From Takeoff To Landing

Not the entire flight to Detroit Metro but the departure from KLAS and the landing at DTW. Flying is so much fun once you make it to your seat! I was in seat 33F going both ways, next time I’m going to get a first-class seat if available. easy on, easy off. A high of just 54 degrees and full sunshine are on for today, and there was a freeze warning for last night. Believe it or not, this isn’t nearly as cold as Michigan was the last few days with a low of 27F at night.

Blasting Out Of Detroit

Roll, 45 degrees Port Yaw. That is, of course, a total guess about what is going on here but it was great! This 2-minute video is the full-thrust takeoff from DTW today. Note how the iPhone begins to shake since it is touching the plastic window of the aircraft. It’s so amazing how many humans can be canned inside an aluminum tube that goes 475 miles per hour! 😂

Back in The Valley

That, and I am gonna be one tried guy for a couple of days. If there were no time zones, perhaps people wouldn’t feel so tired? The photos were taken today of course as the aircraft passed over Lake Mead and its way too-low water level.

The snowy mountains are not the Rockies, I have a few photos of that range too but I don’t know what range this is. In total, I took 300 photos and nine videos on this 18-day trip. If you care to see what is coming up over the next few days then do come back!

Birds And Buildings

I’m using up some older photos here, the hummingbird feeder has a lot of traffic as does the smaller one nearby. The One Summerlin building looks great in the sunshine, the sunshine that I will be missing next month! The long-range forecast for my area of Michigan shows a high in the 40s and a low in the 50s with bouts of rain and snow. Typically crappy Michigan weather…

On The Fifteen Freeway

This morning I had to drive way south to Henderson to pick up my bike now that I am back in town, and the front tire has been repaired. I typically avoid the fifteen freeway because of how insanely busy it is but it wasn’t too bad this morning. $54 dollars later and a stop for lunch I’m home. Grocery shopping, anybody?

Blue Flowers, Yellow Flowers

Hello from sunny Las Vegas where it’s 90 degrees! It’s so wonderful to be back home under my blue sky and in my house. These photos were taken on my folks’ property a couple of days ago, lovely! After downloading all of the iPhone photos I took over the last two weeks, the size of the zipped folder was 1.71 gigabytes. That’s a lot of iPhone photos! I have a few things to get some this afternoon including trying to adjust to the time zone so I’ll catch y’all later today perhaps.

Tuning The Zenith

This old-time radio was photographed at the Pontiac Museum yesterday with the iPhone 12, why this radio is in an automobile museum eludes me but I love anything radio as some of you know. Well, tomorrow’s post will be made from home, a day of travel is always very tiring, isn’t it?

Taxiing and After Takeoff

These photos are blurry thanks to the dirty windows on this Delta Airlines flight. I was heading for Michigan last week, and I may be heading home around next Friday for several days before heading back to Michigan for our rescheduled and even earlier family Christmas in November.

I am so tired from being very busy the last several days, and the damn gray sky and days of rain only augment how tired I am along with the three-hour time difference…

There’s A Birdhouse Under That Mess!

These vines have been left to grow since Mother passed and now the birdhouse has been surrounded. Poor birds! If you enjoy a good window seat takeoff video, please watch this video, it will take you from full thrust to blue sky! How is your Hump Day going?

Sunrise At McCarran

Here is an old photo from 2019 as I am heading for Michigan. Sunshine and 84 degrees are on deck for today and my bike will be picked up around noon today by the company I purchased it from. They will take the bike to the Henderson store to repair the tire since the location nearest me is gone until they find a location for a new store. The greedy building owner doubled the rent!