Would You Enter?

This is one of many drainage and flood control channels around Las Vegas. Sadly, people are living in these channels near the Las Vegas Strip and elsewhere in the city.

This is sad and very dangerous too, a flash flood can happen during monsoon season. This year’s monsoon rains once again never came though. Would you enter the gaping hole?

Foothill Homes

Taken yesterday at the little park, you can see how homes have crept into any buildable area on the slopes of the west side. This has me wonder how new homes can continue to be built considering the current state of things. Are there enough jobs here to afford these homes? I sure hope so!

Red Rock Canyon Proper

In this image, you are looking west and at what I believe is the east end of the canyon proper. You can not see the canyon as it’s only visible when in front of you. Basically a major cut or gash on the surface of the desert. It’s huge, really huge, and worth the entry fee into this BLM managed park which also has a thirteen mile very scenic and beautiful drive. At the moment, I don’t know what the entry fee is though, sorry.