This Ski Doo’s For You!

Last night, I came across this fun old TV commercial for the Elan model Ski Doo, a sled that members of my family owned in the early 1970s when our family traveled to northern lower Michigan almost every weekend to ride hundreds of miles on our sleds, and always pulling a trailer sled that had all of the food and booze for a nice campfire late in the day. Those days of riding were great fun, so many wonderful memories! Sadly, most of those family members, aunts, and uncles have passed. They are gone now, yet they still and will live on in my heart.

Proof That God Exists!

This is sheer, pure ignorance on public display. My decades of living in the north country also included many encounters with a chainsaw, this guy hasn’t got a damn clue!

Flapping For Bugs!

As usual in the morning, I stepped outside to get a feel for the day’s weather. I could already hear the pigeons flapping madly in the neighbor’s tree! I slowly walked into the backyard, making occasional stops hoping to not spook the birds into flying away. I got close enough for this video using the zoom via the iPhone. They are flap happy bug eaters!