The Sixties

I remember the sixties regardless of being very young. The clothes and the neighborhood parties and more. And unfortunately, the 68′ riots in Detroit that are about 70 miles south of where we lived. Good times and bad times, the sixties was an amazing decade. And then came the 70s and 80s!! Oh yeah! The image is not mine for legal disclosure.

The Integratron

Yesterday, I watched a TV episode about the Integratron and was fascinated with its history. I would have loved to meet its creator George Van Tassel, I suppose that some people thought he was a little weird but hey, everyone is weird these days! Please, look around the website and do your own research too if interested. The images were generated by the Stable Diffusion website. Notice how the AI incorporated the Mojave Desert environment where the structure is located.

An All-Day Soaker?

That’s what has happened so far and it’s a good thing too considering how low Lake Mead is. I complain about the rain and shouldn’t do that of course, have a look at the little lake on the side of my house. It floods like this whenever the rain is sustained long enough and it sounds so nice tapping on my skylight now.

Plant Power

I didn’t put these photos together until I got home and saw them on the Mac. Weed isn’t necessarily plant power, but that restaurant serving weeds can be called plant power I guess. Is that stuff really any better than the McDeath next door? I don’t know but I won’t buy anything at either joint! Plant power… LOL!

More Rocky Photos

Two more shots from this early afternoon west of the city. When working on these photos this eve, I thought to myself that the photos are really grainy even though I try to clean them up on the MacBook. I just can’t get the kind of photos I really want and that has been pervasive from day one in my photography journey.

Sure, I can shoot in Manual but don’t always have the time to get the settings set right as I tend to shoot on the fly too often. Other than using a tripod for more of my photos, there doesn’t seem to be any way that I can get better photos. Once an amateur, always an amateur photographer?

On another note, I am sure that some of you find my uploading up to five images per day a bit too much, but that number used to be much higher. I have thought about reducing that daily number again from five to perhaps just one or two. Your thoughts on all of this are welcome! Thanks. John

A Great Sunset!

Of course, I have altered the photos to augment the colors, but they look better than the dull colors the camera grabs at 200 millimeters or less. It’s a settings thing on my end… It’s currently 57 degrees and mostly cloudy in Las Vegas, what a major difference a few weeks can make in this desert.

Really Rough Rock

This photo was taken this morning at Calico Basin. This peak is probably just a few hundred feet high and I used the full extension to 200 millimeters to capture it from a distance away. You can easily see why this area is a rock-climbing paradise! Over the years, I have seen license plates from many states and several from Canada too. Frankly, I find rock climbing to be a very unnecessary and dangerous sport. Why? Because you only live once. But, when you are young and wild, you never think of your mortality! Click pic.

I’ve Been Blogging Eleven Years

Why thank you so much, WordPress, for letting me know this this evening! Before I began using WP, I was on Blogger which I suspect is where many of us started blogging. I used to have a self-hosted WP site early on in this blogging thing, but that didn’t last long because it was about Michigan politics. Today I say hell no to political blogs and have very rarely mentioned anything political in this space.

Las Vegas Photoblog has been at this address since 2016, but the content doesn’t say so. Before I purchased the Business plan from WordPress, I ran out of storage way too fast and basically had to delete a hell of a lot of photography. Lovely! My first post at this address was in 2016 and I feel ripped off by you know who. Regardless, I do not regret staying with WordPress for so many years regardless of the quirks.

The Old D3300 Nikon

Man, I wish that I had not sold this camera! this camera never had any issues that I can remember including dust intrusion into the sensor. This was not a mirrorless camera like the Nikon Z50 I use today but gladly it has very little dust intrusion. The photo was taken in my old apartment which I do not miss.