Pistons, Fine China and A Doe

Just three photos from my recent trip to Michigan. I’m very happy to mention that my dad is doing exceptionally well! His doctor is impressed, and I believe that my sister is in part responsible for his improved health. She has extensive knowledge about many medical subjects but she is not a doctor.

A Trophy, A Copper Sailboat

Sunshine and 67 degrees are up for Las Vegas today, great weather for December but it will cool down in a few days into the 50s. Last night, I ordered a device from Amazon that will allow me to get the photos off of the SD card in the new Nikon Z5 camera. It didn’t show last night so now Amazon says it will be here later today. Seeing is believing!

Lake Metamora and Dixie Highway

Lake Metamora is a small lake in Lapeer County, Michigan. it has nice homes and plenty of boating action in summer. Dixie Highway runs north-south through Oakland and Genesee counties and is a road I have been familiar with for many decades.

I have to find a way to get the SD card to interface with the MacBook Pro I recently picked up since it doesn’t have an SD card connector on the side. Hence, there are no photos from the new Nikon Z5 series camera yet.

Once again the iPhone 15 wins with its ease of connectivity! I hope I don’t regret purchasing the Nikon…

A Cold River

Here’s another view of that lovely but cold river in Michigan. It runs for several miles almost due south to north. I’ve been busy today buzzing around town getting things done and then replaced one of the hummingbird feeders after it was attacked by ants. It’s no wonder that the hummers weren’t eating from it, out comes the garden hose.

A World Of Difference…

A world of difference, one photo shows my life here in Las Vegas with the foothills looming large, the other photo shows homes along a country road with no mountains, just flat. Two different worlds I’ve in. And this month is my birthday month which means I move to the next era of this life. Sunshine and 66 degrees for today, nice!

Christmas In The Desert

It still seems odd to me to see Christmas trees and other decorations surrounded by palm trees and no snow. I guess a lifetime of northern living stays with you. It was a great day to ride, but another ten degrees would be nicer. 61 degrees can still generate a windchill factor believe it or not. These are iPhone 15 photos, I haven’t got to setting up the new Nikon I picked up yesterday.

Go With The Flow

Just go with the flow here, don’t fight it, and do let the crazy and aggressive drivers pass you by. Helpful tips from a Vegas local who knows the ropes of driving here. It’s even worse in California. The battery for the new Nikon Z5 is still charging, even after an abbreviated bike ride this afternoon, more to come on that!

Photos via the iPhone 15 and the Prisma app.

The New Nikon Z 5 Series!

Well, I knew this time would come. I was using a Sony A7C but that camera just couldn’t cut the mustard. I picked this brand-new beauty up late this morning and haven’t used it yet because the battery was completely discharged. I look forward to getting the camera out and about soon, let’s see what it can do.