Around Calico Basin

A hiker’s and rock climber’s paradise best describes this little area and of course we photographers love the place too. I used the 10-20mm lens for these, I rarely use this lens. I love that super deep blue. 😎🌵

Scooter Train

So today I got my bum off this couch and took a ride into the desert. Such a beautiful day, I just gotta get outta here! I snapped tons of photos of course, here is the first set. I’ve seen these scooter trains as I call them out here before. They are likely great fun for the tourists but I am concerned for their safety.

The road is Charleston Boulevard which crosses the entire valley proper from east to west but continues for many miles west of the city into the Red Rock Canyon area. There are some seriously ignorant drivers out there once in a while, that concerns me for the scooters and the tons of bicycles riding the shoulders.

You would likely agree with me should you have seen the assholes on motorcycles riding wheelies at high speed, passing you thereby risking my life and truck. Here in Clark County if the police catch you doing that shit or similar, you just forfeited your bike. It’s going to be placed in a crusher and smashed into a small cube. And rightly so!


When The Smog Blew Away…

Las Vegas had a dandy windstorm yesterday, these photos aren’t from then but you can see that the damned smog has been blown clean out of the valley in a different storm. The city looks so much better!

A Palmy Morning

It’s full sunshine again today but the winds have kicked up just a bit making my palm trees swing and dance in the warm desert sun. Mr. Tortoise is still in the same place never moving, always looking to the southeast. 😎🌴

The Latest Weekly Forecast

Pretty much on time comes the seasonal warmup for Las Vegas Valley, strictly my own perceptions. It’s taken many years for me to understand a baseline comparison for the seasonal temperature variations and more attached to these rhythmical seasonal changes. They are of course very different from those of Michigan, my home state and the large temperature and overall climatic differences. Humans don’t always adapt to these things easily… I do. 😎

Mountain Homes

I have drove the subdivision streets around these homes, trust me when I say they aren’t your typical streets. Very steep! Add snow and ice to this mix and you’ve got trouble. What about the insurance and construction costs in such a diagonal location? These folks must have some really serious Ben Franklin’s in the bank. No thank you!

Dead Tree and Beautiful Mountain Views

I wonder what killed this tree at 7000 feet up? Not lightning, it would have been blown to bits. I’ve seen it happen on my old property in Michigan, trust me! I pulled off the road for these photos into a small siding with the road on one side, and a cliff on the other side that you don’t ever want to fall off of! 💀

As High As I Could Drive

This is it, as high as you can drive on Kyle Canyon Road. Why not stop at the lodge and have a pint and a bite while your getting high? They have a great fireplace in the dining area, very warm and inviting! I’ve had lunch up there at least couple times and I do recommend the food. Do fill your face but never drink and drive!

Durango at Vegas

Just one photo from this morning heading south for that quarter wash to clean my tires and wheels. That’s Frenchman Mountain far to the east of my location. The wash is about two miles south from here.

Going To The Mountains 6

Good morning from Las Vegas. Here’s installment number six from the ride in the mountains a couple days back. I hope your weather is as nice as ours is today with full sunshine and sixty eight degrees!