When The Smog Blew Away…

Las Vegas had a dandy windstorm yesterday, these photos aren’t from then but you can see that the damned smog has been blown clean out of the valley in a different storm. The city looks so much better!

A Palmy Morning

It’s full sunshine again today but the winds have kicked up just a bit making my palm trees swing and dance in the warm desert sun. Mr. Tortoise is still in the same place never moving, always looking to the… Read More ›

The Latest Weekly Forecast

Pretty much on time comes the seasonal warmup for Las Vegas Valley, strictly my own perceptions. It’s taken many years for me to understand a baseline comparison for the seasonal temperature variations and more attached to these rhythmical seasonal changes…. Read More ›

Mountain Homes

I have drove the subdivision streets around these homes, trust me when I say they aren’t your typical streets. Very steep! Add snow and ice to this mix and you’ve got trouble. What about the insurance and construction costs in… Read More ›

Durango at Vegas

Just one photo from this morning heading south for that quarter wash to clean my tires and wheels. That’s Frenchman Mountain far to the east of my location. The wash is about two miles south from here.