Valley Views And A Bowling Alley

Here are some photos from this afternoon’s ride around the town. I have wanted to take up bowling again as it’s been a couple of decades since I rolled a strike. Taking a walk through the Santa Fe Casino was too damn stinky for me, that place apparently hasn’t invested in a smoke control system for their gross casino.

Everyone in the casino was wearing a mask though which is good but they don’t filter out the stench. Inside the bowling alley, I was disappointed to see several bowlers not wearing masks which leaves me wondering why the management apparently disregards this behavior. Well, the entire place looks well kept anyway, and the lanes are beautifully shiny.

Folks not wearing masks had me consider waiting until the situation calms down significantly. And that landline telephone! I just had to get a photo of it as they are very rare in Las Vegas. I remember when they were five or ten cents to place a call, this old thing asks 50 cents!

Good Morning From My Backyard

G’morning people welcome to another wonderful Friday! Or Fri-yay as some say. These are iPhone photos taken literally about five minutes after I woke up this morning. Looking out the window into the backyard, I thought to see what I can capture with the phone, they look pretty cool after some enhancements don’t they? Sunshine and seventy-nine degrees is forecast for today, A damn good forecast for mid-October, aye?! Have a wonderful day!

More Late Night Palms

Essentially the same photos as the previous post late yesterday with more processing. Early this morning, I received a call from my sister. My first thought was that something had happened to my dad. Thank God, nothing was wrong with him! She was calling to check up on me regarding the diagnosis of two clogged arteries in my heart. I love you too sis!

We talked about my situation and dads too. We talked about the family and how we seem to have drifted apart from other family members, it’s not like it was in the sixties and the seventies. Some have passed, others have been swept up into the current of their daily lives as we all have been. Sis made me aware of my daughter’s husband in the hospital.

She (daughter) never told me to which I said I feel like an outsider sometimes. I’m not going to call her and be a jerk about that, rather how is he doing? At times like this, I wonder if staying here after the third and final divorce was a good decision. Yes, it was. But I also feel like I should be home in Michigan too, it’s a crappy situation to be in!