Sunset 7.7.2022

Here are some sunset photos from last night, not enough clouds for my liking but they are pretty good photos. Mostly sunny and 102 toasty degrees is the forecast for the first day of the week, I wish you all a great week ahead. This morning I found that nothing has changed regarding the dysfunction with WordPress. What do you think? Will those “happiness engineers” resolve the problems? This is ridiculous!

Another Chat With WordPress

Exchanging comments yesterday with a fellow blogger, I became annoyed again with how WordPress has forced that stupid block editor on its users and community, with no option to continue using the Classic editor. Below are my opening thoughts in the chat yesterday:

Thanks for your time. I have the Business Plan and am using the Classic Editor plugin. I have read so many blogs lately that talk about the changes made for them by WP, especially the block editor. Most people don’t like it including me. Why does WP feel that it’s OK to force these changes on blog owners? It’s not OK. Nobody really wants your new editor. And, will my plugin be taken away too, thereby forcing me to use the dumb block thing? This could force me off of WP.

The chat went on for about ten minutes, to make this long story short, I do not believe that WordPress truly gives a shit about their users, or customers if you prefer. The person on the other keyboard did a masterful job of smooth-talking with me and I just don’t buy it. Since I have the overpriced Business Plan, I still use the classic editor, but the cost to be able to retain such basic features is too much in my view. Shame on WordPress and its greedy business.

Thank You For 200K

I want to say a warm thank you to each of my followers for this wonderful milestone for this simple photoblog, run by an amateur photographer who loves his photographic journey one day at a time. Thank you! I found the potatoes and chili iPhone photos on the phone, so why not add them in? Have a delicious day my friends.

I Must Be Doing Something Right

Las Vegas Photoblog is technically five years old although the numbers in the Archive Search in the sidebar don’t reflect this. Those years were removed due to storage limitations thanks to the dolts at WordPress and their greed. That said, I am now running the Business plan and its terrible price. The tradeoff is that the site storage limit is way higher now and that I am running plugins for the custom fonts and items in the sidebar too.

I believe that the name of this blog has helped accelerate the views number but also that I am not that bad of an amateur photographer either. I very much appreciate each of my followers and wish that more of them would return and comment once in a while. I am thankful for so many of you that do return both daily and occasionally, you are very much appreciated! I plan to continue this meager photoblog indefinitely at this point. Wow, 200,000!

Looking Deep Into The Deep Blue

Good morning friends, welcome to Monday morning, I hope you have a wonderful, blessed week. I took these photos in the backyard early this morning since I have zero new photography. Last night, I wrote a post in an external editor regarding this blog. It’s a draft at the moment but to sum it up, this blog is not what I wanted it to be. It’s not as successful as I had hoped for.

Of course, I have everything to do with this. My photos are pretty darn good for an amateur photographer, but the blog lacks a broader list of subjects such as more trips into the desert, or day trips where I could go to Death Valley, or Laughlin or Hoover Dam for example. The pandemic has plenty to do with this, of course, it’s not so smart to be out and about too much is it?

I’ve been using Instagram for at least three years now under the same account name and I very much enjoy the platform. I have over three hundred followers there, and many more of those followers interact with me on a daily basis than do here on WordPress where I have at this moment, two-hundred-fifty-one followers. But, only a small percentage ever come back to visit.

Last night, I was considering leaving this blog as-is and basically walking away from it regardless of the fact that there is a small fortune invested in it in terms of money and so much of my time putting posts together and all of the photography processing. Honestly, the investments are at this point, not really worth my time and effort. The other option is a complete, total takedown.

I need to think about this a little longer