Seven More Photos from Downtown Summerlin This Morning

There are several more photos from today that I will post tomorrow morning. The wind has suddenly become very wild this afternoon, I can hear it whipping past the house on either side as I sit here writing this, I miss those big windstorms we have during the winter months…

An Impromptu Shoot At Downtown Summerlin

After picking up my meds at the pharmacy I decided to head west to the Jimmy John’s restaurant for a turkey sub this morning, delicious! I was about one-quarter mile from Downtown Summerlin so off I went. One big mistake I made today was heading out without the 60mm lens.

The 211mm lens on the new Sony A7C was just too much lens for shooting in an area like this so I was very limited. I stopped by the Apple Store again to let myself salivate over the new iMac series, I want but don’t really need! It wasn’t quite 90 degrees so the upper 80s and a nice breeze made a nice walk this morning.

Cruising For Photos

Today has been so beautiful that I can’t see spending too much time at home so out the door I go for a few hours. The sky looks like it wants to rain but I saw no dark clouds or rain sails around the valley when at the high elevations. Bummer! How has your weather been today?

Released Into The Wolds of The Internet

Okay, that’s a silly title and a different way of saying that I have some photos that have been stuck on my desktop for several days. I hope you like them! Happy Monday my friends from Las Vegas where we will have sunshine and 97 degrees today. The previous forecast called for 100 degrees today but we are staying colder today at 97 degrees. That’s a really chilly forecast! 🥶

I didn’t Intend To Stop By Tivoli Village…

Actually, I was looking into something regarding Ham Radio and then ended up at Tivoli Village. I scored a great lunch from Cafe Leone’ which was so delicious! I found the beautiful mural near Tivoli Village on Alta Road and had to stop for the shot using the Sony A7C and the 60mm lens.

Two photos were taken candidly by just sitting the camera on a table while I waited for my takeaway, the body shot was not intentional! Such a beautiful day for a ride in the truck at 90 degrees.

Send To The Family

For several weeks, I have been putting about 70 of my best photos in a folder to eventually be sent to my family. Last night, I went through all of them to remove the watermark and give them one more check before shipping them out. Since I am out of photos for the blog except for extra photos that have probably already been used, I pulled these photos out of those 70 photos and added the watermark again. Sunshine and a very toasty 95 degrees are on tap for Las Vegas Valley today, no bike ride is planned for today!

Homeless Under A Blue Sky

Here are some photos from today’s bike ride. I was very surprised to see the travel bag and more along with the towel hanging from a rung when I stopped to cross a busy road. It tears at my heart, nobody deserves to live like this.

The children’s play area is at the main entrance to Tivoli Village, those pretty flowers were right along the trail! There is a 30% chance for rain today and I saw some rain sails hovering over the Spring Mountains across the valley.

My neighbor down the street from my home said that the community of Mount Charleston was getting some hail this morning! Not good. My recent change to posting just twice per day has gone well so far, but I do want to upload more than this each day, I have a lot of content!

More Of Those Beautiful Blue Skies!

You guys really love the beautiful blue skies over Las Vegas Valley, so here are more blue skies. I admit that the blues are a bit too deep but when I added more whites to the image, other parts of the photo would be washed out.  I tried! Sunshine and 89 degrees for today, it could be another ride today!

A Blue, White and Green Bike Ride

Perfect weather describes today’s 14-mile bike ride, check out the deep blues and fluffy white clouds above Las Vegas Valley! The underside of the Canary palm trees is thick and beautiful too. The temperature won’t see 90 degrees today so I hit the road to take advantage of this cooler weather before the 100s settle in for the summer. I used the new Sony A7C camera with the 28-60mm lens today which was wrapped in a soft towel in the bike bag. Welcome to summer in Las Vegas Valley! (the blues are a bit too deep).

City Streets and Mountain Highs

These photos were all taken using the Sony A7C camera and a 211mm lens, with no iPhone photography. The snowcapped mountain never looks as good as I want it to, making changes while processing doesn’t help. A high of just 86 degrees is up for today, should I head out for a bike ride?