A Regional Jet approaches the threshold at our McCarran International Airport. The distant clouds add a bit of flair to the photo. The RJ is my favorite aircraft to fly in, short takeoffs and landings too. Let’s get high together! 😎

Recycled Aluminum

Here are some nice photos of aircraft on approach to our Las Vegas McCarran International Airport about two years ago. I have lightened each photo up quite a bit, the Whites needed to be turned up a good bit so that they aren’t smothered in blues. Recycled aluminum, right? I’m excited about flying again soon and seeing my family. ❤️

The Airbus A320

Do you miss flying as much as I do? I really miss those twice a summer flights to Michigan. Seeing my homeland then returning to the desert that I have come to love so much. Sometimes I feel torn between two worlds! 😎

Flight: Poetry In Motion

I’ve always been fascinated with aircraft, anything that flies regardless of having wings or helicopter blades.

Over the years, I’ve found that these commercial jetliners have become my favorite aircraft, possibly aided by the fact that most of us have logged thousands of miles in these flying beer cans with what are pound for pound the most powerful engines built, strapped to the wings.

Since the damned virus took over the planet, I’ve seriously missed flying, and of course, seeing my family back home in Michigan twice a summer.

This Southwest Airlines aircraft was photographed on approach to our beautiful McCarran International Airport about a year or so ago.

I have two favorite places I like to capture these beautiful machines from, one is directly under the approach path on the east end of one runway, the other is nearby where I can capture them broadside. I love the sights, sounds and even the smell of the spent Jet A fuel as it wafts over me, so fun!

Rain Sails from On High

Rain Sails are common over Las Vegas in the Monsoon Season. Small clusters of rain clouds pour their badly needed rain upon the valley floor far below as do the very large and angry storms. The rain sails, or shafts, always look beautiful to me as seen from the ground, in two of these photos, those sails are at about the same altitude as the aircraft. Lovely! I really miss the fun of flight, and of couse my family in Michigan.

Southwest Arrival

From early today, I was standing under the approach path once again, of the runway at McCarran. This is the first time I’ve used the 24-70mm lens at this location. No big zoom which was a bit odd for me. I always used the big zoom lens on the trusty old Nikon D3300 body at this location. I had company today, a guy was standing in the same general area across Eastern Avenue with his big-body camera too. Hmmm..

A bit later, this image was captured, not the best photo but it works. This is a Southwest Jet just seconds before it’s touchdown. I am glad that some of the businesses have reopened on the Vegas Strip, but is it just a bit too soon?

Let us use Common Sense if there is even a tidbit of it left in our country.

Final Approach

Here’s an older photo, perhaps two years ago where I stood directly under the approach path at McCarran International Airport here in Las Vegas. This is a Regional Jet, or RJ made obvious by the engines mounted aft on the fuselage. These are my favorite aircraft to fly in, small, agile, and need so much less runway than say an Airbus A320. This photo is on a wall in my home.