The Navajo Turtle

Good Sunday morning! It’s incredibly sunny in the valley this morning, so I grabbed another set of Navajo Art photos in the back yard. The dark lines are from the artist implanting horse hair into the piece when it’s being… Read More ›


No more pottery photos today, the gray shit just rolled over the mountains! Photos from a short ride today.

Today’s City Travels

I’ve been running around town a bit today with a doctor appointment and other things, here are some random photos from along my way. At least the sun has managed to make an appearance for most of the day! It’s… Read More ›

Rainy Desert Drive

I don’t have too much going on today aside of some medication refills, so I saddled up for a short ride into the stormy looking desert this morning. I did run into a bit of rain which means my vehicle… Read More ›

The Sun Was Quenched

Most of today was sunny until around two PM, then this happened. Another damned cold front… Scorching Las Vegas summer heat – please hurry back!

Yesterday’s Storms

Have given way to beautiful sunshine, yet it’s too bloody cold today! I’ll settle for the sunshine, thank you! Anyway, here are five more photos from yesterday’s excursion into the stormy desert. It was about ten degrees colder up there,… Read More ›

Snow In The Desert

Today I took a drive into the Red Rock Canyon area for some winter photos. Really don’t like getting my truck dirty but it’s worth it for the photos I just can’t get in the summer months. It was 42… Read More ›

The Same But Not…

Two nearly alike photos from this morning, I see a bit of snow up there! Not surprised, it’s been so damn cold and windy the last several days. This doesn’t seem like the last two years when it wasn’t as… Read More ›