North View, West View and The Weather

The latest forecast shows a cooling trend which is very nice, summer is very slowly winding down to the winter temperatures which are nice. The photo with the lamp post in the foreground is looking north towards the Las Vegas Range which is the northern boundary of the Las Vegas Valley.

The other photo is looking west towards the south end of the Spring Mountains. The old iPhone 12 still does a pretty good job and the iPhone 15 is now available.

Should any of us “upgrade” just to have the latest device? I have resisted trading in the iPhone 12 because it’s paid for and it works perfectly. Will you trade if you haven’t already?

Almost Colorless

These are the last images of the detention basin, the other photos are from a few days ago when that huge monsoon rain system was wrapping it up and moving north. Several years ago when I was married to number three, I was talked into buying a timeshare by her. Man, that was such an ignorant thing to do!

A few weeks ago, a company called Wyndham which was the Timshare people, kept calling me two to three times a day in an apparent attempt to get their hands in my wallet again.  Oh hell no! They went away for several weeks and now today I’ve had two spam calls from them today. Go Away!

The number is always from an area code in Florida. This is annoying as hell, I’ve never answered their calls and they go right on the blocked list. This is to me in some way a horrid reminder of that marriage that just won’t go away. I implore you, never to buy a timeshare, especially from Wyndham!

An Expensive Neighborhood

I frequently ride my bike through this large neighborhood to see the nice homes and also pass through it on my way to points south. These are just point-and-shoot photos with the Sony A7C in the Auto mode. I keep watching the sky lately because of the approaching hurricane but it’s of course still a long way away from Vegas. I am glad that the east coast  has not been hit by any hurricanes so far this summer.

To Henderson And Back

It was a long drive south to Henderson, Nevada which bumps up against Las Vegas. The 215 freeway is the best way to get to the Pedego bike store down there, the trip went quickly. These photos are from the Sony A7C on the way home. The Strip is partially seen in one or two of them. I’ll try to keep this short.

The guy running this store took my bike immediately since there were no customers or bikes on the rack for repair. In about ten minutes, the guy had my gears back to normal. He knew exactly what was wrong with the gearing! And, there was no charge for the work which is amazing.

He also gave me a water bottle bracket for the bike at no cost as compensation for the long drive, wonderful! Upon arrival, I gave the man the full rundown on what had taken place at the other store which is almost within walking distance of my home.

And, his helper knew exactly what I was talking about regarding the joker who worked on my bike and messed up the gears when there was never anything wrong with them! That guy had in the past worked on bikes at that store too and caused the store more problems than he fixed.

That’s vindication for me. My new store is now a long drive away. Life… You never know what is going to happen do we. I’m just happy that my bike is ready for cooler weather and lots of rides.

Magnifying Native Americans

I’m happy with this one. For many years I have believed that we Europeans (English and other countries?) basically destroyed the culture of the Native American Indians. I feel shamed sometimes. I only picked up the reading-enlargement device and pointed the 28-60mm lens through the glass.

Or, plastic. Ya never know these days. Many other photos of this scene landed on the cutting room floor but that’s a fact that will land on the floor too. My second wife was 1/4 Cherokee genetically which is so good but there becomes another story, right?