Twisted Rotting Wood

My recent trip to Michigan saw me deep in the wood helping and old friend remove debris from a fallen 125 foot Oak. The wind simply blew the old tree over as it’s rotten as hell inside. It’s time has… Read More ›

The Model T

Taken just the other day in my pop’s man cave, we worked on the ignition system of this old beauty. The Magneto-Battery switch was acting up. The car is not a body-off restoration but a daily driver as I call… Read More ›

Pumping Jet A

These aren’t terribly interesting photos but this is how we fuel up for the 2000 mile journey home to Las Vegas. The wings are full of Jet A fuel. ❤️😎

Dip Right

This is a short video of my departure from Chicago, headed home to Las Vegas. There’s no place like home!!

In-Flight Wing Photos

OK, I admit that this type of photo is rather cliche’ but yours truly loves to fly! This aircraft was a Boeing 737 I think, in any case it was a seriously big aircraft. In this set you see parts… Read More ›

Built to Carry That Weight

Construction. Always more construction going on in this city be it roads or new homes or buildings. Las Vegas is growing! This is part of the 95/215 interchange.

Riding The 95 North

On my way home from the store yesterday, I grabbed these photos whilst in transit. Children, do not ever do this unless you’ve had lessons from an old pro at it like myself. I mean it! Anyway, sometimes you are… Read More ›

Flying Home Winter 2018

From Las Vegas to the cold of Michigan, I fly home for our family Christmas last year. I love my family, I love flight! Not all of my family are dogs though, let’s be clear here LOL!! 😬