Chicken Noodle Soup and Dancing Fronds

This video was recorded yesterday afternoon, I goofed and got it upside down. Can you tell that the aircraft is moving around five hundred miles per hour? I’m still working on that pot of chicken noodle soup I whipped up a couple of days ago, it’s so delicious! It needs more veggies though. Would you like to try a big bowl? The price is right!

The video quality sucks, something happened during the upload I guess.

Clean Patio Furniture

It’s been a beautiful day today with sunshine and 82 degrees, a great day to spiff the house up outside, front and back. I used the concrete floor broom to pull the crap from the neighbor’s tree off of the faux grass since the leaf blower can’t get all of it. A quick wash down of the patio furniture followed up with a bath towel finishes that job off.

After this, I sat down on my favorite tall chair and pointed the iPhone around to capture the beautiful blue sky and green palm fronds. I also took a regular video and this time-lapse video. The time-lapse video shows a jetliner passing directly overhead. If it were traveling that fast, I suspect it would be moving over 1000 miles per hour!