From Takeoff To Landing

Not the entire flight to Detroit Metro but the departure from KLAS and the landing at DTW. Flying is so much fun once you make it to your seat! I was in seat 33F going both ways, next time I’m going to get a first-class seat if available. easy on, easy off. A high of just 54 degrees and full sunshine are on for today, and there was a freeze warning for last night. Believe it or not, this isn’t nearly as cold as Michigan was the last few days with a low of 27F at night.

The Beauty Of Flying

I have enjoyed the fairly frequent flights from Las Vegas to Detroit and back home recently, flying is fun and can be very beautiful. The part where you have to navigate the TSA folks and the crowds are the not so fun part. This iPhone image was taken in 2019, do you enjoy flying too, or do you freak out at the thought of being six miles above the Earth’s surface?

That Stupid Ball

That new thing in town costs a few million dollars to build, and all it does is look like a pumpkin, a basketball, and many other things. Big deal. What about the many homeless people in this city, others not forgotten. The sun put on a good show at the wingtip, didn’t it? It’s as expected here in Michigan, gray sky and cold wind. Very blah!

Taxiing and After Takeoff

These photos are blurry thanks to the dirty windows on this Delta Airlines flight. I was heading for Michigan last week, and I may be heading home around next Friday for several days before heading back to Michigan for our rescheduled and even earlier family Christmas in November.

I am so tired from being very busy the last several days, and the damn gray sky and days of rain only augment how tired I am along with the three-hour time difference…

Sunrise At McCarran

Here is an old photo from 2019 as I am heading for Michigan. Sunshine and 84 degrees are on deck for today and my bike will be picked up around noon today by the company I purchased it from. They will take the bike to the Henderson store to repair the tire since the location nearest me is gone until they find a location for a new store. The greedy building owner doubled the rent!

An Airport View Of The Vegas Strip

This photo was snapped while on the way home from a doctor’s appointment yesterday. I was on Sunset Road heading west, the photo is looking north at the Strip, it even captured the Stratosphere tower. A damn lucky point-and-shoot photo, eh? And, wow, what a change in weather this morning! I awoke to an overcast sky and a high of just 74 degrees for today! Perfect weather for biking, right?

They Dropped It On The Runway!

Watch the video to the end and you’ll see what I mean, this was a hard landing! And, all of those happy, chatting tourists that are so excited to be in Las Vegas. Me? I’m just happy to be home! Today’s heat will rise to 108F which is cooler than the 111 we are supposed to have but anything over 100 is plain old hot!