The Clark County Museum

Hi all, thanks for stopping by. I drove to Henderson this morning to get some photos of this museum. I’ve never visited this place until today and I should say that the museum in terms of photography was terrible indoors! It’s rather dark inside but also very interesting. I spent about thirty minutes walking through the exhibits.

Outside was a different story of course in terms of the lighting. I have a great photoset of a steam engine coming up. The rest of the museum is outdoors and has original buildings and homes that were moved to this location long ago for the museum and have their own street. The cost to enter the museum is dirt cheap.

Just one dollar for me since I am 55+! Younger folk are just two bucks, big deal right? My final thoughts on my short visit – it was a 25+ mile drive one way and overall I must say that I was a bit disappointed with the museum both in terms of it’s location (really far from the Strip) and it’s total content. It just seems to need more items.

The main Adobe building that contains so much of Nevada history is clean, well maintained and staffed by very friendly and knowledgeable people.

By the way, once again, the damned SD card in my Nikon was telling me that it was Full. Ummm, no. It couldn’t have been more than a tiny bit full as it was empty when I left home. Strike Two, that SD card is going in the trash. Hence, I lost a few photo opportunities. Thanks so much, you cheap ass SD card!

Visit the Clark County Museum.

Heading For the Body Shop

Yesterday, My vehicle door was once again torn from my fingers by the most recent wind storm which caused the Link which stops the door from opening too far to again go BANG, breaking the Link inside the door again. No body damage, but seriously? I have to pay out of pocket for this of course. Total cost? Approxamately $110.00 which isn’t much but again! Anyway, just a few photos from this morning’s northbound run up the 215 freeway toward the bodyshop. Note to self going forward: Park facing INTO the wind! Las Vegas windstorms can be really damaging!

Days Long Ago

Good sunny morning friends! I have nothing new today to post, so here is an iPhone photo from the summer of 2017 when I attended my daughter’s wedding reception. I was on the other boat when I took this iPhone photo, approaching the dock.

My parents sold this home to my sister and her husband several years ago, and is the home that I lived in during my high school years. Before this, we lived around the bend in the next bay in a larger house starting in 1968. Great memories in this place!

Click the photo, looks better bigger

Egg Rabbits & Old Barns

Both photos are iPhone photos, from a summer visit to Michigan 2017. The barns house several different things, the little egg-rabbit is something my mother bought years ago as a decoration. We miss you mom. It’s another gray day here so I hit the grocer, the drug store and another item. No new photos today, tomorrow’s another day.