Vegas Weather

I think this is a pretty good forecast for the next few days, can you agree? I put the funnies in there for grins. I think the kid is correct, he chose the smallest numbers, right? And, I wonder if anyone has passed out like the old couple did in the gondola at our Venetian venue on the Strip? Maybe you need to reconsider your retirement plans! A quick question for you: would this site look better in pure white?

Bike Repair

My still new eBike has been in the shop much more than my old pickup truck has in seven years on the road. It needed some adjustments again, the brake levers were pulling closer to the handlebars which happen over time so those were adjusted and there was some friction between the brake pads and the rotors when I was just pushing the bike. You could hear it too when riding.

That has been repaired now so the bike is ready to roll. However, I still feel like I need a break from dodging the fools in the 6000-pound bullets. I have other things to keep me busy today anyway. Oh, I was not charged for the adjustments which are amazing, and I was told to stop using the Squeal Out on the rotors which work for me. Hopefully, the brakes will as quiet as possible!

I took the photos along the way to the repair shop this morning, such a beautiful day!

Throwback To Black Coffee

I miss drinking coffee. High blood pressure prevents me from enjoying the buzz and aroma in the house which totally sucks! I’ve read many articles on this subject, it seems that there is no solid evidence one way or the other on this subject but I know 100% for sure that coffee does raise my blood pressure because I have a BP machine in the kitchen always ready to go. It’s a serious daily battle that I must win each day or in time, I’ll be six feet under before my time. Everyone’s system is different and there are so many different compounds in coffee that one diagnosis could never fit everyone. Would you like to purchase my mini Mr. Coffee?

Antique Lighting

My home is now 25 years old and a solid desert home it is! This light hangs over my dining room table and is the original lamp as is the light over the front door inside.

I’ve thought about replacing them but obviously haven’t as there are other things I would love to do here like replace the old floor tiling which I don’t think was done by a professional.

New windows would be great too as these old ones don’t seal as well as they should. They say a boat is a hole in the water into which one pours money. I think the same thing applies to your home!

And I own this place outright… Silly photos ↓

To And From The Doctor’s Office

It rained gently for around three hours after dark yesterday then the sunshine came back today but it’s much cooler. It was nice to stand in the cool breeze and light rain last eve. I had a nice visit with my GP today, it’s nice that he’s back after having a break from his practice.

The doctor says I’ll live, better so after a change in one medication, and removing me from another which is great of course. The Z50 Nikon body has a few built-in effects which I used today with the grayscale images, it’s nice not to change them in the applications on the MacBook.

The photos show many things like the usual traffic, men at a worksite chatting away and getting paid for it!

I like how the 18-140 lens can make the distant mountains appear so much larger than they actually are to the naked eye. The Las Vegas Fire and Rescue truck just happened to be pulling out while I was waiting for the traffic light so, of course, I have Mr. Nikon close at hand!

You Don’t Need My Name and Number

Last night, I printed out a small piece of paper for my wallet that has emergency phone numbers on it in case something happens to me. Simple, right? I went to a local Office Depot store to have the paper laminated. I was told that I needed to enter my name and phone number in the kiosk and my name will be called.

What? I’ve never heard of this just to get something laminated. Why? I asked an employee why this is needed, she said there are a lot of reasons. Really? I am very wary of where I leave my name and phone number, that information could be used by the wrong people, or end up as spam on my phone.

Heading for the door, another employee asked me if there is something wrong to which I replied that it was just ludicrous that this company wants my personal information just to have a tiny piece of paper laminated. She tried to explain the situation to me to which I replied that I’ll take my money elsewhere and left.

Take that, corporate America! Anyway, this is a random collection of Nikon photos I snapped along the way this afternoon, and nobody asked for my name and phone number! Today’s weather has been so beautiful with full sunshine and 82 wonderful degrees! Mojave Desert love.

Desert Monday

Partly sunny and 72 very windy degrees are on tap for the valley today, this is day two of this windstorm. The bike is repaired, but no ride today. What happened to Saturday and Sunday? Waking up this morning I thought it was Sunday but my phone had other ideas…

We know that time always passes or flows at the same rate but it seems to flow more slowly and more quickly on other days. How can this be? Are our human brains being fooled somehow, or by someone? The world may never know or care…

Sunset 3-17-22

Here is last night’s sunset at the end of my street, not much color so I added some to the image. Sunny and 73 degrees are the forecast for today which is great, but there will be no biking today thanks to that flat tire. I don’t mind a few days off. Happy Friday! The gate photos were taken on the side of my house, goofy photos.