A Rocky Day

Continuing with photos from yesterday, I wish that you could ride with me through this beautiful place with its amazing geology and so many colors of rock. At the junction where you choose to go north or south, it’s 47 miles north to Overton, or a bit less to the Valley Of Fire State Park where you head west from the lake and head for the fifteen freeway and south to Las Vegas. Turning right at the junction will take you to other places on the lake shore, and also to Hoover Dam.

Inside And Outside Of The City

Here is another batch of old photos from two years ago or more. Some of them are from a day trip I took to Death Valley in California. Sunshine and 100 degrees are on tap for Las Vegas today. My AC has been shut down all night to save on the electric bill, the temperature dropped into the 80s overnight so the house was just cool enough to keep the system off. It’s currently 86 degrees, very comfortable!