The Tivoli Courtyard and Familiar Architecture

Again, I am using some older photos from when I take too darn many! My bike ride takes me past this building which I really like for its clean lines. The Tivoli Village courtyard as I think of it is roughly one-quarter the distance of my ride to reach it. I stop here and call my dad and sister sometimes to say hey what’s up! The sun is popping out so maybe there is a ride in store today after all as it rained overnight.

Sights Along My Path

Here are some iPhone photos of things along my path. I tend to ride the same trail each ride which is fine but I do take occasional detours along the way. I really wish that the sunshine would burst through the clouds today… How is the weather in your neck of the woods?

Bits Of My Day Today

Yummy and damn hot chili and a 16-mile bike ride! Lower 60s temps were perfect for riding under a clear blue sky and old sol soaking us with sunshine! It was 23F in my Michigan hometown this morning, wow!

The Lion

I haven’t done a lion at Tivoli Village in a long while so here it is with a little processing. Sunny and 63 degrees are the forecast for this Saturday, a little better riding weather than yesterday.

My sister will be visiting me in a few days for about two days so when she is here, I will be taking a break from the blog so that we can get out of town to show her Red Rock Canyon and The Valley Of Fire State Park which is located well north of Las Vegas. It’s gonna be fun!

A Little Fun With Prisma

Prisma is a photo application for the IOS operating system. As you can see it can add some real bling to any photo. I was going to toss this photo because of the sun glare but thought why not drop it into the Prisma app, what do you think? Are they too busy, okay or do they suck?

The Dog Wizard

These photos are from a few days ago on a bike ride. There was no dog training going on so apparently someone left this item behind. Sunshine and sixty degrees are on tap for the valley today, there may be a bike ride in-store today. On a different note – my dad has been in the hospital in Florida for two days now and is feeling better today according to my sister. He has fluid in the lungs which is going away quickly. Can I get an Amen! Dad is 94 years young and will be 95 next month! Love you, dad!