Bad Renters

Here is one more reason I don’t miss working for U Haul. Rotten drivers that should surrender their driver license! I’m frankly surprised that the U Haul company has lasted so many decades. They have odd policies.

They’re Not Listening!

I had an odd thought a moment ago as does happen daily, I ‘thought’ you may like this: my second ex wife used to believe that the audio speakers in her home were listening to her. According to my son,… Read More ›

Driving a Hearse

I didn’t write the text below but do like it. 💀👻 A guy in a taxi wanted to speak to the driver, so he leaned forward and tapped him on the shoulder. The driver screamed, jumped up in the air,… Read More ›

Places Today

Today I went back to Living Spaces for a few items for the house, specifically the two spare bedrooms which are now finally completed! Ugh. I both like doing this stuff and dislike it at the same time… It’s nice… Read More ›

Kona Bike

I’ve been thinking about a new bike for a while now, so yesterday I found a reputable bike shop just a few short miles from my home. After some talk with the man in the shop about what kind of… Read More ›

Blood Suck Morning

Here are two photos from early this morning, too early on the way to the hospital for a blood draw. Again… A beautiful sunrise today with nill clouds and a calm wind for a change. The latest Wind Storm lasted… Read More ›

Life After Divorce

Life after divorce: Men almost always get ripped off, stripped of almost all they own. Yesterday I came across this photo from about three years ago, and roughly right after the divorce. Looking at this photo had me thinking about… Read More ›

Northbound Physics

I’m northbound with a tiny piece of the Las Vegas Range many miles distant. Many Miles. If you look at the arrangement of the high voltage power lines at left and its wooden pole supporting structures, the leverage ratio is… Read More ›