Retail Outlets With A View

They may be just another little strip mall but some of them here have some dandy mountain views with a few palm trees tossed in to enhance the view. Summerlin Parkway is an east/west freeway that’s not too long. At the west end, it stops at the foothills. Heading east, it links up with the ninety-five freeway which goes north/south.

An other Visit to Downtown Summerlin, Three

This is the next set of ten photos from yesterday in beautiful Downtown Summerlin, I hope you like this one as well. The next windstorm is set to begin any moment now, I read about its approach yesterday.

My phone just gave me a message that it’s coming with gusts to fifty miles per hour. I’ve seen the wind gust to sixty miles per hour before, my house starts creaking and cracking when those gusts come.