No More Droning Along

Yesterday I sold my DJI Spark drone. As with a car or other certain items, I lost some money on the deal. Instant depreciation. So why did I sell the little aircraft? I was and still am disappointed. Disappointed with the weather as this winter has been the windiest winter I’ve seen in my five years here in Las Vegas.

It’s just too bloody windy in Las Vegas for such a small drone. Also, I have been fearful to fly the drone because of the incredible, and rather ridiculous to a degree, flight restrictions. No, you can’t fly here! No, you can’t fly in the BLM Scenic Loop area! I’ve received glares that tell me to piss off while flying the drone. Enough.

The sole purpose for my purchasing this drone was airborne photography. Sure, it took decent photos and video considering the little itty bitty camera onboard. But, it ‘s not going to keep up with my Nikon, it’s lenses and ND filtres obviously. So, that’s the end 0f my drone days. And I’m OK with that too. All the photos and video were saved.

The End.

Lake Harriet at Spring Mountain Ranch

I had been curious to see Lake Harriet inside the Spring Mountain Ranch State Park for some time now as I had heard about the small lake being drained up there. Upon finding out why the lake was drained last year, I was not happy. What happened is that some stupid ass humans visiting the park had deposited unwanted fish as well as turtles, into the lake which became competition for the native specie of extremely rare fish in the lake.

There is only so much food available in this little lake. The native fish were safely removed, then the lake was drained to kill off any other unwanted life in the lake. The lake is spring fed, and the park rangers and county of Clark will see to the refilling of the lake in time. Apparently, the park rangers or Clark County need personnel supervising these idiots at all times. Why the hell would anyone do this? According to this article, doing so is a felony.

Buckhorn Cholla

Along the trail yesterday were Buckhorn Cholla after Buckhorn Cholla, waiting to tear into my flesh, be careful! These are such beautiful cactus, I dare say they are blood thirsty! Probably my best photos of this cacti to date!

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park 4

Here is round four from the state park yesterday, this time showing the few photos I snapped inside the old Ranch home, originally built in the late 1800’s. For each of these sets, I used the Sigma 10-20mm wide-angle lens which now I wish I’d have pulled the 18-55mm lens out for these interior shots, and even for some of the outdoor photos. I really love the wide-angle lens effect but somehow the way my eyes perceive these particular wide-angle photos, they just seem to be a bit fuzzy. My workhorse lens is usually the 70-300mm Nikon zoom lens. Next time…

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

Today I again visited Spring Mountain Ranch State Park. There is a very good reason for the name, there are fresh water springs popping out of the ground all over this area. One would not usually associate water with the desert but the Spring Mountains have the perfect name. My walk today was roughly two miles total and let me tell ya, my out of shape body is grateful to be back home relaxing on the couch! Oh to be twenty one years young again…

There will be three or four posts ahead from this beautiful state park, I hope you’ll stop by again!