Image Enhancements

Or, I think they are enhancements! The Joshua tree photo has been lightened up in the green range, the blue range is a bit lighter. For the Tivoli Village Fountain photo, I added a blue mask or tone then enhanced the colors a bit too, nice. The grayscale image was a color sunset photo that I wasn’t really happy with so I dropped it into the Nik software and really messed it up! I hope that you have had a great weekend, my friends!

That Fountain, Again

Again I apologise for the redundant photos around Tivoli Village but it has become a part of my bike rides, a course you can say that I follow. On the bike, you can get right up to the edge while the cars go around the roundabout. The horses that become fish too need a good cleaning, they seem to have dirt on their backs! Sunny, 73 degrees, and very windy are the forecast for today, maybe too windy to ride today.

Shot From The Saddle

These are iPhone photos from yesterday’s ride to Tivoli Village. One photo has some ghosting in it, this is due to my having the camera application set to HDR and me moving the camera while it takes three or four photos very quickly. oops. The camera app that comes with the phone is OK, but it has limitations, the app I use is called Pro Camera. The Nikon is in the bag and not easily accessible so I just grab the phone. Today’s forecast is 73 and sunshine, wonderful!

Tivoli Village Architecture

I still have too many photos from this place, as usual, and need to stop taking too many photos while out and about shooting at any location. The new bike got seven more miles on it this morning and the battery is still at full charge, I am going further away from home a bit at a time to see how long it takes the battery to drop just one bar on the display. It’s so much fun to ride this bike but I really need the seat with extra padding, my bum is taking a beating! 😂

It was overcast this day, hence the photos look very dull…