CPAP Head Shot

About one month ago I had to replace my CPAP mask as the old one was just worn out. So the ‘new’ mask went back to the store where I get my supplies yesterday, I replaced the old one (at… Read More ›

The Original Microsoft Crew

This is the original cast and crew that started the Microsoft corporation. I’m sorry about this, I truly am. Everyone should use Apple products, they are vastly superior to the ridiculous operating system created by Microbrain. I mean Microsoft. How… Read More ›


You may or may not have noticed that I have a peeve about certain words in our English language. Our American dialect of the King’s English that is. Why is a Bin referred to as a ‘dumpster’ here in the… Read More ›

How Dry is Lake Mead?

Have a look below. The ledge I shot some of these photos on should actually be several feet underwater, Lake Mead is around eighty feet below (I think?) it’s full level with no end in sight of the drought here… Read More ›