The Boarding Process

If you have been through the process of getting to your aircraft for a trip then you know how frustrating the boarding process can be. During my recent trip to Michigan, the people boarding the Delta Airbus A321 just couldn’t get their asses in their seats! You can tell just by simply watching how fidgety they are.

Umm, please folks, just find your seat, stuff your carry-on in the bin and sit down! The captain or co-pilot actually came on the speakers and said “this is the time that we should be getting the push-back”. As in, the tug should be pushing the aircraft away from the boarding gantry.

I am sure that I was not the only one getting fed up with people who just can’t settle the hell down. I didn’t have window seats on either flight too which sucked. Oh well! Sunshine and just fifty wimpy, anemic degrees today. Again. Can we please have the summer heat back?

Clicks From Yesterday’s Travels

Late last night, I pointed the 200mm Nikkor at the moon not expecting a good photo. I was right. The airport photos are of North  Las Vegas Airport, the mountain beyond the control tower is 6000 feet is Frenchman’s Mountain. The palm trees with the big white cotton ball were taken while sitting at a traffic light! I never recommend taking photos while driving but I’ve become pretty good at it, eh?

Lake Las Vegas

Lake Las Vegas is a very high-dollar place to live, simply put and that’s just one guy’s opinion but I have been there a few times just to drive through the place. Wow, very impressive! And, well outside of my budget too! This link will tell you much more about this man-made lake which is fed by the Las Vegas Wash and is connected to Lake Mead via large buried pipes that are used for flood control. Photo via iPhone.

Where Is The Boat Ramp?

I placed a magnifier over the original boat ramp, it’s inside the circle, the last photo. Does this give you a better idea of just how terribly low Lake Mead is? It’s amazing to see this beautiful area that I know very well from my day trips from a few thousand feet above as the aircraft approaches McCarran International.

Recent Trip Photos

The aircraft in the old photo from 1971 is a Mitsubishi MU2 turboprop aircraft. This trip took us to Quebec, Canada for a hunting trip for my dad and his dad.

I remember the flight too, a bit scary because of the thunderstorms. The VW Bug has been set on that rocky pad every summer since the 1990s and was my mother’s idea. Such talent!

She passed in 2012, and a family friend has planted flowers in the bug and elsewhere around the home to honor her love of plants and flowers.

The white roundabout has been a feature in one wedding many years ago.

Flash flood warnings have been issued for the Spring Mountains now which are nowhere near the valley so it will again be high and dry in the valley.

Sunset and In-Flight

Good Thursday morning, friends, how is your day going? Partly sunny and 100F are in store for Las Vegas today but we need more rain. I have no plans for today other than a joyride to where ever that may be. Last night’s sunset was a beauty, wasn’t it? What are your plans?

Soon I Fly

The blog will go silent for a few days soon as I am traveling home to Michigan for a visit with my family, yay! This is an old photo of the control tower at our McCarran International Airport. It was renamed, Harry Reid International Airport which I completely dislike. The guy was a dirty Democrat, shame on Clark County for doing this! I will never use that name for this airport. Have a great Monday anyway! 😂