The Big Valley Below

What is this? To the right is the Red Rock Escarpment, basically an ancient fault line. Those mountains are much larger than they appear in the photo. Left of centre you can see a bit of Charleston Boulevard as it… Read More ›

Out Of Business

This restaurant reopened several times over the years but just couldn’t make it. It still sets empty today. Maybe it’s because locals like myself never tried having a meal there? In winter the boat ramp not seen in the image… Read More ›

The Construction Zone

It doesn’t matter where you go in this city, you’ll always come across another construction zone! At this one three men were in the trench along the sidewalk. Now just what is so important down there that they have to… Read More ›

Watermelon at 60mm

I was chowing down one of my all time favourite foods this morning and wondered what it would look like up super close. I screwed the Tamron 60mm lens on and shot these images on the kitchen table where the… Read More ›

Me With Nikon

This image of me is at the top of the site’s sidebar and was taken at least a couple years ago in Downtown Summerlin. It’s a reflection of course, taken near the huge vertical waterfall. If you visit this place,… Read More ›

Last Summer

Warm soft breezes, baking sunshine and palm trees gently swaying in the moonlight. Las Vegas Summer.