Wires and Poles Everywhere!

Las Vegas is so wired up, so full of freaking poles and wires that all contribute to messing up one’s photography! I thought about stopping by Tivoli Village on the way home from an interview but didn’t stop in. It’s 110 degrees again today so I’ll wait for the nineties to return which is a much more comfortable temperature.

An Impromptu Visit, Three

Here is the next set of photos from yesterday, I hope you like them. I wish each of you a wonderful new week, full of positivity and good health. This virus situation is slowly being contained and I believe that this year will see this terrible situation come to a swift end.

Today brings sunshine and 64 degrees with a wind advisory until noon today, it could be much worse! We could have 25 inches of snow and ten below. Wow, the wind is really ripping out there!