Apocalyptic Sky

I finally caught a nice sunset tonight, snapped 12+ photos, let’s see what I come up with tomorrow… 🌞😎

The Blasting Wind

The high winds are baaaack! Yet another day of those damn blasting winds all across Las Vegas Valley. I enjoyed the last few days of wonderfully calm atmospheric pressure but of course the winds will return. This time from the… Read More ›


Here are some unusual photos of my bicycle tires and wheels. I really doubt that many folks photograph such things in detail but I’m not your regular amateur photographer either. I just returned home from an hour and a half… Read More ›

A Rare Dead Calm

Here is another moonlight photo from last night that I missed posting earlier this morning. It was one of those rare nights last night when there was almost no sound outside except for the ever-present traffic which wasn’t too loud… Read More ›

Morning Moon

The moon was rising high in the western sky early this morning, the best shot I got in my PJ’s! πŸ˜‚

The Streets of Las Vegas

Aren’t always jam packed as you can see in this westward looking image of Alexander Road. The further toward the edges of the city, nearer to the open desert, the less busy the roads seem to be in some cases…. Read More ›

Seven Days of Weather

Here is the forecast for Las Vegas Valley over the next several days. It’s a damn good forecast but last night and today have seen a powerful low pressure centre moving south through the valley. The winds have been howling… Read More ›