The Overpass

Here is a view from inside the Spaghetti Bowl in Las Vegas which connects several freeways. This was a point-and-shoot photo, I had no idea what the camera would capture. Gotta keep one’s eyes on the road!

Your Morning Traffic

Now that the damned road is dry in front of my place after sealing, I can get out tom take care of business. As in picking up five of my medications at the pharmacy. Yep, I do take plenty of… Read More ›

Eastbound for Pahrump

Hello Pahrump Valley. the city of Pahrump is OK, not much to see really but the restaurants and casinos are always clean and the food is yumz. It makes a nice half-day trip for me too. Read about Pahrump, Nevada.

Tough Guy in the Men’s Room

This weird thing greeted me in an airport men’s room. So weird! I wonder who left it there? A child? Or perhaps an adult with an odd sense of humour! Public poopers are unpredictable…

Too Damaged to Repair

Here is another iPhone image from 2017 on the lake in Michigan. It’s a great shot except for being captured with an iPhone. Again, why the hell did I choose to leave my Nikon at home!! I don’t care if… Read More ›

Photo of A Print

This image is apparently an artist conception of a tiny town somewhere long ago. I took a photo of it, you can see my reflection in the glass it is housed in. My folks own this, it resides in the… Read More ›