The Boarding Process

If you have been through the process of getting to your aircraft for a trip then you know how frustrating the boarding process can be. During my recent trip to Michigan, the people boarding the Delta Airbus A321 just couldn’t get their asses in their seats! You can tell just by simply watching how fidgety they are.

Umm, please folks, just find your seat, stuff your carry-on in the bin and sit down! The captain or co-pilot actually came on the speakers and said “this is the time that we should be getting the push-back”. As in, the tug should be pushing the aircraft away from the boarding gantry.

I am sure that I was not the only one getting fed up with people who just can’t settle the hell down. I didn’t have window seats on either flight too which sucked. Oh well! Sunshine and just fifty wimpy, anemic degrees today. Again. Can we please have the summer heat back?

Haulin’ Ass!

The speed of airliner travel is just one of many things that I love about flight. The speed, the physics, and the takeoffs and landings! Heading home to Michigan is a three-day drive or a three-and-a-half-hour flight. Which would you choose? I will choose 600 miles per hour in an airliner every time.

At The Sponge Docks

Going back to 2015 again, these photos were taken on Alternate 19 which is just west of the big 19 which is an insanely busy road. I frequented this area when we lived in Dunedin in the early 1990s and taking my small boat with an outboard engine up the Anclote River was a favorite adventure.

Just south of this area about four miles is where the rented home was and where we lost so many of our possessions during that big storm of 1993.

Florida 2015

These five photos are iPhone photos and it’s easy to see that. I don’t know what the phone model was but it didn’t take good photos. I was driving a rig down there from Michigan for my dad. Sunshine and 55 degrees are the forecast for today, too chilly!