General Aviation Aircraft, two

This is the final set of photos from today at the North Las Vegas Airport. I’ve done some serious cropping to pull the little aircraft in so you can see more detail. I hoped to see a few business jets like the beautiful Gulfstream planes but saw just one small jet. Cessna and Pilatus and others also build some beautiful jets.

My favorite business aircraft has always been the Lear Jet. Many years ago, I tried my hand at flight school to learn how to fly smaller aircraft but obviously, that didn’t happen… I should never have quit that school!

General Aviation Aircraft

This afternoon I took another ride around town and landed at North Las Vegas Airport, a general aviation airport that is different than our huge McCarran International Airport. I tried for some decent photos but the 18-140mm lens was a bit lacking. A 200mm lens or higher would be better.

It’s fun to sit still and tune my ham radio down to the aircraft frequencies and listen to the tower and aircraft talking to each other. The low 80s and a gentle breeze make for a nice time to chill. I’ll have one more set of photos from this location if you want to see them, they aren’t very good photos really.

The World at 600 Miles Per Hour

This iPhone video was recorded on the way home to Vegas from Michigan the other day. The aircraft I was in has flight information and a movie screen on the back of each seat. According to the screen, the aircraft was traveling at just over 600 miles per hour. There are no speed limits up there, too bad, police!

That works out to just under four hours to travel from Michigan to Nevada. So amazing isn’t it? Imagine being an American pioneer in the 1800s taking months to travel from the midwest to the west coast!

Crossing Lake Mead

These photos show the aircraft’s approach to Las Vegas about one or so minutes before touchdown on runway 26R I think yesterday. It was a rough approach because of yet another windy day in Las Vegas. I love bumpy landings!

A Visit To North Las Vegas Airport

As mentioned in my previous post, here are the iPhone photos I mentioned. After finishing my meal at the little restaurant, I went downstairs to the main desk area and asked about bringing the Nikon to the observation deck. The nice young lady stated that doing so requires permission from this airport and McCarran International airport.

Well, I get it. I remember years ago capturing photos of aircraft in Michigan with a real camera at airports, this is well before the advent of the phone cameras. And this is why I always ask for permission first before taking photos in certain places, a good way to avoid getting yourself in boiling hot waters these days. Things have really changed.

Flight: Poetry In Motion

I’ve always been fascinated with aircraft, anything that flies regardless of having wings or helicopter blades.

Over the years, I’ve found that these commercial jetliners have become my favorite aircraft, possibly aided by the fact that most of us have logged thousands of miles in these flying beer cans with what are pound for pound the most powerful engines built, strapped to the wings.

Since the damned virus took over the planet, I’ve seriously missed flying, and of course, seeing my family back home in Michigan twice a summer.

This Southwest Airlines aircraft was photographed on approach to our beautiful McCarran International Airport about a year or so ago.

I have two favorite places I like to capture these beautiful machines from, one is directly under the approach path on the east end of one runway, the other is nearby where I can capture them broadside. I love the sights, sounds and even the smell of the spent Jet A fuel as it wafts over me, so fun!