Don’t try to open my doors and windows when the alarm is armed, you’ll get an ear full and your busted! 😂


Continuing from the previous post, a few flowers are declining in this last pot as they always do, I used the Tamron 60mm lens. Even in this state they still look interesting don’t they?

The Spigot Lock

Well, the damn thing finally showed up in my mailbox, took too long! As far as I know, nobody is stealing water from the spigot near the front of my home but since I’ve already had a serious security system… Read More ›


This is a goofy photo I snapped a few days ago as the sunshine struck the tissue on my end table. Macro Photo Weirdness!

Smear of Green

This is a 60mm photo of a glass fish decoration in my guest bathroom, an odd photo idea I came up with last night… Not terribly exciting is it. 😂