Birds On The Sunrise

Very early this morning, these birds flew into the scene and I managed to capture the moment as the rising sun shone on the cloud tops.

A few clouds around 103 degrees today which make me wonder why the national weather service calls today an excessive heat warning day? That is a normal summer temperature.

Good Morning From My Street!

Looking out the bedroom window this morning, I saw a blue sky and one of my palm trees gently swaying in the breeze. The weather app tells me that today will see sunshine and 77 degrees, lovely! However, a few days from now the high will drop back to the low 60s which is still very nice.

I have zero plans for today besides going to the grocer for a couple of things, it’s a tough schedule but someone has to do it! On another note, I would love to hear what you think about this blog, or website if you prefer.

Is there an actual difference? LVPB is a serious niche’ blog you could say as it’s all about Las Vegas of course, but are there other subjects that I could add to perhaps make the blog more interesting or diversified? Feel free to chime in on this, if you don’t want to, that’s just fine. These photos were taken super early this morning!

Early Morning Glow

A very early morning glow it was, too. This time change nonsense and I do not get along very well at first until my bio-clock adjusts to the difference. This photo was taken looking northwest from my bedroom window about four minutes after I crawled out of the sack. If that isn’t an indication of photographic addiction, then what is?

Early One Morning…

I stood looking out the kitchen window and saw this view. I photographed it of course. And I wondered how a photo blog is going to survive when the photographer is hunkered down in his house riding out the storm? I hope you will understand that I’ve got to pull images from gigs of older photography I’ve taken, my friends. I believe in playing it safe, taking the safe route. Let’s all be safe, stay home if you can as much as possible. I despise this situation too.

These photos were taken early today…