The Indian Blankets are still managing to grow in my backyard, I had to prune away several dead flowers again then gave the plant it’s every other day watering. This little bug was hanging around the plant today so I… Read More ›

Charles Brown Market

A bit of an odd photo I guess, this nice little store is located at 712 Highway 127, Shoshone, CA 92384. I was on another day trip and stopped for this photo. From here it’s not too far to Death… Read More ›


Other than the road and a few cars, there is nothing outside of the big city. Mojave Desert beauty.

Changing Roads

With Charleston Boulevard directly behind me, I change roads to the SR 160 westbound which begins my trip to Pahrump via the Mountain Springs Pass. Beyond Pahrump many miles is the termination of SR 160 at the ninety five freeway.

At The Turning Point

After many miles on SR 160 I reached the junction where SR 160 terminates and you must turn north for Tonopah or south for Las Vegas. I’ve never been to Tonopah, or to Carson City which is our state capital…. Read More ›

Gold Town and Pahrump Nugget

While stopped for lunch yesterday at the Pahrump Nugget, I grabbed a few photos outside of both casinos. The Nugget has a dandy restaurant near the Bingo hall, give them a try. As with any casino, they stink inside. Thanks,… Read More ›

Driving The Big Loop

So today I got outta my house fairly early having decided to make the long trip over Mountain Springs Pass, then north into Pahrump and continuing north until SR 160 meets up with SR 95. I stopped in Pahrump for… Read More ›