Pulling Out The Oldies

These photos were downloaded from my SSD back drive. After looking at them and the file numbers, I realised that these are some of the very first photos I took with the old Nikon D3300 camera. And I still regret selling that camera. These photos were captured at the state park near Red Rock Canyon, and up against the Escarpment, or fault line. One great thing about that old camera is that it never had the dust intrusion problem that this Nikon Z6 series has had.

Slightly Different Versions

The darker photo seems just a bit too dar so I whipped up a very slightly different version. Those pesky specks are still there. The camera may need professional services, and me some education on why this is happening. That’s what I get as an amateur photographer, right? 😂🤷‍♂️

California Beach Bikes

About two years ago, I was at the Red Rock Canyon Scenic Overlook seen in these photos. There were two young guys from California as you can imagine that had these bikes with them. I was and still am amazed by them. So unique, they must be one of a kind, custom-built bikes.

I didn’t ask to ride them but that would have been cool! Californians are inventive folk, many things customized seem to come from that state. I was lucky to get these photos, one of which I was literally blown away when taking. That day was extremely windy and cold since it was winter.

I was blown right over on my ass by one huge gust since I was crouched down for these shots. That must have been funny to see! I remember getting back up and gaining my composure after that one. The young guys put the bikes back on the deck lid of the car and headed into Las Vegas.

Over The Valley

In this photo, you are looking southeast at the south end of Las Vegas Valley. The large buildings are a huge hotel and casinos located along the fifteen freeway, well south of the Las Vegas Strip. I was at the highest point I can drive to, within the twelve-mile Scenic Loop which is a US Fee area. Pay to drive into the area, but Red Rock Canyon proper is in the loop. Well worth the entrance fee to see something so beautiful!

The End of The Rocks

I must admit that I have been taking far too many photos when I get out and about for photos and getting out of my house for a change. Apologies should I be boring you with this.

Also, I apologise for the terrible Banding in my photos. At full resolution which can be 25 to 30mb in size, the photos look 100% better of course.

But due to WordPress storage capacity limits, I reduce the photos to around 150kb. Hence, the banding. A 30mb photo wouldn’t download to you quickly either of course.

I would rather use a size of about 1mb to keep the banding at bay.

Should I try the damn $300 per year business plan? No storage limit, and plenty of better theme options than what I have with this so-called premium plan. Maybe??

Petroglyphs Along The Boardwalk

One very large boulder along the boardwalk has these Petroglyphs on it, it’s amazing that they have been in this one location for so long. How cool would it be to be able to go backward in time to meet these people?

Take A Hike!

Today’s weather is so glorious that I just have to get the heck out of the house. I hopped in the truck and headed out of the city to you guessed it, Calico Basin!

I prefer hiking here because I know I can handle the terrain fairly easily. The air temperature was hovering around 65 degrees with very little humidity at around ten percent.

I was diagnosed with heart failure in 2002, since then I’ve adapted and know my limits. Add to this, three herniated lower lumbar’s which cause a bit of pain after a bit.

But gosh dang I refuse to allow these medical conditions to shut me down, Man! Today, I used the 24/70mm lens which was a good choice over the zoom lens for today.

there were quite a few people out there, as a courtesy to others, I wore my mask when others were near and kindly stepped off of the trail a ways to let them pass.

It’s a beautiful day to be kind to other people on the trails! These photos are from the start of the short hike before I arrived to the beautifully pattered stone I will show next.