When Petrol Was Cheap

Here are some collages I made from photos my friend in Michigan sent me some time ago. One of the collages refers to gas as Petrol which I find interesting. It shows me how American English (if that can make… Read More ›

Bonnie Springs is Gone

I’ve posted about this somewhat recently, but seeing this sign near what was Bonnie Springs yesterday morning really drove it home for me. Why does this bother me? After all, I’m not even from Nevada or Las Vegas! What pisses… Read More ›

Desert Walk

Hey all, I took a day off from this blog yesterday and enjoyed it! I took a ride outside the city for some photos, here are just three from then. I’m thinking about cutting back on uploads as I post… Read More ›

Flood Pants

If you are like me then you remember the days when wearing jeans or pants that were rather short were referred to as Flood Pants. I am guilty of wearing them! Say circa 1974-1977? Anyway, I like to ask Siri… Read More ›


Welcome to my dad’s Man Cave! There are decades worth of auto parts and much more here. Family love!

Two Verticals and A Yagi

Two vertical 800/900mhz antennas likely used by Las Vegas Metro, one is inverted. The Yagi antenna is almost pointing right at me and has ten to twelve elements. A Yagi is a very directional antenna that transmits and receives almost… Read More ›

Overnight Rains

Good afternoon from Vegas! I awoke at seven AM today to my phone telling me there was a flash flood watch at three AM. Damn. I really dig watching thunderstorms! All I got this time was a small mess in… Read More ›

The Seenager

I am a Seenager….. (senior teenager) I have everything that I wanted as a teenager, only 50+ years later. I don’t need to go to school or work; and I get an allowance every month. I have my own pad,… Read More ›

Big Snow

Here’s an older photo from a previous winter in Las Vegas, big mountains, big snow way up there. By the way, Las Vegas Photoblog has just now reached 4000 posts! You read that correctly, 4000!! Wow!

The Big Woof

A big dog in his owner’s truck bed. Please, don’t put your dog in danger like this.  That said, he’s a good looker!


Radio Communications have fascinated me since I was in my twenties in the early 1980’s hence I do like to photograph radio towers and the associated antennas, feed lines and such. I think this tower has communications systems for NV… Read More ›