Sunning Birdies

So here are a few bird photos that I mention in the previous post. It’s the usual crowd today with a Cormorant, a Canada Goose, and some ducks, pigeons and Coots for good measure. It’s a beautiful day today with lower 70’s and sunshine! No snow in the forecast either. 😂

The Concrete Makers

It’s a very windy day today and note those clouds rolling quickly northeast. I wonder if this plant will be taken down now that this area of the 215 freeway is complete? It was a major landscape job too.

A Drone’s Southern View

One more image taken by the DJI drone a couple or three years ago. The Red Rock Escarpment is seen on the right, the road is Charleston Boulevard seen snaking it’s way south where it will terminate at SR160 or Blue Diamond Road. SR160 crosses this image east to west very distant in the image and isn’t visible of course. SR160 west from this point will take you to about 5500ft ASL at Mountain Springs, NV. Continue west and you will arrive in Pahrump, NV in about thirty minutes.

Liftoff to 350 Feet

This morning I was digging around in my external SSD hard drive and found several DJI Drone videos I assumed I’d lost. Yes! I hope you enjoy this one as the drone rises fairly rapidly, levels off then rotates somewhat smoothly for 360 degrees. You will see the Red Rock Escarpment and Calico Basin below as well as traffic rolling along Charleston Boulevard. I do regret selling it but not the ridiculous number of rules and regulations that have cropped up on what was once a fun hobby.

My video is now hosted at Vimeo, thank you, for forcing me off of VideoPress.

Sunlight and Snow Showers

Look closely, you’ll see the little snowflakes and that the sunshine has found an open shaft through which to touch the Earth. In the distance is our lovely Red Rock Escarpment shrouded in snow. I’m moving north at this point on Charleston Boulevard heading for home, as I move along I pass through zones of both snow and rain as the elevation is around 4000 foot ASL.


It never Rains yet It Pours

In Monsoon Season the rain that does fall can be seriously heavy. If you live here then you know that driving when it’s raining carries it’s own risks in this city because the dirt and oils that have been on the roads for a year or so are now loose. The roads can become slick as snot very quickly and that’s always dangerous.

If your from the north as I am then you know full well what it’s like to drive on snow and of course ice. The ice that’s hidden under the snow, and the ice that you can’t always see called Black Ice. Those same conditions can occur here in the middle of the desert, created by month after month of dirt and grime on the roads.

Looking North along the Red Rock Escarpment

In these two images when you look beyond the Joshua trees you are looking roughly northwest along the ancient fault line known as the Red Rock Escarpment. I searched for some geologic research papers on the geology of this wonderful piece of art but found nothing I liked to link to.


The west side of this fault line has sloping mountainous terrain and is part of the beautiful Lovell Canyon. I wish I had the health to hike into these mountains as it’s so beautiful on the Lovell Canyon side as well. I’ll wrap up this rather large set I took with the new Nikon Z-6 camera today.


That Sunny Smile

I sometimes think that Las Vegas Valley should be called Valley of The Sun. With 300+ days per year of flowing Vitamin D pouring down from above, what’s not to love about the valley? Humans really do need that Vitamin D to be healthy!


So Far I’m Very Pleased!

This morning I headed out of the city for my usual haunts around Red Rock Canyon, stopping at my favorite locations. While I am still learning the camera settings, the Nikon Z6 series is a hit with me. The clarity of the images is superiour to the Nikon D3300 but I guess it should be with the advances in technology and the fact that this camera is mirrorless.

That is to me what makes the largest difference. I used P mode almost exclusively, and manual focus as well. The Auto Focus or AF often won’t lock in clearly on some subjects. Some of the lenses I used on the D3300 body had the option for manual or auto focus which I did use both but this camera seems to work or like the manual focus mode better.

Much more to come, I’m looking forward to processing the Landscape photos.


Drone’s View

Good morning from Las Vegas Valley. Sunny and 66F is forecast for Las Vegas today, a much better forecast than the crap weather I saw on the Weather Channel early this morning whilst eating my chicken soup. Cold and rain then snow rain mix. I’ve lived it.

I’m out of new photos right now so out comes my trusty external hard drive backups! I do miss flying the little drone, I was never an expert of course but it was fun capturing photos from four hundred foot. That was the altitude limit as far as I know. The thing took some damn good photos I think.


Drinking My Coffee in The Desert

A drive in the desert outside the city, and a cuppa at home. 🥰🌵🌴 Today is fabulous, I’ve got some windows open, letting in those beautiful warm breezes. It’s almost that brief time of year when neither the AC or heating is needed. There are almost no bugs too, 100% opposite of Michigan.


It’s Not Too Jiffy

There are a few different companies around the city that perform the smog testing on most everything with an engine around here but I don’t believe that doing this really helps very much. In winter the layer of smog hanging over the city seems persistent and never ending. During our windstorms, the smog seems to blow out of the valley.

Walk or drive to higher elevations around the valley and you’ll very quickly see that pervasive and nasty greenish cloud hovering over the valley easily. Of course, I’m no expert in this matter but from a resident’s perspective these very costly smog tests are not worth it.

Further, for my vehicle it costs me $500 every two years for that little tiny plate tab that tells the police that you’ve paid up. Is this nonsense really worth the costs…. And where does my five hundred bucks go?


Not So Barren

Not all deserts on Planet Earth are barren wastelands, the beautiful Mojave Desert that Las Vegas sets in is a beautiful example of what the yearly Monsoon rains can bring forth in the middle of nowhere. Both of these photos are wide-angle 10-20mm photos which to me make the mountains look shorter. Weird.


On The Way Home

Heading home yesterday from the canyon I took the ‘back roads’ and grabbed these photos which include Downtown Las Vegas too. Those huge water tanks mounted high up are for tanker trucks to get water from for dust control. Controlling dust is serious business out here!