Different Places And Times

This is a little medley of times and places in my life. The Pontiac sign is at my dad’s mancave in Michigan, the dog with the meme was taken in the driveway where I lived in Michigan. Both photos are several years old. The donkey photo and the Joshua tree photos are from around two years ago west of Las Vegas.

That groovy color swirl is actually the glass block window in my kitchen, who uses glass blocks these days? The photo of my backyard is about two years old as the African Sumac tree is still in the backyard. I despised that messy tree! There’s a Sago Palm there now. Time just keeps on rolling along, doesn’t it?

Photo Repeats

These extras have been hiding in a folder on the desktop for a few days now, it’s time to set them free. On a different note, I have two job offers going right now and have decided on which I’ll take. The thing that makes me edgy is that I don’t like having to call this person on Monday to tell them I’ve chosen a different job. Feeling the pinch! Of course, this means I’ll have less time in this space but I don’t think anyone will miss me much… 😎

More Redundant Photos!

Hey, are ya tired of basically the same photos again? If so, I apologise. Please think of these photos as practice photos while I slowly become more familiar with the skills I was taught a few days ago by a pro photographer. Practice is supposed to make it perfect, right? Or so we are told.

I have a job interview today and will capture some street photos along the way. I might hit Downtown Summerlin too since it’s near where I am going to find a case for the new iPad Pro. The inspector for the HAVC company that installed the new heating and cooling system the other day was here this morning to do an inspection.

Everything passed. In a few days, the city of Las Vegas inspector will be here to check the system. This HVAC company pulls permits which are nice as it can be proven when the new system was installed when the home goes on the market. I am back here later today!