Neck Stretches

This lone duck was flexing his or her neck like this for a few moments, are you OK there buddy? 😂🥰 keyboard testing software online


As I watched these three, there was clearly a dispute going on as they all quickly move about, quacking madly! 😂🥰

Which Way?

When first approaching this scene I was initially confused a bit. I stopped and used the zoom for this photo. You would think I know what this is after driving since my first year of high school in 1977!

Coots -n- Ducks

I had to get these photos this morning when passing by the lakes, the Coots are so cute, as is the black and white duck!

Reading Buddies

The many birds were out in force this morning along the lake shore. I like the birds looking peaceful as the woman reads.

iPhone Photos on The Trail Two

Here are seven more iPhone snaps from the other day, not very interesting really but you do see the Strip many miles away. Best guess is around eight or nine miles southeast of my location…

iPhone Photos on The Trail

I’ve been putting off processing these iPhone photos from a couple days ago. I started down the trail intending to walk the entire circumference of the little mountain but made it about one third of that distance. My heart just… Read More ›