Wheels Up!

The wheels on this Allegiant airliner are just beginning to retract into the fuselage as indicated by the forward-leaning front wheel gear. This is one of the better photos I caught the other day while waiting for my sister in the cell phone waiting area. Are your wheels up for this weekend too?

Heading For The Airport

These photos were taken last Thursday on the way to and at the airport to pick my sister up. I was parked in the cell phone waiting area which afforded some great angles to capture the aircraft as they left the runway. These airliners are my favorite type of airplanes.

Southwest Jet and Blondie

Good Monday morning, friends, are you ready for the new week? Sunny, windy, and 55 degrees are on tap for the valley today. A bit more heat, please, so that biking will be more comfortable. Here are two old photos, the aircraft was photographed while on approach to McCarren International, and Blondie is still as cute as ever today!

The Boarding Process

If you have been through the process of getting to your aircraft for a trip then you know how frustrating the boarding process can be. During my recent trip to Michigan, the people boarding the Delta Airbus A321 just couldn’t get their asses in their seats! You can tell just by simply watching how fidgety they are.

Umm, please folks, just find your seat, stuff your carry-on in the bin and sit down! The captain or co-pilot actually came on the speakers and said “this is the time that we should be getting the push-back”. As in, the tug should be pushing the aircraft away from the boarding gantry.

I am sure that I was not the only one getting fed up with people who just can’t settle the hell down. I didn’t have window seats on either flight too which sucked. Oh well! Sunshine and just fifty wimpy, anemic degrees today. Again. Can we please have the summer heat back?