Same Backup, Different Day

On the way to you guessed it! Another ride to the pharmacy, this construction behind the blind has been going on for about two months now. Why? This construction zone creates a situation where people have to wait through two full cycles to get past Charleston Boulevard. I wonder if the city will refund people for wasted fuel and aggravated nerves? Yeah right! 😎

Horse Buddies

Taken yesterday on a quick ride, two human buddies, and two equine buddies! It was great to feel the warm breeze rolling through the cab, to feel the sunshine on my face while driving…

Palms All Around

I am surrounded by my favorite trees at my place of quarantine, love it! Yesterday afternoon I took a bunch of random and goofy photos of which I’ve finished working on this morning. I long for the days when we can all go out and about safely. Those days will come again soon…

The Spray Bombed Van

Some dolt painted space creatures on this van at the local grocer. Nice work, asswipes! Anyway, I went to the grocer for a few items and came out with much more which is usually what happens. I was pleasantly surprised to find that many of those very hot items including water and bun wad are returning to ‘normal’ levels.

Translation: people are stopping the freaking out. The one thing that honestly speaking pisses me off is how many people were not wearing masks! Why the hell would a mother with four to six-year-old children take her babies in this store with zero masks on them, or herself! She’s a very stupid woman, I’m not sorry for saying this either.

As I have said in this space so many times – Common Sense took a permanent holiday from America a long time ago.

Hualapai at Charleston Boulevard

Here’s an older photo from about three years ago heading east on Charleston Boulevard. After moving north from this area it became obvious how much busier that road is compared to my new location. Vegas traffic can be tough and dangerous.

A Quick Ride

I had a quick ride to the store for supplies at mid day, captured these not so exciting photos that do show that Las Vegas is still alive and well. it’s been several days since I went out, the traffic level appears to be up slightly. In the store I was not happy to see several folks were not wearing masks, that’s being stupid, people! But what is one man’s opinion worth…

An Old Sunrise

These photos are about five years old and taken on the way to work one morning. I quit that job, not because of the job but because of very poor management. I won’t tolerate being talked at, through, or down to by a belligerent employer! This happens too often to people…

Las Vegas Proper

The photo shows a portion of Las Vegas proper, a misconception is that the entire valley is the city proper but it’s not. The Las Vegas Strip lies in two unincorporated communities called Winchester and Paradise, leaving the actual city just north of the Strip. Visit the Wikipedia page.

Las Vegas was founded as a city in 1905, when 110 acres (45 ha) of land adjacent to the Union Pacific Railroad tracks were auctioned in what would become the downtown area. In 1911, Las Vegas was incorporated as a city.

This city has a very complex and interesting history for me. Sometimes I’ll do an online search for the history and other aspects of this valley up to and including why certain areas of the valley are sinking, and where the dangerous fault lines are. I am a Flat Lander from Michigan which is why I have such interest for this wonderful place. And it never snows in the valley!

The name Las Vegas means The Meadow

The Police Memorial

Today I made a quick run to the party store and remembered that I want to get some photos of this very nice memorial for our Las Vegas Metropolitan Police.

The memorial is in it’s own very nice park which has basketball and tennis courts, pavilions  for cookouts and plenty of beautiful shade trees.

It was a bit of a walk from where I parked, the walk was very enjoyable after being cooped up at home for weeks, a soft warm breeze with gratuitous sunshine!

There were several people in the park, some playing tennis, others riding skateboards in the skate park. Life goes on in Las Vegas.

She’s A Beauty!

Some of you know I love birds so much, Mallards are among my top favorites! This sweet lady was photographed at Bonnie Springs two years ago with the old Nikon before it’s demise. It was a quacked decision by management to have sold the ranch in my view.


This photo was taken in Downtown Summerlin under the big spiral you see from a few miles around. What they were selling I can’t say. I hope to see the world back to normal very soon.

Old Machines

These old timers were at Bonnie Springs Ranch which is now gone with the desert winds. I have a few more photos of the place that I may upload. Thanks a lot, land developers…

A Fuel Station Fire!

This fore happened about a year ago, perhaps more but I was glad to be far away from it! The fore trucks rolled in and put that fire out very quickly, thank God. I spoke with the employees there they were understandably a bit shook up by the experience. I don’t know how it started but it must be because of a stupid person lacking brains and common sense.

The Diner Experience

If you are like me then you enjoy a random, unplanned stop for a breakfast or lunch at places like Denny’s or the Black Bear Diner here in Las Vegas and other locations. The friendly servers, watching the cooks do their busy work and of course that greasy food that tastes so delicious but probably isn’t all that great for your health! I miss this experience…

Empty Streets

I had a quick ride to the party store for some items that my online grocery order today won’t deliver which really sucks but that’s the way it is at this point. I really don’t want to be away from home! As you can see here, nothing has changed with the area traffic, as empty as ever…

A Quick Trip

I made a very quick trip the the Seven Eleven this morning, grabbed these admittedly redundant photos along my path. The streets weren’t completely deserted but certainly had much less traffic. The dark clouds are beautiful aren’t they? I hope you are safe and well!

Out Of Business

These pedicure chairs used to be in the salon where I had my feet taken care of every two weeks or so thanks to Diabetes. Apparently the business has closed, how sad for the owners and we customers. All because of something so small we can’t see it. Bullshit! This situation will devastate millions of small businesses which I see as the core of what makes the United States what it has been for so long. When this is done, America will have a new face.