Another Sunset Photo and The Gloomy Desert

Yes, just one more sunset photo last eve, the colors are popping nicely in this one too. I did a great job of dirtying up Rainbow Mountain too, thanks to Photoscape X on the MacBook.It’s been beautiful today with the temperature hanging around 70 degrees, I’ve been pruning the bushes out front throughout the day. All that’s left to be done is to scuffle hoe the rocks to make them look less sunk into the ground around the palm tree.

Motorcycles In The Desert

The Red Rock Overlook is a busy place with tourists and locals alike stopping by for photos and meeting up. There is a group of local bikers that meet here regularly. They have a beautiful place to hang out, don’t they? Sunny and 75 degrees today in the valley, I’ll take it!

Desert Road, Desert Views

Good morning friends, I’m getting a later start than usual on the blog this morning but oh well. Here is the next slightly redundant set of photos from yesterday. Twenty-four hours can make a big difference, yesterday was sunny, today is overcast with the sun barely poking through the clouds. Overcast and 73 degrees are the forecast for today which does not include a bike ride thanks to the rear tire still being blown out. I will load the bike into the truck bed late today for the shop tomorrow morning. Happy Saturday!

Mojave Desert Grayscale

Using the Nikon Z50s built-in effects, I grabbed a few photos in grayscale mode. The images the camera takes are maybe a bit better than converting the image in processing, maybe. I played around with the looks in the Aurora HDR application too, changing colors and tones, and adding a vignette to one image. That wall you’re looking at is actually a portion of an ancient fault line that I sincerely hope doesn’t slip and release an earthquake! This area has been geologically active for millions of years, hence our beautiful mountain ranges.

Bikers, Blooms and Critters

Here is the next photo set from this morning, the bike in the foreground was extremely loud which I absolutely love! The bird is called a Mountain Bluebird if I recall correctly. Its call is like three screeches in a row, there were three of them flitting from bush to bush as the Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels scurried about below. People were tossing bits of bread for them which made me cringe a bit inside. As with birds, bread has zero nutritional value for them.

In The Desert, 2018

Rolling the clock back four years, these photos were taken in the state park near Red Rock Canyon and along an ancient fault line which are the cliffs you see. Sunshine and 72 are on tap for today, time for another ride today. The high temperature back home today will be just 16 degrees, too cold!

Blue Day Yesterday

Blue Day Yesterday, blue day today. Sunshine and 61F is the forecast for today and I love it! I slept two extra hours last night which is great, I’m feeling better today. Today should be a fine day for a bike ride with such a nice forecast. One of the photos shows a building and covered carports, this is the BLM fire station.

The other is a view of Calico Basin which has homes and a small nature walk platform. It’s also a very popular location for rock climbing crazies, you’ll see them with the large pads on their backs heading out from the parking areas. You people are crazy!

Round And Down You Go!

I wish that you could see this view with your own eyes, the camera can’t do the view real justice. It’s a very long way down there to the bottom of the valley, and those mountains are far higher than they look in the photos. One of them is a solid 6,000 feet high, that’s a bit more than one mile high. This range forms the north end of Las Vegas Valley.

The other photo was taken while heading out of the city on Charleston Boulevard toward Calico Basin with the walls of the ancient fault line easily seen with clouds touching the top. I would like to wish each and every one of my readers, followers a wonderful, blessed, safe and happy 2022. May you find good health and happiness in 2022, my friends!

More Beautiful Desert Views

I had a nice chat with a woman in the grocery store this morning who is also a native Michigander, it’s so nice to talk with people who know the lifestyle we live in Michigan. People are more friendly and easygoing than here in Las Vegas. She even knows just where my hometown is and has been there. It’s truly a small world, isn’t it? Even her words sound like a true Michigander, our dialect is slightly different than here in the desert southwest. A little taste of home.

Cloudy Mountains

After picking up my medication from the pharmacy, I decided on a whim to have a drive west to the usual places I photograph to capture the clouds hugging the peaks, Please pardon the redundancy of these photos? The Nikon Z50 did a darn nice job capturing the beautiful colors and the clouds up there this morning, do you agree? It’s still so cold though at around forty-five degrees. Cold for this desert rat anyway! I’ll be glad when it’s warm enough for a bike ride…

More Desert Photos

Are you guys tired of my repetitive desert photos? I hope not, as usual, I took way too many photos out there the other day. I hope that you enjoy the beauty of the Mojave Desert as much as I do. Today would be a fabulous day for a hike at Calico Basin, but my damn lower back just won’t permit this, it’s painful to walk and it was painful having to stand for the time it took to make another fresh pot of guess what? You guessed it! I wish that I could share a bowl with you.

Rollin’ On Down The Road

Here are a couple more photos from yesterday using the Nikon Z50 camera. The road is Charleston Boulevard where it heads south, most of this road is east to west and crosses the entirety of Las Vegas Valley. The other photo is goofy but I happened to look down at the gauges and saw that this seven-year-old truck was just then hitting 27,000 miles. It’s never seen dirt roads, muddy roads, or even one grain of road salt! I take great care of everything I own, it’s a habit…

Photos From The Desert Floor

Good Friday morning, people! I hope you have a wonderful upcoming weekend filled with fun and love. Well, here is the next set of photos from yesterday trying the new Nikon Z50 camera out. The photos look pretty good, eh? Today Las Vegas will see a scorching temperature of fifty degrees, way too chilly for my liking but I may try to get a bike ride in after twelve O’clock. After restocking my shelves with another trip to the grocery store. Already? Do I eat too much?

The First Test Set

What do you think of these new photos taken this morning just west of Las Vegas? Not too shabby at all in my view. I did notice that the focus ring and zoom rings were a little hard to decipher when I was focusing and zooming. They seem a bit too close together for my not-so-small hands. These photos are all over the place between fifty millimeters and sixteen millimeters. I was amazed at how many people were there, it’s not usually that busy during the weekdays…