Fish Oil and Blood Pressure

We all know what fish oil looks like but that little pill is one of several BP medications and others I swallow each day. This was clicked with the Tamron 60mm Macro lens. Drugs…


This is a goofy photo I snapped a few days ago as the sunshine struck the tissue on my end table. Macro Photo Weirdness!

The Antique Spoon Macros

So here is round three today having fun with the Tamron macro lens. I have a small collection of old and older utensils which is where these photos are from… This spoon would have been a soup ladle.

The Coiled Macros

A few more photos from my kitchen this morning, need to try the Tamron 60mm Macro lens a bit more often… This is an old fashion lid removal tool for pot belly stoves.

The Burnt Meat Macros

Early this morning I took a pound of ground round to the backyard and burnt it up before it goes bad. Meat can thaw for only so long, right? So I had some extra protein for breakfast today. Yum! I… Read More ›

The Brass Duck

Here’s another macro set with the Tamron 60mm taken this morning. The duck is one of several small items I’ve taken home with me from Michigan during my visits to see the kids and dad. Is that theft? 😂

Smear of Green

This is a 60mm photo of a glass fish decoration in my guest bathroom, an odd photo idea I came up with last night… Not terribly exciting is it. 😂

The Puny Peanut

I purchased a bag of unsalted, un-shucked peanuts the other day and tore into them today. Yum! This puny peanut is about one half an inch so I tried the 60mm lens on it. Not enough light in the room!… Read More ›

The Dusty Donkey

I was really surprised yesterday when I processed these images from the Tamron 60mm lens, my grandma’s donkey is really dusty! Sorry, grandma. I mean that. This lens is so amazing, I need to head into the desert with it… Read More ›