Oh The Green!

Sooo much green, it was a green overload for me! Green is everywhere high in the mountains around Las Vegas, the valley has the palm trees and shrubs that are green too of course but the sheer quantity of green… Read More ›

Drop Off

Look down, waaay down. This is Lone Mountain Road at the Clark County or CC 215 freeway looking east. It’s hazy today so the mountains on the east side of Las Vegas Valley are not so clear today. The temperature… Read More ›

Fire Truck Painting

I had my home sprayed for bugs again today as I was in the kitchen a couple days ago at the sink, out the corner of my eye I saw movement. Oh, hello Mr. Scorpion! Man that pissed me off… Read More ›

A Winter Weather Advisory

This notification popped up late yesterday on my iPhone, I was surprised to see this in the month of May! Gladly, the white stuff will stay at seven thousand feet and above, well above the valley floor!

Rain on The Peaks

This photo was taken on the west side of Las Vegas Valley, the mountains on the east side you see here are easily twenty miles away and have rain squalls falling on them, not easily seen in this photo.

Heading North

Blue skies and a big mountain dead ahead! That mountain is 6,937 foot high but the photo doesn’t tell the story does it! It is the highest mountain in the Las Vegas Range. 😎❤️