If You Are A Tourist…

Do yourself a favor and get off of the Strip at some point during your visit here and see the beauty outside of the city. The photos give you a little taste of the beauty that awaits you! Sunshine and 92 degrees are up for today, stop on by, you won’t be disappointed. Was that a good sales pitch? See ya this afternoon.

More Photos of Our Beautiful Mojave Desert

Here is the second upload for today, and the last too. This seems weird to not be posting five times per day! I do hope that more folks will stop by though with this new format. Not much is going on around here today, just a trip to the pharmacy and the grocery store for some chili fixings. See you tomorrow!

Checking The Trail Ahead

In this photo, my sister and I were hiking the Lost Creek trail which is located inside the 12-mile loop at Red Rock Canyon. I had sat down for a moment when she walked up next to me, click! Sunny and 57F for today, too cold for me to want to ride still, what a crock of chit. This winter totally sucks!

Tourists Visiting Red Rock Canyon

Many thousands of people visit our beautiful Red Rock Canyon each year. Winter is the preferred, favorite time of year for the rock climbers and hikers in that area which is roughly eight miles southwest of my place. To see Red Rock Canyon proper you need to make a reservation these days and of course, pay the fee to enter this beautiful 12-mile scenic drive.

Calico Basin

Do you see what looks like a hole in the image just right of center near the bottom of the photo? That area is Calico Basin proper. Lots of pretty red rocks, a few private homes, and a public parking area with toilets and access to hiking and rock climbing. This photo was taken about a week ago using the Nikon and a 200mm lens. Mostly cloudy and a high of 65 degrees are on tap for today, I’ll take that temperature!

She’s From The Czech Republic

While I was shooting this area, I came across this woman and grabbed the photo. I spoke with her husband sitting in the car a short distance away, they were apparently on holiday. This area very near the now-gone Bonnie Springs Ranch has a great cluster of Joshua trees. The ancient fault line beyond to the west makes a great backdrop.

Super Grungy

I still have a few leftover photos from the other day, so I created this super grungy image. Yucky, eh? There are storm clouds all around my place at this moment, but not one drop has fallen at my place. The systems move generally north so I hope the dark clouds to the south will pass overhead soon. Water is life, right?

Veer Left

Some of you are familiar with that wall of rock in the distance, this is Charleston Boulevard well west of the city near Red Rock Canyon and Calico Basin. A flash flood warning has been issued for Las Vegas and surrounding areas until 1AM, that’s good news unless you are in the path of a flash flood!

In And Around Calico Basin

These photos were taken yesterday before the flash flood warning was issued for the Spring Mountains. The rain came over this area about four hours later, I can see the rain cells to the west of my home.

I wanted to get some photos of those adorable little Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels but they were once again not to be found. Apparently, they are very smart and hide somewhere from the powerful desert sun.

Perhaps underground in little tunnels, smart! There were no birds either in the area where I get the photos of the squirrels, not even a California Quail which I always see there.

I’ll have to wait until autumn to get those photos. How is your Thursday going?