The Bogus Campsite

Yesterday whilst walking in the desert I met up with a stranger named Lucy. I’d seen Lucy and her black and white dog walking this same area several weeks ago. We introduced ourselves and chatted a bit. She mentioned a… Read More ›

Vertical & Horizontal

Here is the hotel side of Red Rock Hotel and Casino. I love the lines and colours of this building as well as the textures. The inside of this place is no less wonderful to see and walk through. The… Read More ›

The Tiny Camper

After looking this little trailer over, I bet it can sleep two people sort of comfortably but there’s no apparent bathroom. So get ready to climb out in the middle of the night and stumble about looking for that golden… Read More ›

Big & Small

Tiny homes, magnificent mountains. That’s Gass Peak in the distance and is dozens of miles from where I clicked this shot. Gass is just barely under 7,000 foot tall so it’s a big one. Gass Peak is the highest point… Read More ›