1000 Miles

Today’s bike ride saw the Pedego eBike hit 1000 miles! A bit of a milestone for me since riding a non-electric bike won’t do me well. It was a perfect day for a ride with low 80s and of course full sunshine. A cooldown is on the way this weekend which will pull the high temps down into the 70s which will be very comfortable for riding too with just a light jacket. I recorded a short video of the beautiful fountain at Tivoli Village which is better than a photo because you can hear the water and see it move, very calming!

Back On The Bike

Early this morning I decided to get the Pedego eBike back on the road and got fifteen miles behind me. The bike is about forty miles from one thousand miles now! I’ll feel a bit tired later this eve because of the ride but that is just fine. I took forty photos on this ride with the iPhone, so I have a few photos to show you from along the trail. In Tivoli Village, I stopped by a business that I follow on Instagram and ended up meeting a lovely lady from London, England! What a sweet lady. No, I did not ask her for a date! 😂

These photos are unaltered…

Going Back In Time

I’m just pulling photos down from my cloud storage for you this morning since I haven’t been out shooting at all recently. Watching The Weather Channel’s recaps of hurricane Ian this morning, I feel so blessed to wake up this morning to a completely blue sky and sunshine touching my palm trees which are standing up. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have gone through a storm like that. Happy Saturday my friends!

Meeting With Friends In Tivoli Village

This afternoon I met two bloggers at one of my favorite places, Tivoli Village. I have photos of them but did not ask permission to post them so I will respect their privacy. One person lives here in Las Vegas, and the other person is from Houston, TX. We have been following each other for a couple of years or more.

Anyway, we had a great dinner and plenty of chat which I enjoyed so much. After dinner we were outside for a few moments, that’s when I grabbed these photos. I miss my bike rides that often pass through this fun place, I will be back on the road when the summer heat retreats!

The Tivoli Village Main Entrance

Early today, I headed south to a store where I know flip-flops are sold, my old leather flip-flops seemed to be damaging the bottom of my feet which is horrible for a diabetic! I got the same brand and type, but the new ones have a rubberised pad for your foot instead of leather.

Better, we shall see how they work when they are broken in. I have very flat feet, and the shoes have a pronounced bump for those who have the arch, I hope this isn’t going to be a problem.

On the way to that store, I was stopped by another long traffic light and saw the Tivoli Village main entrance so out comes the Nikon. The photos are almost identical. The photo of Queens Ridge Condominiums was taken just a few feet from my truck on top of the parking deck.

It’s currently a chilly 100 degrees outside but a comfortable 73 degrees inside my home.