On my way home today I captured these photos whilst stopped at the light. You can’t see either damaged vehicle, one is out of frame to the right, the other is behind the NSP cars. They were pretty darn beat… Read More ›

A Downhill Run

I’ve been out and about most of today looking at homes, It’s time for my own space. I’ve looked at several over the last few days. More on that later, but I had to grab the Nikon and get these… Read More ›

Waterfall HDR Experiment

What can I say except that I’m learning! And enjoying learning too. Certainly the colours have been enhanced in the image but the colour balance just isn’t there. All of life is a learning curve though isn’t it?


When taking these photos, the strong breeze was lightly pelting me with cool water from the fall. Nice. 🌴

Music Note

Whilst in the Apple Store in Downtown Summerlin today, I spied this very cool music note on the wall. First instinct? Whip out the iPhone, the same device which landed me there today. life is weird man… 😆