting inside Subway a couple hours ago the guy you see here and his little rodent dog were wandering around the storefront as he put the rodent down then picked it up again. Repeat sequence twice. He then wandered off… Read More ›

What Are They For?

Every time I drive down this road which isn’t very often I have to wonder why these little islands are here. It’s a residential area! Maybe it was a project to keep union employees busy some time in the past…

Heading East on Sahara

Here are a two snaps from early today, the smog level has dropped significantly! This sounds goofy but I hear people here pronounce the name Sahara as Sahaira. Read each letter, now put it together. Think ‘Sahaara’!!

The Creepy Dude Revised

I’m in a stay at home mood today, so why not pull up some old photos from my SSD backups? I reworked Creepy Dude again, this time adding some symmetry and other effects. He sits in a little black plastic… Read More ›

Miss VGK

Miss Vegas Golden Knights is wearing the VGK jersey, I wonder who made it as it’s obviously larger than XXL!! You see a bit of New York New York and the roller coaster behind her.

The Joy of Apartment Life

Imagine yourself living in a one bedroom apartment for over two years with this view being fairly common as people move out month by month. I can’t really explain the deep frustration I felt with this situation as it unfolded… Read More ›