My Beautiful Blue

Blue is my favorite color and predominantly the color of the sky over Las Vegas nearly 365 days per year. Palm trees with their cool shapes and coloring look great against the blue Mojave Desert sky.

These Sony A7C photos were taken this afternoon on the way back to the Cox store once again because my internet service is dropping off three times a day or so. It’s up, it’s down! oh, it’s up again. Nope, down again. Damn, enough already! A technician will be here tomorrow morning to dig into this.

I’ve never encountered a laptop that drops off the internet either so it’s something to do with the cable company. I need high-speed data transfer for moving my large photo files from the laptop to the cloud and back down a few times per day.

The Mystery Cat Returns

If you’ve followed this blog for a while then you know about this mystery cat. It seems to live in this neighborhood, but then maybe not. It appears to be healthy which is great but all house cats should always be kept indoors in my opinion. Sunshine and 85 degrees are on for today!

The Fiesta Hotel and Casino

These photos, taken while stuck at a traffic light, show that only the parking garage is left, the rest of the casino and 100-room hotel were recently demolished. I have seen the place being torn down while driving by on the way to my doctor’s office. Simply put, the pandemic killed this place. This link will tell you everything you may want to know about this place. The pandemic has put plenty of smaller businesses out of business here and everywhere else od course, very sad.