Eating Apple Sausage under A Spooky Sky

These apple sausages have been begging to be cooked, so late last night I gave in and tossed them into the Breville countertop oven. Yum! No more staring at me every time I open the fridge door.

The sky photos were just toss-away photos taken with the Sony RX100 well after dark last night, but I thought to try to do something with them via the iColorama app on the iPad. Not a total loss I guess…

Under The Canopy

I’ve been using the Sony RX100 around the house yesterday and today mostly because I’m bored. The little camera is attached to a mini tripod which makes handling it much easier. Snap, click. The little mirrorless camera does a hell of a good job and is so much easier to maneuver than the big Nikon. Here are some Lantana photos, both plants are still doing really well with daily watering in the morning and afternoon.

Shooting With The Sony RX100 Mini

Last night, I popped this little camera out of its little case and charged it up. These redundant photos are from this morning, it’s easy to see the difference in image quality versus the Nikon. This little Sony is a mirrorless camera! My home has eyes on all four sides, I see you…

Sony Pics

I had to make a quick trip out today, so I grabbed the little Sony RX100 pocket camera for a change. It does a very nice job I think, but during processing, they process differently if that makes sense… It’s a heck of a lot easier to take with me than the bulky Nikon Z6!

The photos are good but not quite Nikon quality…

The Price of Travel

I took a ride to the 7 Eleven obviously, grabbed the little Sony RX100 camera. I still can’t believe how clear the photos are that come from this little gem! Gas should never go above one dollar.

Salt and Grease

Yep, I have an addiction to Western Omlettes and hash browns! Once a week or so I’ll allow myself this treat. It’s what this kind of food does to my blood pressure that make’s it kinda tough to eat it. All you can do is pop an extra BP pill to knock the pressure down. The things people will do for a goood omlette and hash browns! The other photo is from today too via the Sony RX100 mirrorless camera.


Photos from the Sony DSC RX100

This afternoon I took a quick ride to the store and brought along the little Sony pocket camera that I’ve very rarely used. In fact, when I tried to turn it on, it was dead! What’s that tell ya? So last night I pulled up the PDF file I keep on my Mac so I could review the settings on this tiny camera. It’s rather complex for it’s size and maybe too much so for some folk.

Just six photos in this set, I tossed just one photo which was a full-zoom photo of Frenchman Mountain on the east side of Las Vegas Valley, that photo looked fine up closer to my location yet the mountain those many miles away was far too pixelated. This camera isn’t a new model but has a 20mp rating. It would do well on a holiday trip or family outing.