Would You Enter?

This is one of many drainage and flood control channels around Las Vegas. Sadly, people are living in these channels near the Las Vegas Strip and elsewhere in the city.

This is sad and very dangerous too, a flash flood can happen during monsoon season. This year’s monsoon rains once again never came though. Would you enter the gaping hole?

Today’s Joyride

Here are four photos taken this afternoon on another joyride as I call them. Basically just getting the hell out of the house for a bit. Today is the clearest sky I’ve seen around here for several days now, and almost zero clouds too. nice! It’s not as warm today as the weather service claimed it would be which is nice.

When the temperature becomes more autumn-like, I will be taking some slow hikes around Calico Basin and other areas. Great photo opportunities, and great for the body! I really need the exercise too…

The Next Seven Days

I haven’t done this in a while, so here is an iPhone photo of The Weather Channel’s forecast for Las Vegas Valley and environs for the next week. These forecasts will change though as usual. Stay frosty, people!