Spring In The Mojave Desert

Not all deserts are a barren wasteland, certainly true for our beautiful Mojave Desert! So little rain, so much powerful sunshine year after year, these beautiful plants have adapted to the harsh desert life.

The Crumbling Escarpment

As I have mentioned, the Red Rock Escarpment is an actual fault line. Looking closely at the photos you can see a diagonal slope at the base of each mountain. The slope likely consists of all of the rock that… Read More ›

A Beautiful Fault Line

The Red Rock Escarpment is actually an ancient fault line that looks beautiful along it’s entire exposed length in this area. Photos were taken today…

Tourist Buses

As I headed back into the city, I passed two big buses loaded with those pesky tourists. I’m kidding about that of course, I do hope these folks enjoy the visit in the desert. If they’ve never been in the… Read More ›

The Unseen Canyon

Here’s an older photo of mine looking northeast toward Red Rock Canyon proper. You can’t see it unless you pay your bit to get inside the BLM fee area. Red Rock Canyon is gorgeous, do take the time to visit… Read More ›