Coots and Turtles

I was wondering why there were so many coots all huddled together as I approached. Someone had put down something for the birds to eat which is very much against park rules, shame on them! But I did get some decent close-up photos via the Sony RX100 Mark7, the Nikon stayed home this trip. This little bugger works so well that I’m almost tempted to use it exclusively but that wouldn’t last. It was 70 degrees and breezy today and I felt cold!

Commenting Issues

Over the last few days, it has come to my attention that some of you are having difficulty posting your comments to this blog. I apologise for these problems, friends. Honestly, I have no idea what could be causing these problems. Several weeks ago, I purchased the Business Plan which is ridiculously priced, but there are some nice advantages and upgrades too. Using my iPad and iPhone, I see no issues with how the site loads up and does so very quickly.

Please leave me a comment about this should you have any problems, I will appreciate that. Just one other thing I want to add to this space. Are you a Twitter user? I recently set up a Twitter account and have made maybe three tweets to the account. My problem with Twitter is the way the platform is set up. I find the entire system very confusing and just a mash of stuff thrown onto a web page. The tutorials I’ve seen don’t really help me much…

That said, I’m not so sure I will continue to use Twitter. Other than Las Vegas Photoblog, my only other social media platform has been Instagram for at least three years, I have plenty of online friends there, some of which I also follow on WordPress. All of this came about from my IG account being recently hacked. Gladly, I was eventually able to recover the account still intact. I have over 8000 posts on Instagram too which is a sizeable investment.

This is a rather big investment in my photography hobby and time. The biggest thing I dislike about Instagram is the bloody advertising. Every fourth or so account you pass, wham, another ad. I remember the days before the evil Facebook purchased Instagram, such a damn shame because of the ads, and because I have never used Facebook and never will so this puts me in a situation. But what can any Instagram user do, other than not use the platform?

Here are two Sony RX100-7 photos from yesterday.

A Short Hike

This morning I wanted to get out of the house for a while, so away I went to a local park. The hike was short because of my medical issues but that doesn’t stop me from getting out and about. I took just under 40 photos, this time with the new Sony RX100 Mark 7 mounted on the Manfrotto miniature tripod which makes for easier handling of the little camera. It was around 72 so the walking was comfortable.

Along the way, I struck up a conversation with a woman and her husband who as it turns out, were in their early 70s. They both had plastic bags and were picking up litter along their way, so nice! After some conversation, I found out that neither of these people are going to opt for the Covid vaccine. That is their choice of course, and they gave a couple of reasons why. One of my family members will also not be receiving the vaccine, that is his choice.

Anyway, do these photos appear very different from those the Nikon Z6 takes? I am using the same exact software programs to process these of course. I hope you have a great weekend my friends!

Cute Critters and Lovely Views

As mentioned yesterday, I did take a short trip just outside of the city this morning. Your thoughts on the landscape photos using the Sony Mark 7 are most welcome. I also stopped at Calico Basin with peanuts in hand to feed the Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels. They are just so cute!

The little squeaks they make to communicate are cute too. At one point, they were literally at my feet, sniffing my shoes then looking right up at me as if to ask me if I have more food. It makes you feel so happy to have such sweet, innocent tiny critters trust you that much.

The Next Set

Here is another set from the Sony RX100 Mark 7. Much of the same things I’ve posted before unfortunately, but it’s a nice test for the camera. I plan to take the camera and my tripod into the desert tomorrow for a few landscape photos, maybe I can find some Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels in Calico Basin too. For the most part, I’m very impressed with how well these photos cleaned up in processing! I almost feel like a pro, haha. 10 photos in this set.

Testing A New Camera

Before I get into the new camera, are you also having connectivity issues with WordPress this morning? All of my pages either won’t load or are super slow to load. Other pages like Dropbox and my email load as usual. It’s gotta be WordPress having another brain fart.

Moving along, I needed a break from the blog yesterday so I took care of some stuff around the house, then set off to my favorite camera shop on Sahara Avenue. I’ve found that the Nikon has actually been sort of getting on my nerves with the terrible dust intrusion problem which has reared its ugly head again.

I mentioned this to the dude at the shop, he seemed surprised to hear this. Oh yeah, it’s terrible, no matter what I do, dust just gets into the camera in a big bad way. This pisses me off and I’ve had enough!

Did I mention that the weight and bulk of the Nikon is sometimes a pain in the ass too? So I picked up my little Sony RX100 camera and took some random photos with it and thought, why not look into a smaller camera that won’t have dust intrusion issues?

I searched online for different options including Olympus cameras and other brands, making some comparisons.

And what did I arrive at? I came across the Sony RX100 series and found that Sony had released a nice upgrade or update to the RX100 series which was first released in 2012. This newer version is the RX100 vii or Mark 7.

What’s new? A very nice tilt-screen, a newer menu system, and a 200mm zoom capability which has been great so far in the short time I’ve had with it yesterday and early today. I searched online for a video tutorial on this newer version and found a really good one that is about 40 minutes in length, I learned quite a bit in a short time.

Have a gander at these photos from very early this morning as the sun was rising. As far as I am concerned at this point, these photos are every bit as good as the Nikon Z6 can produce, but this camera fits in my pocket. I also read more about cameras in this class and how they compare to phone cameras.

Sorry phones, but they still can’t compete with this camera. Oh, WordPress seems to be back up so I best hurry and finish before it craps out again!! I would like your thoughts on these photos, and did you miss me yesterday, haha!!!