While On A Walk…

I spied beautiful blue skies and palm trees swaying crazily in the now two day long wind storm, and some California Barrel Cactus which are being planted along with Agave’, at the main entrance to my complex. Nice upgrades actually! I may be from the north country, but I am totally in love with Desert Scaping! Why? It’s beautiful and most importantly, it uses a minimum of water from Lake Mead. Perfect.

Mike O’Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge

Hi all! First, I want to be clear that I’ve posted photos from this bridge before, but not while using the Sigma 10-20mm wide-angle lens and was curious to see how this lens will do while photographing from the Mike O’Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge.

I must say that I’m very happy with the outcome! Some of the photos in this set are not from the bridge proper, but please stick around. I have lots of great photos from all around Hoover Dam today. It was perfect out there, full sunshine, light wind and upper sixties!

Landscapes Around Lake Mead

Thanks for stopping by! I’ve been wanting to make the run north to Overton again since it was sometime last year that I made the long drive. Following the length of Lake Mead, I head north inside the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. It’s about forty five miles from where I enter the Rec area to Overton. Maybe a bit more. I’m much happier with the giant collection of photos I snapped on this trip! Over the next few days or whatever, I’ll process them and upload. I hope you’ll stick around!

Today’s weather was totally gorgeous. Mostly sunny with temperatures in the low to mid seventies. Perfect! A great day for this extended run. Along the path, I had some nice chats with totally random folks which is something I really enjoy. Especially since I live alone! That’s another topic. It’s always fun to find out where people I meet are from. Today’s batch brought a biker dude who’s been in Las Vegas since 1973 and is from Detroit, a city that I’m rather well acquainted with!

The other fella had Caly tags on his ride but is from Wisconsin. I seem to bump into native Michiganders like myself most anywhere I go! Some are refugees from the bitter weather as I am. All told, this was the perfect day for this trip. I have a method it seems to me for determining when these trips will happen with regard to the weather. I want sunshine when I shoot. Others prefer overcast which is totally fine of course. Landscapes always look best when well illuminated in my humble opinion.

I’ll wait a few days, carefully checking the forecast for sunshine content. Today was just enough. But seeing that 74 degrees register somewhere along the road in my truck was a sweet treat! Cold sucks. Hot is good! The warmer it gets here, the better I feel. A couple side items for ya – my truck has a bigger V-6 engine and used a bit over one quarter tank for this run, not too bad really. And I also found out that I qualified for a National Parks pass which gets me into any national park and some others at no charge.

Unfortunately, I have to have three blown discs in my lower back for the privilege. I had no idea about this until I started leaving my blue handicap tag hanging from the rear view mirror. Perhaps the heart issue also would qualify but whatever. I hope your Monday has been a good Monday wherever you may be today.

After The Rains…

I was disappointed with the clouds this morning after driving into Red Rock. I’d hoped for much more moody photos of the clouds crawling across and down the mountain ridges but the low pressure system had mostly moved away already. This is what I got this morning…

Better than nothing I guess. I expected some specific roads to be flooded and/or filled with gravel from the flooding. Nope, just a bit of light gravel across where the Washes cross after seeing the flooding around Vegas. Nope! All in all Las Vegas has fared far better than California did with the horrid mud slides within the forest fire burn areas in which I believe twelve people lost their lives.

While I dislike California for various reasons, I’d never wish such terrible things on anyone.