At Downtown Summerlin Today Four

Here is the next set of five photos from yesterday. I think the bird is a Grackle? It let me get pretty close, but I also had the 24/200mm lens on the body. Gotta love that brilliant yellow-ish eye! I’m very colorblind…

Eye Exam

I’m so bored that I’ve downloaded a trial version of some photo software! Not tried it with a color image yet. This sign is located in Downtown Summerlin and is an older photo.

Views Around The House

I apologise for not having something better to upload today but by gosh I just don’t feel like going anywhere today. One of the perks of retired life eh? So I grabbed the Nikon and grabbed some images from the front and back yards. This set is the front yard plus another look toward the end of the street at those beautiful foothills just west of me about four miles. The photo of the distant foothills is highly cropped to protect the privacy of my neighbours… 😎

A Fresh Skin

You may have noticed that this blog looks a bit different this visit. Well, there’s a good reason for this! Once in a while I will try a different theme or skin for this site. Today I tried this again but as usual wasn’t satisfied with what I found so I tried to reinstall the Opti theme that was in use. I couldn’t find it, dammit! I really liked that theme yet was curious about other themes.

My next move was to have a literal chat with the folks at After some brief chat with a rep, I was told that the theme I have been using for a good lot of time has now been retired. Retired! I am retired, how the hell can a theme be retired? I was and am still annoyed but there isn’t one damn thing I can do about it.

All of this said, welcome to the new look of Las Vegas Photoblog. Or Photo Blog if you like. I suppose the new look is far less busy in it’s appearance, less complicated. If you like or dislike the theme, please say so! Perhaps this theme is a bit more ‘modern’ looking?

The photo was taken early today before the sun popped out! The clouds are hugging the Summerlin Peaks. I never saw this mountain beauty back home in Michigan… 🌴🌡

A Place to Relax

Why not relax after all the walking around Downtown Summerlin. Enjoy a cold drink and a bite to eat under the many beautiful Canary Date palms. Have you enjoyed your time here today? I sure did. 😎

The Man and His Flying Machine

Walking around Downtown Summerlin the other day I was sure I could hear a drone in the area close by. Sure enough I found the ‘pilot’ and his little flying machine. I was curious about the legal issues of flying a drone in this very public place. I struck up a short conversation with the guy as I’m from up north and am far more friendly than so many folk here.

I asked him if he was afraid of fines and legal trouble (in a very nice way) by flying a drone there. He told me that he has waivers that allowed him to fly the drone there. OK, great! Maybe he thought I was being rather nosy in asking such questions, but I frankly don’t care. It’s the many regulations in place today that had me sell my drone a year or so ago.

I honestly would never consider flying a drone there one way or the other as all it could take to cause the drone to go out of control would be a good gust of wind which we have very frequently here, or someone just bumping into him, causing a brief loss of attention to the drone. Bam! You hit someone, you’ve earned your day in a Clark County Courtroom!