The first of two sets, this drone was a bunch of fun to photograph! I have a duplicate set, sans the watermark ready for the gal who was flying this drone. She has yet to contact me, apparently she doesn’t really want these. I tossed away lots and lots of photos from the first big fat batch. I’d really love to learn to fly a drone for this site, we shall see but it’s not a cheap endevour to dig in to. Maybe I could strap my Nikon to a big bunch of helium-filled balloons and trigger the camera remotely? Nah, I’m not nearly that cheap. 😎

Around Me

A couple photos of things nearby. There’s always something new to capture around Las Vegas, I’ve previously posted the horse and building in Downtown Summerlin before but these seem like better versions. So it’s another Sunday morning and I’m in full couch potato mode, ready for puck drop as the Golden Knights take on the Washington Capitals. Hey, it’s way too early!

Way too early for hockey! A morning game in the NHL is from my experience a very uncommon thing and is likely due as far as I know to that damn football game later. Sorry if that irks you but I have never been a fan of football. Even less so after the whole Kneeling thing and other nonsense. Ludicrous sums of money. I allow NHL Hockey as the only exception as hockey is so much better!

Las Vegas Valley

On the way home from the Overton and Lake Mead run the other day, I snapped these photos on the way downhill and back into Las Vegas Valley from many miles north of the city. Never shoot photos while driving my friends! Happy Thursday, and tonight is hockey night! Go Knights Go! Visit Vegas Golden Knights.com

The Speedy Zamboni

I recorded this a couple days ago at the City National Arena, home of practice sessions for our Vegas Golden Knights. An Open Skate had apparently just ended, the ice was a serious mess with lots of ice shavings on it and lots of kiddies taking off skates. Stopping by this place usually costs me a few bucks though, The Arsenal is located here where you can purchase all kinds of Golden Knights sports goodies. My recent edition? Fridgy magnets and another sticker for my truck window. Go Knights!

The MacKenzie River Pub

The other day I hit City National Arena to try the pub upstairs, specifically the food menu. A drink or two would have been nice but I never drink and drive. No Nikon for these quick photos, just my trusty iPhone Seven. The atmosphere is totally Vegas Golden Knights of course as this building is where our Knights have their practice sessions. More often than not, one or the other rink has different things going on such as Open Skate or college hockey teams in there practicing.

Visit the pub’s website here for directions and such.

The service? That got off to a very slow start, apparently the one and only woman tending bar was handling most of the duties. But that changed as it wasn’t terribly busy. The food? I chose the simplest item on the menu, this giant burger and seasoned fries, washed down with Water on The Rocks. The burger was absolutely delicious! The fries were delicious too, I’ve no idea how they are seasoned but yum. Devoured! Would I recommend having a beer and dinner here? Oh yes, absolutely!

Knights Coasters

I went to the City National Arena yesterday for photos which have been posted but I can’t resist a wander into the shoppe with all the team goodies for sale! I purchased a cap a bit back but then purchased another yesterday. This time a black cap with the Inaugural Season logo on it. Looks great and gives a perfect fit which doesn’t always happen. The Marble coasters were handy last night when the Knights kicked some Capital bum. They’ve beaten the best teams in the NHL in the last weeks!

It’s Golden Knights Game Knight!

Our Knights battle the Capitals in less than two hours! I visited the City National Arena a bit ago for some photos but also ended up purchasing more Knights apparel such as another Baseball? Cap of which this is my second.

I also purchased two marble coasters with the Knights logo. I’ve got the beer and other ready to go! I snapped these photos today with the Nikon using the 10-20mm wide angle lens. They frown on full body cameras in there it seems so I stopped shooting…