At The Sponge Docks

Going back to 2015 again, these photos were taken on Alternate 19 which is just west of the big 19 which is an insanely busy road. I frequented this area when we lived in Dunedin in the early 1990s and taking my small boat with an outboard engine up the Anclote River was a favorite adventure.

Just south of this area about four miles is where the rented home was and where we lost so many of our possessions during that big storm of 1993.

Florida 2015

These five photos are iPhone photos and it’s easy to see that. I don’t know what the phone model was but it didn’t take good photos. I was driving a rig down there from Michigan for my dad. Sunshine and 55 degrees are the forecast for today, too chilly!

Lake Las Vegas

Lake Las Vegas is a very high-dollar place to live, simply put and that’s just one guy’s opinion but I have been there a few times just to drive through the place. Wow, very impressive! And, well outside of my budget too! This link will tell you much more about this man-made lake which is fed by the Las Vegas Wash and is connected to Lake Mead via large buried pipes that are used for flood control. Photo via iPhone.

Where Is The Boat Ramp?

I placed a magnifier over the original boat ramp, it’s inside the circle, the last photo. Does this give you a better idea of just how terribly low Lake Mead is? It’s amazing to see this beautiful area that I know very well from my day trips from a few thousand feet above as the aircraft approaches McCarran International.

Birmingham, Michigan

We started our ride through the dream cruise in Downtown Pontiac actually, which is a few miles north of Birmingham. I love that red car, and I’m a staunch General Motors guy too! I would like to know how the Jeep got to that location with those gigantic snowmobile tracks. A trailer? I added the other photo which is not mine because I firmly believe that this would return America back to greatness again. Partly cloudy and 102 degrees are the forecast for today. Do you have any plans for the weekend?