Clicks From Yesterday’s Travels

Late last night, I pointed the 200mm Nikkor at the moon not expecting a good photo. I was right. The airport photos are of North  Las Vegas Airport, the mountain beyond the control tower is 6000 feet is Frenchman’s Mountain. The palm trees with the big white cotton ball were taken while sitting at a traffic light! I never recommend taking photos while driving but I’ve become pretty good at it, eh?

Lake Las Vegas

Lake Las Vegas is a very high-dollar place to live, simply put and that’s just one guy’s opinion but I have been there a few times just to drive through the place. Wow, very impressive! And, well outside of my budget too! This link will tell you much more about this man-made lake which is fed by the Las Vegas Wash and is connected to Lake Mead via large buried pipes that are used for flood control. Photo via iPhone.

Where Is The Boat Ramp?

I placed a magnifier over the original boat ramp, it’s inside the circle, the last photo. Does this give you a better idea of just how terribly low Lake Mead is? It’s amazing to see this beautiful area that I know very well from my day trips from a few thousand feet above as the aircraft approaches McCarran International.