Birds Around the Pond

Here are five photos taken today at Sunset Park around the artificial pond. They are very tame and don’t run off when you get in close proximity to them either, even the pigeons and Brewers Blackbirds don’t run so easily!

Assume The Position

I’m tellin’ ya folks, one day human beings will be born in this position, ready to use the internet and all that social media! LOL!! 😂

In The Pass

These photos were taken when at the top of the pass between Las Vegas Valley and the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Lake Mead is only a few more miles to my east at this point.

Fun With My Flag

I love my flag. I love my country! This is a new photo of our flag taken yesterday, if you’ve followed me long enough then you’ve seen several flags fly on this blog. I added the fun exploding blue and… Read More ›

Stubborn Snow

That snow waaay up there just won’t relinquish it’s grip on the mountain! Even when it’s 108 degrees in the valley… This is somewhere along Lake Mead Boulevard yesterday.