A Bridge, A Tunnel and Other Things

On today’s bike ride I didn’t take many photos so here are all of them in one post. The water in the detention basin is what is left from several days ago when we had a serious downpour. The bike path runs along the basin for maybe one-quarter mile before I turn right and head for Tivoli Village.

The photo of a construction zone is actually the backside of Tivoli Village which was apparently left for a later date and time. My eBike has some seriously fat tires! Today’s ride was twelve miles, the standard distance on most rides since I generally ride the same trail each ride. How is/was your day?

Ducks, Turtles and Thunder

Yesterday afternoon I sat in the backyard and let the iPhone record the thunder from what turned out to be one hell of a gullywasher! Even my street got just a bit flooded! I love the rain and stood in the open garage door watching it pour for several minutes.

The photos are from Floyd Lamb Park the other day, they are well-cropped to pull the critters in much closer since the new 211mm zoom lens for the Sony A7C body wasn’t quite enough. Beginning tomorrow, I am changing the upload schedule for this blog.

A few years ago, I posted many times more per day than what I have been doing now for some time which is five times per day. That will change to just twice per day. Why?

I believe that this will hopefully bring more people to this blog because it’s a known fact that posting too often can turn off some folks and they stop coming to your blog. Also, this will free up time for me to do other things which will be nice. Going forward, I hope that you will like this new format.

Watch That Traffic!

This 25-second video shows how close I get to the road, it’s dangerous and you’ve got to be 100% focused and aware at all times when riding in Las Vegas. Today’s weather is so beautiful, I went out for a drive to get some photos, but all but one photo sucked so they are gone. The radio is my dual-band ham radio that covers the VHF and UHF ham radio bands. I won’t bore you with the technical stuff!

Coming Up Behind You

Coming up behind you is my way of letting people know that I am behind them and intend to pass. It’s just trail courtesy and people appreciate it rather than being scared by a biker blasting by without warning. Sunny and 84F for the valley today, how is your weather today? Sorry about the video’s bad aspect ratio.

A Dangerous Intersection To Cross

On today’s ride, I stood the mount for the iPhone up vertically to capture a total of four videos. The bad thing here is that the mount won’t rotate horizontally for the correct aspect ratio for video. This intersection is where a rotten driver almost lost control of their car and could have hit me a few weeks ago. I was on the first leg of the ride in these photos and video. (The video may render horizontally.)

A Riding Video

The video is only 50 seconds long and a bit too wobbly but you get the idea I hope. I wasn’t expecting those guys and was worried that I might hit them! I snickered because the guy on the rollerblades was wearing super short gym shorts like we used to wear in the gym in high school in the late 1970s! The plant photo was taken at the main entrance to Tivoli Village near the roads.