Finally, Some Nikon Z5 photos…

Well, the item I needed to get the photos from the Nikon Z5 onto the MacBook finally showed up this afternoon. What do you think of the photos? They are of a place you’ve probably seen before in this space. I had a great 14-mile bike ride today too, sunshine and 69 is the perfect temperature for biking.

A Trophy, A Copper Sailboat

Sunshine and 67 degrees are up for Las Vegas today, great weather for December but it will cool down in a few days into the 50s. Last night, I ordered a device from Amazon that will allow me to get the photos off of the SD card in the new Nikon Z5 camera. It didn’t show last night so now Amazon says it will be here later today. Seeing is believing!

A Cold River

Here’s another view of that lovely but cold river in Michigan. It runs for several miles almost due south to north. I’ve been busy today buzzing around town getting things done and then replaced one of the hummingbird feeders after it was attacked by ants. It’s no wonder that the hummers weren’t eating from it, out comes the garden hose.

A World Of Difference…

A world of difference, one photo shows my life here in Las Vegas with the foothills looming large, the other photo shows homes along a country road with no mountains, just flat. Two different worlds I’ve in. And this month is my birthday month which means I move to the next era of this life. Sunshine and 66 degrees for today, nice!

Christmas In The Desert

It still seems odd to me to see Christmas trees and other decorations surrounded by palm trees and no snow. I guess a lifetime of northern living stays with you. It was a great day to ride, but another ten degrees would be nicer. 61 degrees can still generate a windchill factor believe it or not. These are iPhone 15 photos, I haven’t got to setting up the new Nikon I picked up yesterday.

My eBike Hits 2000 Miles!

The Pedego electric bike rolled past two thousand miles during today’s 12-mile ride, which is the equivalent of riding from Las Vegas to my hometown in Michigan! Not bad for a two-year-old bike. I was going to name this post “Christmas In Tivoli Village” but didn’t obviously.

It was a cool ride but I was dressed just enough to handle the very small wind chill factor. How about that Christmas Tree!! It won’t fit in your living room, haha!

She’s Not Sad…

But, she does look a bit sad. Those eyes! During this trip, Blondie was a bit annoying because she ran outside and barked at what seemed like nothing but the wind. Sometimes the barking began before she passed through the big dog door which startled my dad awake.

Old people sleep a lot. It’s tough to feel aggravated by her when she walks in front of me sitting in the chair then places her eyes in your lap and looks at you. Please rub under my itchy collar! A high temperature of 57 degrees is up for today, should I dare a bike ride in such cold weather? 😂

Among My Mountains

Ahh yes, it’s so good to be home again among my beautiful mountains! The Mojave Desert is a very beautiful place to live. How was your Monday? I have two things on the agenda today which is nice after running around like a headless chicken yesterday. Sunshine and 58 degrees for today, hello, sunshine!

It’s Nice To Be Back Home!

Today has had me running all around my area of town taking care of a few loose ends that needed tying up but it’s great to be back among my mountains, palm trees, and sunshine! How is your Monday going?

Isn’t this small dam so pretty? I love the sounds, and please pardon my finger. 😂