Apartment Life

The joy continues today. Yesterday I stopped by the main office to show someone a photo of this. The manager of the complex was shown my photo. As you can see, this new management company doesn’t give a shit about… Read More ›

Why My Apartment Sucks

The rent was not raised at my request before signing the new one year lease. Imagine the wonder of seeing this bullshit whenever you look outside. My rent should be further reduced. So then why did I take this completely… Read More ›

Where’s The Racism?

Over the last two days, I’ve had three conversations with black men. All of which were very pleasant. And – each man called me Brother! My new neighbour, a lovely young black woman and her mother are so kind, and… Read More ›

The Homeless in Las Vegas

I hadn’t noticed this homeless camp in this photo until it was viewed on my MacBook Pro. I am saddened by this. Las Vegas has countless homeless people, asking for money from passers by and also those stopped at traffic… Read More ›

My Followers List

It’s likely that nobody cares other than me, how many followers I have. I currently have 217 followers, that’s not many but I’m not blogging for a huge following. I do this because it’s fun and enjoyable. And it keeps… Read More ›

Stickin’ Around…

Several days ago I mentioned in this space that I would be moving to Florida in several weeks or months and that I would be closing this blog down in due time. Well, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking… Read More ›

Closed and Abandoned

While on my recent trip to Michigan for my dad’s surprise 90th birthday party, I gave myself an extra day as usual to drive around and see the places I used to frequent years ago. Castaways is now closed and… Read More ›

Drinkin’ Beer

I have worked with these two awesome human beings for over twenty years. They are my brother and sister, regardless of being no relation whatsoever. Great human beings, beautiful memories. Photo taken at my dad’s 90th surprise birthday party. Note… Read More ›

Desert Life

I will be leaving the Desert Life behind sometime this year for Florida. Things have really changed in my life recently… And I am OK with this.

Ham Radio

I’ve been a licensed Amateur Radio licensee since the late 1980’s and have enjoyed the hobby so much. It has kept my ass out of trouble and I ain’t kidding. Since I reside in a tiny apartment I certainly can’t… Read More ›

Mellow Yellow?

Or screaming yellow? This is a recirculated photo as I’ve got a schedule to meet today and no new photos thanks to my teeth needing some serious attention. I detest the dentist! Maybe I’ll try some Street Photos today. In… Read More ›

The Rains Have Gone

iPhone photos from this morning. The rains have left the valley giving us our beautiful sunshine back! I can speak only for myself but when the sun isn’t shining I feel droopy and sometimes grumpy. More Vitamin D please! *****… Read More ›

No More Droning Along

Yesterday I sold my DJI Spark drone. As with a car or other certain items, I lost some money on the deal. Instant depreciation. So why did I sell the little aircraft? I was and still am disappointed. Disappointed with… Read More ›