Summerlin Sunshine

Good Sunday morning from Las Vegas. Here is a bit more sunshine from the other day in Summerlin. Since then, we had a cold front blow through late yesterday and boy was the wind howling! My door and windows were whistling as the wind passed by at speeds of up to fifty miles per hour according to the weather service. It’s sunny again but substantially cooler now. Blah. Our Golden Knights take the ice this afternoon, yeah!

Around Summerlin

Downtown Summerlin that is! I wanted to get outta this little house for a bit today so I grabbed the Nikon with the Sigma 10-20mm wide-angle lens and headed out for a quick bite to eat and then try the Sigma which I’d not tried in this area as yet. I tossed several photos as they were just too dark or too this or that. There is one more set after this one, let’s not overdo this! It’s sunny and 73 warm degrees right now! 🌞😎

Around Vegas

Palms, Pines & Rocks

Five shots from yesterday with the Nikon and 70-300mm lens. That hike up the small ridge didn’t make my legs sore at all which really surprised me as I’m by no means in top condition! The BW photo is looking East toward Downtown Summerlin, the main office building is seen along with the flood channel retention basin in front of it. Two photos are looking toward Red Rock Canyon proper and the palms -n- pines are up the street from my humble apartment. More to come. Happy Thursday to you!


I forget what the man toting this critter around called it so I’ll call it a turtle! It’s rather large and will bite if provoked he said. It was certainly on a mission, and walked a really long way with myself and several others in tow including of course, little children squealing with delight. This critter likes to pee, and did so several times along it’s path as I followed it. And in Downtown Summerlin too! I was back down there yesterday to return some tennies I didn’t really like. Bad fit! But I don’t mind the Ninety dollar credit!