I am old enough to remember riding this same snowmobile, it had a single-cylinder two-cycle engine and all bogy wheels in the track, no sliders. A good basic sled for the family and lots of fun to ride. When you grow up snowmobiling, you just can’t forget stuff like this! Are you a snowmobiler?

That Gosh Damn Wind!

I have lived in my home for four years now as of 2023 and so far, the wind has not ripped a frond off of either of my Mexican Fan Palms until today. These windstorms are much more frequent in the winter months and can kind of get on my nerves after it’s been blasting for three days. Gusts to 60mph have apparently taken the palm frond off. C’mon wind, give us a break!

C Modified Hydro

This boat just won’t climb on plane as you will notice after the engine finally fires. On plane means that the center of the propeller at the shaft becomes equal with the water’s surface which allows for much more speed. It’s a matter of getting enough forward speed to allow the propeller to “bite” enough to gain speed.

You can tell when the engine and boat are on plane when you hear the engine RPM slow way down suddenly. Then, the engine can push the boat far faster allowing for much more speed. Does that make sense? This is what I grew up with and I love it! Disclaimer: This is not my video.

Man Plays Violin For Tips

Every Christmas, this man shows up in this parking area to play his violin for tips from passing cars. His playing is fantastic! I was heading home and didn’t want to walk or drive over there for better audio, sorry. I pointed the phone at the truck bed and let it record what it could. These big ornaments are at the main entrance to Tivoli Village. Sunshine and 64 degrees for Las Vegas today, I’ll take it!

Southfield, Michigan and A Tram

A tram or a trolley, take your pick I guess, it is located in the Delta Airlines terminal at Detroit Metro Airport as we have always called it for decades. After arriving in Detroit for our family Christmas a few days ago, I snapped these iPhone photos passing through Southfield on the freeway while my niece was driving. Southfield was an area I hung around in years ago when dating a babe who was from West Bloomfield. The sunset was very pretty but shame again on me for not bringing the Nikon and 140mm lens!