Desert Photos With The iPhone

I spent a couple of hours outside of the city getting some new photos then suddenly the Nikon said it was “full”. Okay, what does that mean? The SD card is absolutely not full so I need to investigate. So, out comes the trusty iPhone 12! Always there, always ready.

I think it did a fair job, there are 25 total photos taken with the phone so I’ll have some colorful desert photos for a couple of days or so. The area I was in is roughly five miles west of the city and at a higher elevation which is around 3000 feet ASL, a bit higher than my home so it was a wee bit colder up there.

Moon, Halo, Palm Tree

These photos were shot late last night with the Nikin and 200mm Nikkor. We see rings around the sun and the moon. My grandfather taught me decades ago that a ring around the sun can mean rain or snow is on the way. Apparently, there was plenty of moisture up there late last night. Backyard photography is fun. πŸ˜‚

Some Old Hoover Dam Photos

I dug these old photos out of my archive last night, they are I don’t know how many years old, and are at the old, smaller image size I used to use instead of the current 1500×844 for iPhone, or 1500×1000 for the Nikon photos. I should take a ride back out there! I removed the improper watermark and just left them off. 57 degrees and sunshine for the valley today, still too chilly for my bike ride.

Tivoli Square

So, are you tired of Tivoli Village yet? I apologise if you are. Aren’t these iPhone photos super crispy? The iPhone can rival my Nikon in very bright lighting conditions like this which is great. Sunny and just 49 degrees for today, this is ridiculous! Have you noticed the new site logo? Simple and clean against white.

The View Beyond My Neighborhood

Heading home from the store this morning I stopped to grab this photo with the 200mm lens of the range on the north end of the valley. This cold weather and rain have dropped some snow up there, probably above 5000 feet, my best guess. I can’t see the range from my backyard though which sucks. It’s so cold and damp today that it reminds me of a blustery January day back in Michigan. The cold chases me!

A Blah Day

What a difference 24 hours make! Our high-temperature today will be just 45 degrees thanks to another gray day of rain and cold wind. I have had more than enough of this weird winter weather here. It is the opposite of what you see in the iPhone photos from a couple of days ago. Can I go back to bed? πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»

Piggy Ducks and Palm Trees

Piggy ducks? Yes, note the cute curl at the rear of the duck’s backs. So cute! The other photo is of course at Tivoli Village. I decided not to ride today, it’s a bit later than I usually head out and my legs are sore from yesterday’s ride. Can you say Johnn is out of shape? I enjoyed church on my laptop too. βœοΈπŸ™πŸ»πŸ₯°

Tivoli Blue

Shot on iPhone, I should have turned down the depth of the blue yet it’s a nice contrast to the color of the building. 61 degrees and partly cloudy for today, a better day for a bike ride. What are you up to today?