Frond Love

Since I’m staying around the house today, I took some (redundant) photos of my Mexican Fan Palms in the backyard and the Mediterranean Fan Palm out front. The fronds are so green, it’s amazing! It’s now overcast but no rain as yet, probably late today or tonight. 🌴🌵🌞😎

Views Around The House

I apologise for not having something better to upload today but by gosh I just don’t feel like going anywhere today. One of the perks of retired life eh? So I grabbed the Nikon and grabbed some images from the front and back yards. This set is the front yard plus another look toward the end of the street at those beautiful foothills just west of me about four miles. The photo of the distant foothills is highly cropped to protect the privacy of my neighbours… 😎

On Top of The Deck

Here is another photo from yesterday on the top floor of the parking deck. The clouds were still hanging low in the morning, it became sunny later in the day which leads me to say that this morning is gloriously sunny but the NWS says there is a huge batch of rain moving north from California that will bring possible flash flooding to Las Vegas late today and into tomorrow.

And I just cleaned my truck up again dammit! Hey, we need the rain so badly, bring it on. The desert southwest has been in a terrible drought for a very long time now. I wish we could get enough rain to keep Lake Mead at full pond where it hasn’t been since the 1980’s.

A Fresh Skin

You may have noticed that this blog looks a bit different this visit. Well, there’s a good reason for this! Once in a while I will try a different theme or skin for this site. Today I tried this again but as usual wasn’t satisfied with what I found so I tried to reinstall the Opti theme that was in use. I couldn’t find it, dammit! I really liked that theme yet was curious about other themes.

My next move was to have a literal chat with the folks at After some brief chat with a rep, I was told that the theme I have been using for a good lot of time has now been retired. Retired! I am retired, how the hell can a theme be retired? I was and am still annoyed but there isn’t one damn thing I can do about it.

All of this said, welcome to the new look of Las Vegas Photoblog. Or Photo Blog if you like. I suppose the new look is far less busy in it’s appearance, less complicated. If you like or dislike the theme, please say so! Perhaps this theme is a bit more ‘modern’ looking?

The photo was taken early today before the sun popped out! The clouds are hugging the Summerlin Peaks. I never saw this mountain beauty back home in Michigan… 🌴🌵

Cloud Capped

I snapped these two photos this afternoon, you are looking north to northeast at the Las Vegas Range on the north end of the valley. Gass Peak at 6,943 feet is hidden in those clouds. Beautiful!

A View from the Rooftop

After finishing with medical stuff I drove to the top of the parking structure for these photos. Anytime a low pressure center is around, the clouds create great photos even if it is from a parking deck.

Street View

A few photos from yesterday for ya, I have to head out to the doctor office yet again this morning. Yay… kidney stone hell you could say…

A Grungy Gray Day

I’d have stayed home if I could have today but I had to stop by my Primary doctor’s office for a few minutes then it was off to a radiology office for a chest x-ray. I must return to the doctor office tomorrow for a different reason. Seems dummy me forgot to get a couple of Pre-Op tests regarding these damned kidney stones. This oops is on me. Honestly, I am sick to freaking death of the many hoops I’ve had to jump through to get to the Lithotripsy treatment I so badly need.

Anyway, like I’ve said before this gray weather is rather depressing to me. Having grown up in the Gray State of Michigan you could say, I’ve had enough of this crap already, and it’s supposedly going to hang around all week. Seven years of living in the Mojave Desert has acclimated me to 300+ days per year of beautiful sunshine and cheery weather.

Rainy Morning

As promised by the NWS, the rains arrived early today and are apparently going to hang around Las Vegas for the next several days. Any rain is a great blessing here as the desert southwest has been in a terrible drought for too many years now. What I don’t like is the rain messing up my clean truck! It stays clean for two weeks at a time under ‘normal’ circumstances, I’m happy the rains have come..

A Place to Relax

Why not relax after all the walking around Downtown Summerlin. Enjoy a cold drink and a bite to eat under the many beautiful Canary Date palms. Have you enjoyed your time here today? I sure did. 😎

East by Northeast

It’s such a beautiful day today I just had to get my bum out of the house! I am aware that the photo of the Strip is redundant but I want to show you how clear the valley looks on these very windy days here. The gusts are around forty miles per hour, not as strong as other windy days but look how clear it is looking east! The other photo is looking northeast where you see the Las Vegas Range which tops out about 6000 feet high, the photo/lens doesn’t render them that way though.

I need the 70-200mm zoom lens!