Summerlin Is High

Very high too as you can see in the photo! I had just left the 215 freeway heading home from Henderson and grabbed the Sony when this came into view. There are plenty of subdivisions behind me to the west on the west side of the 215. I love the beautiful mountains of the Mojave Desert! How about that blue sky?

Sunny Summerlin

Here are some older photos of Downtown Summerlin. The size discrepancy of the photos is because I stopped using the 1024×768 format for the 1500×1000 for Nikon photos, and 1500×844 for iPhone photos. Can you tell that there is water over those rocks? By the way, I’ve decided to dock the Pedego bike for now because of the near-sunburn I got a while back is such that I better stay out of the sun for extended periods. I stuffed the bike into a spare bedroom, so sad! 😂

A Huge Weather Change

Thanks to the Atmospheric River that the weather channel talks about, our weather have gone from what you see in the iPhone photo of the palm trees and mountains yesterday on the bike to the very gray photo I took a few minutes ago with the Nikn and 200mm Nikkor of the small mountains just west of my home.

The photo of my TV sums it all up. But I’d rather be here than on the Pacific Coast right now as those people are taking a serious beating from that river I mentioned. It’s really very nice to just stay home all day and enjoy my favorite TV programs and play ham radio and blog.

In Summerlin

Yeah, I really like the Summerlin area of Las Vegas. It’s a more expensive area to live in but has some of the best views around for the residents. What a change weatherwise from yesterday with rain in the forecast and just 60 degrees for the high. Blah. I have to go pick up some medications anyway.

Summerlin Beauty

Today’s ride was 17 miles of pure desert sunshine and 70 degrees, just perfect! I took just ten iPhone photos this trip which is much more manageable. The palm tree and mountain photo was taken inside one of those huge Del Webb communities for folks my age, but my bank account isn’t big enough for that place!

Today’s City Views

What a beautiful day! Sunshine and 85 wonderful degrees, perfect for a quick joyride and some grocery shopping. I hope that it’s as nice where you are today. That fresh pot of chili is cooking, gonna be so good!

Photos From Different Years

I am fully out of new material to upload today, so here are some nice older photos for you this morning for post number two of the day. I upload no more than five times per day now, it used to be much more often. Mostly sunny and 100 degrees are forecast for today, it’s currently 93 very toasty degrees outside.

Heading Home From Downtown Summerlin

The photos show the sharp change in elevation, don’t they? I think the west side of the valley has a much sharper change than does the east. It’s 8 AM and already 90 degrees outside, heading for 106 with partly sunny conditions. Come feel the heat with me! How is your Wednesday going?