Take A Hike!

Today’s weather is so glorious that I just have to get the heck out of the house. I hopped in the truck and headed out of the city to you guessed it, Calico Basin!

I prefer hiking here because I know I can handle the terrain fairly easily. The air temperature was hovering around 65 degrees with very little humidity at around ten percent.

I was diagnosed with heart failure in 2002, since then I’ve adapted and know my limits. Add to this, three herniated lower lumbar’s which cause a bit of pain after a bit.

But gosh dang I refuse to allow these medical conditions to shut me down, Man! Today, I used the 24/70mm lens which was a good choice over the zoom lens for today.

there were quite a few people out there, as a courtesy to others, I wore my mask when others were near and kindly stepped off of the trail a ways to let them pass.

It’s a beautiful day to be kind to other people on the trails! These photos are from the start of the short hike before I arrived to the beautifully pattered stone I will show next.

A Desert Family

This family was photographed about two years ago within the Scenic Drive Loop which includes a visit to Red Rock Canyon proper, definitely worth the hike!

The scenic loop is a fee area, I’m not sure what the fee is these days, or if there is a fee during these pandemic days. There are still plenty of people driving the loop.

Midnight Blue

This photo has been in this space before but looked very different. What is it?

This is an ‘art’ structure that sits at the entrance to one of those big-dollar neighborhoods in Summerlin, too much money for my bank account! It’s been re-processed with iColorama, Aurora HDR and Photoscape X.

Plenty of tweaking, eh? Was it worth it? It looks a bit Outer Space-ish…

The Yaesu FT-9600 VHF/UHF Receiver

The Yaesu-Musen company began production of this rig in 1985, it’s strictly a receiver and has no transmitter section inside the casing. It has very wide reception capability which for this radio, causes it to be susceptible to intermodulation interference but it’s not so bad in my very experienced opinion.

Likely built in 1985 or soon thereafter, this old receiver is around 35 years old, yet is in 99.9% perfect condition! I owned one those many years ago and was almost blown away by its condition when I came across it on eBay about two weeks ago.

I just had to own this radio, and the price was just where it should be for its age too.

That tiny percentile that is wrong is there are two very tiny scratches on the bottom and two very tiny scratches on the left side of the front facia plate. When I say tiny, I mean tiny!  Hence, for a radio this old, the darn thing is in immaculate condition.  The Memory Retention Battery is dead, but that’s easily repaired.

Unfortunately, the radio no longer has the box it came in from Yaesu, nor does it have the chrome support bracket that holds the front end of the radio up for easier viewing. The wall-plug power supply is not original either, rather, it has a supply from a Gateway computer. Well, it works I guess. I’m still hunting for the chrome bracket online.

One more item, the user manual you see is not the original, this one was also purchased on eBay and has a nice cover and binding on it. It also uses 23lb paper or something like that, much thicker than usual, and was worth the price. The original manual did come in the delivery, but has seen better days! Photo time!

America Under Attack

Yesterday I was digging through my photo archives and came across this photo of Liberty that I took on the Vegas Strip a couple or so years ago.

As I was playing with the photo in an application, I had the thought that this somehow applies to America these days. We are under attack from a deadly virus.

We are under attack by groups of people rioting for various reasons that I won’t address. We are under attack by hurricanes and tropical storms.

America is no stranger to strife these days. Add to this, we are in a presidential election year.

America, today you are not the America I grew up in. America, I fear for your survival.

The Patio

These photos follow the previous post where I was waiting for my food to be delivered outside to take home. I was obviously bored, my brain runs too fast to be idled for very long!

I could do much more with my photos, everyone talks about how great Photoshop is. I find that software far too confusing for me to use, unfortunately.

If I could just sit down with someone who really understands Photoshop, then I’m sure I could pick it up pretty quickly.

Youtube videos don’t cut the mustard with me for a couple of reasons, one of which is my sincere disdain for anything Google. And that by the way is the one reason I will never use the Blogger platform again.

I swore off Google over one year ago. I guess you’ll have to deal with the way I create my photos! I’m mostly happy with them anyway.

City Views

This morning I was on a mission to the local ham radio store, I grabbed these photos along the way. It’s bright and beautiful today, but just fifty-nine or so degrees. Seventy tomorrow, and eighties by the weekend. Great!