Get Off The Road

This is a gripe, sorry for this, but It’d be swell if it were illegal to ride bicycles along this miles-long stretch of Charleston Boulevard. Why? Too many times I’ve passed these dipsticks that are riding the white line, or have crossed it just a bit as I approach. Seriously? Apparently, these people have zero sense of survival and totally lack Common Sense. But these dipsticks never ruin the enjoyment of the beautiful geology here.❤️

Slightly Different Versions

The darker photo seems just a bit too dar so I whipped up a very slightly different version. Those pesky specks are still there. The camera may need professional services, and me some education on why this is happening. That’s what I get as an amateur photographer, right? 😂🤷‍♂️

California Beach Bikes

About two years ago, I was at the Red Rock Canyon Scenic Overlook seen in these photos. There were two young guys from California as you can imagine that had these bikes with them. I was and still am amazed by them. So unique, they must be one of a kind, custom-built bikes.

I didn’t ask to ride them but that would have been cool! Californians are inventive folk, many things customized seem to come from that state. I was lucky to get these photos, one of which I was literally blown away when taking. That day was extremely windy and cold since it was winter.

I was blown right over on my ass by one huge gust since I was crouched down for these shots. That must have been funny to see! I remember getting back up and gaining my composure after that one. The young guys put the bikes back on the deck lid of the car and headed into Las Vegas.