Rock Climber

This little thingy hangs over my neighbor’s balcony. You can tell they kind of love rock climbing. So much so that the place is usually empty. Hmmmm…. Silly photo.

Respect and Honor

This beautiful flag will always fly at T Mobile Arena here in Las Vegas in honour of the lives lost first October, 2017. Hockey has brought my adopted city closer. That’s my hockey team and my wonderful adopted city. This… Read More ›

Fun With iColorama

This goofy photo was created last night whilst watching the Golden Knights win yet another home game! Go Knights go! Go Knights go! We win again!

Braking and Polishing

My little-used bike needed a good cleaning the other evening as it’s really dirty in this house in terms of dust accumulation. Changing the air filter helps of course but consider that this is the Mojave Desert, it’s a bit… Read More ›


A photo from the other night, watching our Vegas Golden Knights battle on the ice whilst sipping whiskey from a Vegas Golden Knights shot glass. I like a little whiskey chaser after a can of beer sometimes…


The first of two sets, this drone was a bunch of fun to photograph! I have a duplicate set, sans the watermark ready for the gal who was flying this drone. She has yet to contact me, apparently she doesn’t… Read More ›

Around Me

A couple photos of things nearby. There’s always something new to capture around Las Vegas, I’ve previously posted the horse and building in Downtown Summerlin before but these seem like better versions. So it’s another Sunday morning and I’m in… Read More ›

Las Vegas Valley

On the way home from the Overton and Lake Mead run the other day, I snapped these photos on the way downhill and back into Las Vegas Valley from many miles north of the city. Never shoot photos while driving… Read More ›

Watching The Game

Well, that’s two games lost in a row for the Golden Knights but I still love my team! Kickin’ back with a cold one… It’s supposed to be sunny today so I’m going to get out there for some photos… Read More ›

Knights Coasters

I went to the City National Arena yesterday for photos which have been posted but I can’t resist a wander into the shoppe with all the team goodies for sale! I purchased a cap a bit back but then purchased… Read More ›