Kalitta Air Cargo

This company is based in Ypsilanti, Michigan and hauls cargo worldwide. I captured this one at Chicago O’Hare while taxiing away from the terminal for takeoff. The company also does auto racing as you may have seen before on TV… Read More ›

Jet Engine

These powerful engines, the most powerful there are pound for pound, make air travel possible. We’ll never see the day when wind mills and solar power will carry us eight miles high. That’s good news.

Snow Seen From 4000 Feet

As the Boeing approached Las Vegas, several snow squalls were visible to the south which I captured with the iPhone. They sure look different and beautiful from one mile or so above the desert floor!

In The Valley, Above The Valley

It’s iPhone photography time in this post. The terminal photo was taken in Terminal Three at our beautiful McCarran International Airport. How many airports have you seen “slot” machines in? Not many I’ll bet. The photos taken aboard the Airbus… Read More ›

TD At Flint Bishop

I will be landing at this airport tomorrow afternoon again if the weather permits. This Michigan native doesn’t like the cold weather or snow these days, looking forward to seeing my family of course but not the white shit.

Departing from Tampa Bay

This is the best airliner departure video that I have taken, period! The only ooops I made was a left finger over the camera lens briefly. The rate of climb is so amazing in the Airbus A320 aircraft, such raw… Read More ›

Desert Travel

I’ve found travel around the Mojave Desert to be very easy over the last six years living here. Since it usually doesn’t snow on the desert floor, the roads are in pristine condition compared to up north. The sights and… Read More ›

The North The South

The black and white image is of the south end, the colour is the north end of the Strip seen from Lake Mead Boulevard on the east side of Las Vegas Valley. This road crosses the entire valley east and… Read More ›

Outboard Thrust

Yours truly grew up around outboard racing engines and boat racing as well as boating on the big lake sister and I grew up on during the 1960’s and 1970’s hence my continued love for boats and boat racing. This… Read More ›