From Takeoff To Landing

Not the entire flight to Detroit Metro but the departure from KLAS and the landing at DTW. Flying is so much fun once you make it to your seat! I was in seat 33F going both ways, next time I’m going to get a first-class seat if available. easy on, easy off. A high of just 54 degrees and full sunshine are on for today, and there was a freeze warning for last night. Believe it or not, this isn’t nearly as cold as Michigan was the last few days with a low of 27F at night.

Blasting Out Of Detroit

Roll, 45 degrees Port Yaw. That is, of course, a total guess about what is going on here but it was great! This 2-minute video is the full-thrust takeoff from DTW today. Note how the iPhone begins to shake since it is touching the plastic window of the aircraft. It’s so amazing how many humans can be canned inside an aluminum tube that goes 475 miles per hour! 😂

Michigan Dirt Roads

Our dirt roads are like any other dirt roads haha! Dirty is the word, I’ve never understood why people choose to live far down a dirt road. The video of the lovely blue sky and the weather was taken while heading north to Frankenmuth, Michigan riding in a 1968 Cadillac which was so fun. Lots of legroom and a 400+ cubic V8 engine under the hood.

There’s A Birdhouse Under That Mess!

These vines have been left to grow since Mother passed and now the birdhouse has been surrounded. Poor birds! If you enjoy a good window seat takeoff video, please watch this video, it will take you from full thrust to blue sky! How is your Hump Day going?

Garage Flooding

Well, my private lake rose high enough last night to send the water into the garage which forced me to move things so that I could squeegee the water out the main garage door. Crazy! This hasn’t happened in four years here. There’s still a chance of rain today too with just 79 degrees for the high. Nice!

A Double Gullywasher

Finally! Two very heavy soakers moved over my area of the valley, one yesterday afternoon and the other overnight. It’s long overdue and it’s much cooler this morning. The valley will hit 95 degrees this afternoon though… Note that the mountains aren’t visible. How is your weather today?