Shrouded Mountains

Today I took a ride into the desert today for some photos of the moody looking mountains. The storm that brought the valley lots of rain a couple days ago also left ten or so inches of snow above 5000… Read More ›

Summer’s Heat

My little weather station recorded 102.5 this day last summer but that’s actually the low end. 110+ is not unusual in Las Vegas during mid summer.

The Las Vegas Forecast

I’d say this is a damn nice forecast for the Las Vegas Valley for the next few days! This is one of many reasons I decided to stay in Las Vegas. It’s really tough to beat our beautiful year-round climate.

Las Vegas in Winter

Through the winter months here, this is basically what you will see along with the occasional few overcast days in a row. Las Vegas is in the High Desert which means it’s cooler here in winter than other areas of… Read More ›