Flood Channel, New Homes & Mini Airport

Here are the last photos from a couple days ago now when I did a quick walk up a small ridge near my home. There is a new housing development very close by which has a lot of locals cranked off. The damned developers are encroaching into Red Rock Canyon slowly, there’s no fricking reason for this as there are other areas around the city where plenty of open land is available. This will be a battle.

The photo of Downtown Las Vegas was taken from many miles West of the city, the little black strip, or is it blue, is a landing field for a model aircraft club. Just a small gain in elevation can give you some better photo opportunities! So here we are at yet another Saturday morning – I really wanted to make what I call the Overton Run again today but it’s once again too overcast. Winter in Las Vegas isn’t as sunny as summer. Sucks!

This day trip involves taking Lake Mead Boulevard East until you enter the Pass that get’s you beyond Frenchman Mountain and the Muddy Mountains. Once past, you can soon begin the drive North toward Overton which is also near the entrance to the Valley Of Fire State Park. I enter the park heading West which eventually returns you to the fifteen freeway and then South back into Las Vegas Valley.

This is a fun drive on a sunny day, the mountains, valleys and insane colours and patterns of the rocks are impressive and beautiful. If you go, be sure to take snacks, water and whatever else with you though as there is basically nothing out there in terms of services except the occasional public toilets. The nasty kind that set over a big hole, basically a concrete outhouse! Yeah, that’s rather nasty… Tomorrow will be gloriously sunny!

Around McCarran Airport 2

Five more clicks from yesterday’s jaunt across town. Not my best photos but they do show you a bit of Las Vegas that many don’t see. Or care to see! I used the Nikon with the Sigma 10-20mm wide-angle lens, hence the photos look a bit rounded and the mountains look far smaller than they actually are. These were taken whilst in motion, I seriously discourage people from doing this! I hope you are having a dandy week friends!

Around McCarran Airport

Just a few photos from yesterday, I wasn’t on the way to the airport but had a mission near by. There are several more from yesterday to come yet, then I’ve several iPhone photos taken today on my walk to share later tonight I hope. Well, I was supposed to have my new Life Alert system installed late last week but the install person never showed. He or she was discharged according to my contact person Sarah. He/she blew off every single stop he/she was supposed to make that day. Fired!

So let’s see if this person actually shows up late this day. Earlier today I decided to test my back a bit by walking to the local UPS store to send some tax information for next year, back to my tax man. I made it without the lower Lumbars giving out but it wasn’t an easy walk. Having to stop frequently to let your upper legs and bum muscles relax a bit really slows you down! It’s the nerves in the spine that are messed up.

I’m not complaining about this nor my heart issue, I’m just telling my followers what’s going on from day to day should you want to know. Frankly, I don’t make nearly enough commentary on my photography or anything else. Please, if you’d like to hear more from me personally or other thoughts, please don’t hesitate to mention it in your comment. I love everyone’s comments, and all are always welcome!

Downtown Lapeer, Michigan

These are the last of the photos from my recent trip up north to Michigan. In recent years, many businesses have left this nice little downtown area for the busy main road which is M-24 just a short distance to the west. I get it, it’s all about the dollars and cents. But during my recent visit it was great to see that many of the empty buildings on the downtown corridor have new businesses in them.

This matters a great deal to me since I’ve spent over twenty years of my life in this nice little town with it’s friendly people and a much slower pace of life. The contrasts between life there and life here in Las Vegas are many and of course very obvious. Life in Las Vegas is always in a state of Mad Rush. Life happens at a much faster pace here and most of the time I really don’t mind it…

Still though, I’ve found myself being angry. Angry about one specific thing about life here that has always been a stinking point with me. Las Vegas drivers. This is somewhat augmented by the fact that people here on the west coast are simply not as friendly as folks back in Michigan. It’s in lock step with what my ex wife said about why she left California years ago. Too much traffic, too many mean people.

But I refuse to cave to something like this because living in this city is a far better life on so many levels as opposed to my life back north in Michigan. It’s all in the head isn’t it? Head games? Perhaps, but the solution to feeling like that is an attitude adjustment. An adjustment in your perception of what happens around you. There are so many nice people in Las Vegas. Think positive! Kick negative to the curb, the traffic will run it down!